New magazine interviews with Enchanted Doll.

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This Avenue illustrated just came out in Madrid, Spain. I have a six page spread in it.

There are more publications on the way all over the world this summer and I get excited every morning in anticipation of packages from publishers. When i get them, I flip though, find my spread, admire my dolls on the glossy pages for a few moments and then put the magazine on the shelf along with the rest of my collection, just to begin waiting for the next one.

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  1. annina says:

    yay the cinderella-with-windy-hair-photo is in it, very cool!
    so exciting to have your creations in prints all over the world!
    btw seeing artificial intelligence in the magazine, was her helmet partly inspired by bioshock? (as you mentioned the game on twitter)

    and do you have any news about your porcelain slip situation and if you might be able to take some orders in the fall?

  2. Crystal says:

    Very cool. You are so lucky to have found exactly the thing you were meant to do in this life and the universe is rewarding you. You may need to take on some helpers, at least to do tasks like sanding or assembly. A lot of people are going to be clamoring for a doll.

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