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Twenty To Midnight


She asks: Is twenty minutes a long time?
The sense of time eludes her.
Her placid, sleepy smile registers no urgency
at the escape of hours or even years,
And her refined demeanor, projects a sense of leisure, immortality and boredom.
Infinity of universe, against a fleeting minute of a life.
Invaluable commodity of time is nothing but a fashionable ornament for her to flaunt, but not to treasure, for there is always more of it to have,
And be delighted by.
She doesn’t know that it tells true time.
She sees the hands, yet doesn’t see the meaning;
Awake, asleep, awake again in rhythms.
But on the stroke of midnight magic fades.
And at the end of the day when all is spent,
But everything was real,
Is twenty minutes time enough
To change anything?


Born from moments of acute anxiety about wasted time, aging and mortality, Twenty To Midnight explores the notion of time, transience and inevitability. It was partially inspired by a childhood story called the Tale of Lost Time that deals with a human tendency to take time for granted.

Available for sale.

Price: £15,045

Where: To Bed exhibition at the Show Studio Gallery in London, UK

When: January 26th – March 12th, 2011

If you are interested in acquiring Twenty To Midnight, please contact the gallery director Carrie Scott at or call the gallery on this number +44 207 399 4299

A non-reundable 50% deposit is required at the time of purchase. A layaway period of 2 months is available.

Please email me if you have any questions about this piece.

17 Responses

  1. Hazel says:

    Ah! How difficult it must be for an immortal porcelain doll to fathom the concept of time!

    As I’ve already said, she’s gorgeous, exquisite! I’m looking forward to seeing more photos of her!

  2. Nada says:

    Even five minutes can change a lot!

  3. Francois says:

    Hi Marina,
    Will there be other of your dolls at the exhibition, or only this one?

  4. Orangey says:

    I love that second photo, all of the silver and cool tones are wonderful. Fantastic write-up! I better understand the concept behind this doll and so I like her better also. Good luck with your sale!

  5. If I understand right, that is 15,045 pounds. What would that make it in Canadian $. She is outstanding!

  6. Its Ok Marina I found it after. That would make it $23,897.77 can. Would that be right?

  7. Marina says:

    That is correct, Christine.

  8. shane says:

    Google can easily convert any two currencies for you. Just search for, say, “£15,045 in US dollars” (without the quotations), and the conversion using today’s exchange rate will be the first result.

    Today, UK £15,045 (British pounds) is equivalent to:

    24,074 US dollars
    17 705 euros
    158 478 Chinese yuan

    …and so on. (Actual exchange rates will vary by bank, so these or any other conversions you find online should be considered approximations.)

  9. Nada says:

    I am so eager for the birthday contest to come. When will it start?

  10. Tamara Persikova says:

    Как интересно получается. Уже не первый раз захожу на ваш сайт и читаю что-то (обычно, описание новой куклы), и оно точно попадает в ту тему или вопрос, который мучает меня в последние недели. Вот и сейчас. Время уходит, мы его тратим не на то, и не замечаем. А конец все ближе. Эх. =)

  11. Emily P says:

    I trekked all the way to the Show Studio today just on the off chance that I could glance at her through the window, and there she was! I don’t know how much time passed before my friend had to literally drag me away!

    Truly enchanting Marina <3

  12. Emily P says:


    Any chance that you are would consider creating prints of your photographed dolls?? I would LOVE one for my wall! (One for every wall in the house hahahaha!)

  13. Kevin says:

    I’m so curious, because I just can’t figure out what the capital E and D on her thighs represent?

    I agree with, the old maid—love the chair!

  14. dal says:

    Kevin, I believe the E and D is for Enchanted doll.


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