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Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll have a piece for sale at the 10th Year Anniversary show at Strychnin Gallery in Berlin, called ‘All (My) Starts’, opening the 16th of August 2013. This is a very special event that celebrates a very special gallery, and though I’m booked up to the gills, I couldn’t turn down the request to participate. I even made a brand new head mold to unveil at this exhibition. Sleeping Beauty! This is She! (in progress)
studio 199

Gold crown set with Pearls and Amethysts. (in progress)

studio 200

And my new little home studio all set up for work! (also, in progress). You see, this doll celebrates not just one, but two special events, because she is the first doll to be completed here, in my new work space and my new home. She symbolizes beginnings of things.

studio 201

“All my starts”. August 16th. Strychnin Gallery. More pictures and info coming tomorrow.


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  1. Merri says:

    Here’s to new beginnings! Your new work space is wonderful, so light and panoramic. Sleeping Beauty looks beautiful….the first of many new beauties to emerge from your new home. So exciting! :)

  2. Atikva says:

    Again for Strychnin Gallery in Berlin. What a pity. Last time, when I tried to learn from them the price on Princess and the Frog and as it can be got, they never answered me. Could write that in a reserve or that is already sold, but full silence… Though when I wrote to Marina about Costumed ED, she too never answered me. Offensively and unpleasantly. To learn the price of this Sleeping Beauty and I won’t try. Again after all there will be no answer – 100%

  3. Si así es bonita, cuando esté terminada será una joya. Bezozzzzz, guapaaaaa.

  4. Your new work space is ” A dolly haven” Very bright and clean! I will love to see Sleeping Beauty completed! Wish I could go to Berlin!

  5. Nada says:

    Happy, happy, joy, joy! I think I can go there again!

  6. Jayne Wourms says:

    Congratulations on all accounts!

  7. Astera says:

    I love your new space, so full of light and functional. Sleeping beauty already looks gorgeous. You have less then a month to complete her (!). I am curious to see if she’ll have a full costume or just the jewels…

  8. Bella says:

    She’s a beauty, and that workspace is amazing. I’d be afraid of staring at the view all day. Ha.

  9. Marina says:

    Sorry you had a negative experience. Please don’t take it personally, Atikva.

    It’s possible that your letter simply got caught in the spam filters. I have to fish out a lot of legitimate mail from junk folders, but I can’t get it all because of the sheer volume of mail I receive. From dozens to hundreds a day.

    Sometimes letters just get buried by the volume of incoming new mail, never to be seen. I try to address as much as I can, but it’s simply impossible to read it all, given that I also have to make dolls.

  10. christine says:

    Marina, your work space is……after my own heart. I love glass that keeps you safe and yet looks out onto the world.
    I love corner glass spaces. You are blessed with wonderful gifts. One day I will own one of your creations to add to my small yet beautiful collection. No rush yet definitely in the future.

  11. Ok Now all I have to do is rent a appartement across the street from you, so I can ZOOM in and watch your dolls play when your gone…..and to be the first to watch it all happen…..

    (to dream the impossible dream)

  12. I’ll have a small painting in the same show, what a dream to be showing alongside you in the same exhibition! Your new space is a dream come true.

  13. Marina says:

    That’s incredible! I’m so delighted to be in the same exhibition with you! What a small world.

  14. Atikva says:

    Marina, everything is all right. I was upset simply a little. But from it I didn’t begin to love less than your dolls! They such gentle! Especially porcelain. The sleeping beauty! – we with the sister in the childhood liked to play the sleeping beauty. To me always dropped out to be the prince, woken the beauty…
    It would be desirable to look at more photo – likely, you have also photo “in image”?

  15. Marina I could not rent a appartment big enough to sqeeze in all the ED fans….with all our faces glued to the window looking at you…and watching your every move…..need to move to BC and buy a telescope!

  16. Next time I take a trip to British Columbia, I would love to at least, drive by Marina’s new work place. It would give me great satisfaction to see where all the ED’S live! I’m not that far from there, probably a 12 hour drive by car, 1 day.

  17. But also, I would have to try and sneak in to see Marina and Chad. Maybe, I could disguise myself as an ED! LOL!

  18. try this out says:

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  19. Erica says:

    I love your new work space and sleeping beauty looks beautiful, but I hope and pray if you could just
    Please deliver me a sleeping beauty doll for my birthday for free, please that would make me
    Happy and the best birthday present ever. So if you decide to deliver me it my address is Brockton ma Nye ave apartment 33. Please that’s all I ask for, don’t stop your fantastic work, god blesses you.

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