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New face

I’ve tried a to give this doll a more naturelle look with lighter eye definition than my usual technique. I like the result but she needs a wider mouth. This is just a rough for the doll i’m going to cast in Golden Tan skin tone.

I finished a Pearl in Rose porcelain. I call her Rose Pearl. The other new thing Rose Pearl has is a slimmer chest piece. Her rib cage is tighter, collar bone is more defined and breasts are a little bit more round and slightly bigger. I really like it. I really dislike the stereotypical, enormous-breasted look most Asian bjds have. I love the Neo-classical, petite look where breasts are small and don’t appear to be affected by gravity, much. It’s so much more natural-looking than a pair of huge balloons stuck to a doll’s chest. Anyway, pictures are coming up.

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  1. nati says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing the new Rose Pearl and i agree with you about some stereotypical details Asian bjds often have. In fact, i’ve never bought them, yours are the first dolls i really wanted to buy ^_^
    Anyway, as you probably have imagined, i adore this new doll of you. The naturelle look is truly nice, and…freckles! Yes!

  2. Biscuitbear says:

    The new make-up look great, though personally I think I tend to prefer brows placed lower on the face. It suits this face mold though, it gives her a young, innocent, questing look. The first BJD were quite flast-chested actually, and personally I’ve never been attracted to the big-busted one. I may be wrong, but my impression is that the busts started to get more Barbie-like when other companies started to copy Volks and US collectors joined the market, some of them requiring a more glamorous look than the first childlike BJD.

  3. Marina says:

    Yes,I think you’re right Helen. Majority of Asian bjds do tend to be very youthfull with small busts. But that brings up another issue that i have with them-their sexualized childnesness. I find it disturbing that a lot of Asian bjds have adolescent or pre-adolescent faces that are attached to fully matured, adult bodies. The heads are too large for the rest of their bodies and this disproportion, coupled with the youthful appearence suggests even further that they are children. Yes, it’s true that there are some beautifully proportioned, adult and children dolls on the Asia doll market, but the overwhelming majority suggest pedophilia. But hey, it’s just my opinion. Lots of people love that stuff…..
    But i still admire the Japanese for their inventiveness and engineering. Despite the whole implied pedophilia thing, they are still light years ahead of the North American dolls. I’m just bored to hell with the sameness and lack of creativity as well as articulation of the Contemporary North American dolls. A lot of them are dolls in the name only, but are really figurines because with the rise of the polymer clay lots a amatures sculpt a figurine, put a dress and wig on it and call it a doll. I say, that if the thing comes pre-posed then it’s not a doll!

  4. Biscuitbear says:

    I agree completely on the figurines! I hate the so-called art dolls, stuck in the same position for ever, with unremovable clothes sewn on the body. A lot of them I don’t find appealing, but even the pretty ones, I think I would tire of very quickly.

  5. Ilona says:

    Hi Marina,

    I do like this face up a lot. But I agree with Biscuitbear about the eyebrows- I personally prefer them lower on the face. She does, however, have a wonderfully innocent look. Love her.

    Is this a new doll or is it one of the current nudes? Sorry, I’m not sure…

    As for the implied pedophilia with BJDs… Most of my non-collector friends are freaked out exactly by this when they first see my BJDs. I find it disturbing as well but when I’ve customised my dolls, when I’ve invested them with ‘life’ of their own- this problem becomes less obvious to me somehow… Maybe because the dolls become so personal then. And they gain personalities. The immaturity of their faces becomes less obtrusive.
    I also tend to choose smaller breasted bodies but even then- I prefer an adult look for my girls.


    P.S. Sorry to bug you with this here but I’ve sent you two emails and didn’t hear back. I was just wondering whether you actually got them. Thanks.

  6. Marina says:

    Thanks for the input on this blog.
    Yes, i did get both of your emails but i get a tonne of emails every day and can’t always answer them all. I will make some time tonight to write you, but for the future, it can take me up to a week to get to an email.

    Thanks for your patience. I might need a secretary soon.

  7. Ilona says:


    I understand. No worries. I am looking forward to hearing from you.
    Absolutely adore your work! There’s nothing quite like it.



  8. twigling says:

    I love the previous style of painting you have been doing, but I adore this fresh new face also. Would love to see a snap of this new chest piece.. or even better a side by side comparison of the chests and bodytypes you have available.

    As for the Asian BJDs I have to agree there are a lot of stylised or childlike faces around, although the inspiration for many must come from the anime/manga and manhwa (Korean manga) scene. The dolls that are portrayed as more mature are all supermodels or porn stars with super-long legs and balloon-tits. Give me a doll any day that can be beautiful both dressed and nude without being too skinny or unnatural looking with an invisible push-up bra. And don’t get me started on the lower priced Chinese BJDs that are cashing in on the expansion of interest in BJDs. A handful of American doll artists have tried dabbling in the balljointing scene too, but I think they need to do more research and go beyond the 90 degree bends in knees and elbows ~ plus the ones I have seen so far still look like kids toys, not adults collectible art pieces (with play value — no cabinet babies for me, thanks!!)

  9. angelitka says:

    first of all didn’t have a chance up to now to congratulate you with a new opening of your site, it looks great and comfortable to use!
    and i like new doll very much! including her eyebrows;) she looks young, creative, very inspired with lots of ideas and still optimistic about her future;)
    marina, i already wrote you all i think about your work, but that was long time ago already:) so, please forgive my importunity, but your gift is so much more than a simple word talent… in my opinion you are doll-maker genius:) you are developing, that means a lot!
    oh, unfortunately, have to finish my monologue, be cause all of my 236 children are slowly looking forward to get my attention back:)
    p.s. and of course sorry for my english… it’s not enough to express myself and i’m a bit in a hurry..

  10. angelitka says:

    p.s. just a question: is it possible to put into porcelain doll eyes and real eyelashes?

  11. Maíra says:

    that’s gorgeous!

  12. znesnoc says:

    I’m a little late here… I just wanted to say that I love the “fresher” look of this doll’s coloring and facial style. Not to say that all of the other dolls aren’t gorgeous as well… Most of the other dolls have fuller, wider mouths and heavier eyebrows, and I think a few softer, more open faces like this one are good additions to the repertoire.

  13. Eva says:

    Wow! That’s a repainting of Pearl? I would not have believed it. I love Pearl’s face, but from the gallery I always thought she looked too sad for me to actually want her. I want that face though! (It’s so beautiful!)

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