New Enchanted Doll packaging is here!

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I love containers. I love organizing, containing and compartmentalizing things, not just possessions, but the world. Everything has to be sorted, arranged, grouped, classified and put in its own little box or drawer somewhere in my mind and in my home. But there can’t be too many things in the boxes, because then life gets cluttered. When I get something new, I always throw away two of something old, to keep things light and manageable in my drawers. Now, I’m not a psychiatrist, but I think this might indicate some subconscious control issues. But anyway.


I’ve always had a soft spot for apothecary chests and tin boxes. In my compulsive need to control and organize everything in my life, I’m always drawn to elegant organizing solutions, and ever since the inception of Enchanted Doll in 2004, I’ve been dreaming about creating very elegant, fancy packaging for the elegant Enchanted Dolls. For a long time, it was impossible, but with the impending release of my new resin line I realized that the time had come.

And finally, I have it! Introducing the new Enchanted Doll tin with 3 custom designs in a beautiful matte finish, and a form fitting foam insert. But the best part of it is, aside from being included with a doll order, you can buy as many as you want separately to store your other ED dolls and goodies in them, such as clothes, accessories, wigs and even things unrelated to dolls, such as cookies. Mmm…coooookies.

They are so beautiful, that I already appropriated several of them for storage of my selection of finest, custom mohair strands, my paints and my ongoing sewing and beading projects. I’m in compartmentalizing heaven!


I also like the fact that the padding can be easily pulled out and two dolls can fit in the box. That will help me a lot when I travel with them, as I’m always desperate for suitcase space. But ideally of course, every doll should have its own box for maximum protection during storage and transportation.

The designs featured on the boxes were commissioned from Nati and Lost fish and I’m grateful to them both for their beautiful contribution to Enchanted Doll. I did the ED logos for two of the designs and my dear Chadasaurus did digital layout and formatting of the prints. It was a joint effort that took nearly a year of work and I would like to thank everyone involved in this project.

I’ll be posting more pictures shortly. These ones didn’t turn out very well in the poor lighting.

Each box will retail at $49.00 CND+shipping. If you’re in Canada, then there is also a 12% tax.

By the way, that doll in the middle box is the birthday 2010 prize doll, ready to be shipped out to the 1st place winner in its new beautiful box.

59 Responses

  1. Jon Songserm says:

    Wow, congreatulations!
    A big step for ED and the Resin line,
    I hope somday I can have ED with this packaging.

  2. karen Garcia says:

    really happy for you can wait for the resin line to come out

  3. Sandra says:

    Oh wow, I love these new boxes !!! The design is just great and the illustrations are incredible (congrats to the artists).

    I love boxes too. I have a huge collection of all sort of boxes (in wook, in metal, vintage or not) so I understand what you mean.

    I’m also happy to heard news about the resin line. And more important, I’m very happy to see Ama’s doll. She looks so sweet :)

  4. Jayne says:

    Absoutely gorgeous. I’m so happy you have one of Lost Fish’s on one of them. I love her work :)

  5. Jayne says:

    Forgot to ask…How soon can I get one? Now, now, now?

  6. Helewen says:

    Wow, those boxes are gorgeous! Even if I don’t own a doll, I might order one to put my tools!

    I have a question about the tax. If I live outside of BC, do I have to pay the 12% or only the 5% (the federal portion of the tax)?

  7. Marina says:

    I’ll look into it for you. Where in Canada are you?

  8. Claudia says:

    Gorgeous boxes! It would be great to know how we can purchase them!

  9. Eva says:

    These are amazing. I don’t have dolls for them yet, but I want all three! :D

  10. Gigi says:

    omg I looove them, I need them in my life <33

  11. Hanna says:

    Those are so lovely! I especially love the one by Lostfish

  12. Eiko says:

    OMG!! How exciting!! I love the new tin boxes. They’re gorgeous. Will there be any other EDs featured on the tin boxes? I saw that Nati also made a picture of Artificial Intelligence?
    As I own this beauty, I would love a tin box with her picture.

    I’m also happy for Ama that she’ll get her doll very soon. She must be so happy. Judging from that pic, the birthday doll looks gorgeous! Will the other winners hear from you soon about their prizes?

  13. The Old Maid says:

    Beautiful boxes! So when can we buy them?:)

  14. d.ark says:

    Absolutely love them!!!

  15. Annina says:

    aaaaah yes! the boxes!
    i love boxes too!!
    i will have to go with the traditional design, the one to the right. it’s the ultimate ED painting to me and i just love it!

    although i want all three, i have to be reasonable (it’s hard when you make such beautiful things as you do!). all three designs are really beautiful!

    oh yay Ama, so happy for you!!

  16. Annina says:

    i meant to add: “the one to the right with Nati’s artwork”

  17. Annina says:

    oh and, i looooove that they are hinged, i love hinged boxes. ah i want to jump around, Iðunn is getting a proper box! :D

    do we just email or are you setting up some kind of order button or system?

  18. Annina says:

    man i’m sorry but i forgot to say, great work Nati, Lost Fish, Marina and Chad!!

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  20. beautiful to see these!!

    and marina, what a surprise to see a design by Lost Fish! Oh goodness, that’s fantastic! I utterly adore her work, and her style translates so sensually and deliciously to depict one of your dolls.

    What a talented trio of ladies you are, how inspiring it is to see all these amazing projects (and chad is cool too, of course :-)

    Congratulations on bringing them to fruition, you must have been bursting with excitement to showcase them :-)

  21. Anika says:

    :: grabby hands ::

    Those are superb! Do you have to have already purchased an ED to get a box? I like your cookie storage suggestion <3

  22. Jenny H says:

    Beautiful! I dream of having a doll to put in one! Excellent work!

  23. Biscuitbear says:

    Gorgeous! I love containers too and buy Ladurée macarons just for the boxes. Put my name on one of those gorgeous boxes please! The designs are all great, I think I have a soft spot for the Cinderella design.
    And big congrats to you Ama!

  24. Biscuitbear says:

    What am I saying, put my name on one of each!

  25. Exactly what Biscuitbear just said, count me in for any and all of the designs!!!

  26. Hazel says:

    Save a few for me as well!

  27. Kelly (tencats) says:

    Th blue /snowflake crown is my favorite!! But they are all fantastic. The cinderella illustration really captures the translucency and warmth of the porcelain, and lines in the drawing are gorgeous. Like everyone has said, good work to all involved. I will never cease to be amazed by what you come up with, Marina, you keep getting better and better- be very proud of yourself!

  28. Amarilli says:

    Congratulations Marina !
    What a beautiful extra surprize !!!
    (and by the way, the box Pearl is in, is my favorite !!!).
    Thank you so much :)

  29. Helewen says:

    Marina: I’m from Quebec. I do a lot of shipping at my job and usually when we ship in Canada but outside of Quebec, we only charge the federal tax.

  30. Ruth says:

    This is brilliant! I need one right away! It can be Yren’s birthday present–she’ll love being snuggled down and protected like that.

    Can’t wait for more pictures of Ama’s Pearl too–I’m so excited for her to have her beautiful girl!

  31. Silvana says:

    Wow Marina, thats amazing!!! a beautiful house for a beautiful dolls!!! Adorable!!!

  32. nati says:

    They look GORGEOUS! Marina, thank you very much again for giving me the opportunity to collaborate with you on those marvelous boxes! *me happy*

  33. ~Jenny~ says:

    Lovely tin boxes! I hope there will be more information on how to get our hands on one (or all of them!) I wouldn’t mind adding one to my collection. =]

  34. Jayne Wourms says:

    I definitely need one for all my ED accessories! They are all wonderful! I can’t wait until the resin line is up and running! This is just so exciting!

  35. Ilona says:

    Dear Marina,

    These are breathtaking. Three of my most admired artists’ efforts combined! How could anyone ask for more?? :)

    I am definitely already in the queue for all the boxes. I just love them. Perfect!

    I’m using the Enchanted Doll carton boxes to stock my girls’ clothes and accessories (and they’re not enough) but these will be such a treat to both the girls and me! (Well, especially me.)

    I am very excited. Such wonderful work!

    And soon I’m off to witness the opening of your collective show here, in London! Yaaaaay!!!

    ♥ ♣ ♦ ♧

  36. Tatie says:

    oh they so awesome i have to have one ^^
    just …

  37. Tatie says:

    after ill come back from alaska ….

  38. LILIDOLL says:

    Beautiful boxes !!!!!
    Congrats !

  39. adolie Day says:


    Dolls & Boxes

    My best

  40. Orangey says:

    How is it that everything you do absolutely amazes me, even doll boxes? They are so very beautiful! I love those designs, just wow, there’s no better way to display your lovely creatures than in such a wonderful tin box. I have a slight underlying obsession with pretty boxes too, and -tin boxes-, even better! I need one, and I will have one. I love the blue color of the first one, but they are all equally amazing, how do I choose??

    (I’d also like to know how much tax I would have to pay from Ontario). Thanks.~

    [Hurray for Ama’s girl being sent right away in one of your beautiful boxes].

  41. Cheri Darden says:

    I would love to know the price of these tins and the price of the dolls too? I probably can’t afford the doll, but maybe I can swing buying a tin? Thanks in ADVANCE, your work is gorgeous

  42. Maura says:

    They are even more beautiful than I imagined! I am definitely ordering one….;)

  43. Maura says:

    and by the way…congratulations Ama!:)

  44. Emily P says:

    Your tins are GORGEOUS!! I think I may buy one even though I don’t have one of your beautiful dolls to pop in it… yet! :)
    I hope you had fun on your travels, can’t wait to see the new snaps hehe

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