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Happy New Year, everyone!

I’ve had a great holiday, a wonderful end of 2011 and a fantastic beginning of 2012! I’m so excited about this year! With all the new things I’m working on, I can just feel how awesome it’s going to be! I’m bursting at the seams with creative energy and can hardly contain myself.

The Enchanted Doll book is undergoing final edits and will be going to print in three weeks, on February 1st.

I, in the meantime, have been sketching out new project ideas, creating rough machetes and making new molds. You know how much I like to keep things secret until they’re finished and until I know 100% that the are going to work, but I’m very compelled to give you a few sneak peeks of what I’ve been working on. Perhaps I should. Perhaps I will…

Alright, meet me here next week for some peeks.

Back to work now. Art can not wait to get made!

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  1. Jayne says:

    Absoutely brilliant, I (we) can’t wait:)

  2. Eiko says:

    Is it just me or does that looks like a child’s face?

  3. Annina says:

    i am so excited about the book, i can’t wait to turn all the beautiful and interesting pages!

    and i too feel that 2012 is going to be *the* year, in many terms! let’s do it! :D

  4. Vanessa says:

    Don’t make us wait till next week to see!! I can’t wait!

  5. Astera says:

    It’s always great to get news on your new projects…and most definitely a bit of sneak peaks for us along the way will make us all very happy. ;)

    How long does a mold last? Are you going to make totally new faces or you’ll also include some of the most popular ones (although I know they cannot possibly be identical to the old ones…;))

  6. Marina says:

    Not a child’s face, Eiko. I don’t make children. Eww.

  7. Merri says:

    Happy new year, Marina and Chad! This all sounds very exciting. Can’t wait to see what treasures you come up with this year and we all love a sneak peek !!!

  8. Hazel says:

    Happy New Year! I, too, am excited for the book! And for all the new projects. It’s always refreshing and fun to see new stuff from you!

  9. Marina… know us better. NEXT WEEK…we are here every day every. We are always hoping to see new things. A week is to long, don’t leave us hanging……but you are worth the wait….:D

  10. KarolinFelix says:

    I don’t know if it’s my hope… those lips looks like Valentine’s…..
    even if it’s not – it will be stunning and I can’t wait!
    (also feeling too much creative energy)

  11. Glynis says:

    oooh cant wait – a week is a looooong time I think we will all be back every day.Im sure it will be worth it though.Glad your holidays seems like you are raring to go now!!

  12. This is such a strange illusion,is the face sticking out or is it the inside of the mold…..

  13. Merri says:

    Christiane, what an interesting comment. I just assumed the face was a concave image, but after reading your reply, I took another look and now I think it looks convex !

  14. Isabel Pacheco says:

    I’m really happy, is back with new project that’s exciting, oh my God I’m saving I hope to get a book of his. My hope is to get some editing this book is like my favorite treasure, I really hope to buy this beautiful work of art, always exciting to hear from you Marina. My hope is not lost.

  15. noxy says:

    Sneek peeks?! EEEEeeeee!! Newwww molds. This sounds so exciting! I recall once a while back that you were thinking of making new legs, have you done so?

  16. Candice says:

    Marina, on your book, I am so anxious to know if your order of 500 was filled! I could not afford your fabulous book, but swore that I’d get one when it came out, so I sent a link to your blog to my mother asking for a late Christmas gift. She obliged and I am on pins and needles wondering if we made the cut! *grin* Happy arting!

  17. Denetdra says:

    Oh my good nessssss I love logs. They are one of the things that I think, really make a womans silhouette beautiful. ( or I could just be looking at my own drawings Too much… Lol)
    Glad to see more progress from the hands of Marina, I too am antious to see what happens next from you! … Caml down … Be patient. Even more I can’t wait for the day when I can own an Enchanted Nude Doll… Shigh

    Oh well, thill then…

    No pressure ;D

  18. Glynis says:

    Marina -just had a thought,after I had calmed down! Will these new ladies be available to the general public or are they for exhibitions and such like, I’m meaning will I hopefully be able to put my name down for one? Thanks for your time

  19. Nune2010 says:

    at first I saw tha face poped out from the mold butt then I looked again,oh it’s deep inside look. Have a happy New Year 2012:-) to Chad and Marina

  20. Diana says:

    Hi Marina and Chad :-)
    ooooooohhhhhh, I love the new face!!!!! She seems to become a very serious doll as she doesn’t seem to smile or at least it looks like that from my point of view LOL
    I am also very excited about the book and can not wait to hold it in my hands *sigh*
    Happy New Year to you all!!!!

  21. Ксения says:

    Hello Marina Bychkova, I recently saw your work and seeing them I lost my speech, I still can not stop looking at some of the nih.To what you are doing is great, your doll … they are both alive, and their realistic plasticity so podorbnaya ditalizatsiya just zavorazhivaet.Ya would ochenhotela to meet you, but to my regret, I live in the small city ??in Russia and Canada will not let me no, but not ochenbogataya imoya family, money is only enough for the necessary, but I do not work by itself razreshayut.Ya a creative person and I love art, but all that I have this old paint and other available materials, and I would want to go to art schkolu, but no money for it, and I dream for many years I dream to do just art, art is my vse.Ya even envy you that you have found a place in Miri art, I would like to do everything in my head, sorry no vozmozhnosti.Ya you admire, for days I look at your work and pair even think that they are about to come alive and speak with you.Thank you for creating such beautiful dolls, I wish you greater success in your very interesting business …
    PS ….
    Forever your fan Xenia!

  22. Amoreen says:

    Dear Marina and Chad! Thank you for being our inspiration. Your work is so… well, I do not even have the words to describe it. Every single day I sent you a positive thoughts, but you don’t really need it. You already are good energy. I will never stop to admire your amazing art. <3

  23. Yan-yi says:

    Have fun with the new molds, Marina! I can’t wait ’til next week for some peeks. Love the teases!

  24. Annina says:

    i think the face is Ruby.
    oh and Candice, you might have seen, Marina tweeted yesterday that they are still taking preorders on the limited signed edition, that would mean you have made the cut (and anyone having sent an email up to now i’m guessing). hurray :)

  25. Astera says:

    I agree with Annina, that looks like a Ruby, which answers my question: there will be a reprise of at least some of the classical molds.
    Besides, I had forgotten that the Echo Line still needs to be casted, hence Ruby is likely high priority now. ;)

  26. Ron says:

    They look wonderful. Can’t wait to see what comes from all your hard work!
    The book looks amazing as well!

  27. Nada says:

    How many hours are you working for all your art a day, when you are working?

  28. Marina says:

    Nada, Enchanted doll was my career choice. It’s my full time job and a calling. That’s what I do every day for a living. I work anywhere between 10 to 16, or sometimes even 18 hours a day if the project is too exciting because I can’t seem to stop at 8 hours. I’m a workaholic, because I am in love with what I do.

    Annina, the mystery face is not a Ruby. ;)

  29. Annina says:

    :O i was wrong!

    ha i realized that her eyes follow you if you move in front of the picture, it’s funny.
    just like concave-man in Berne.

    so want me to guess mystery-face’s name? i’m good but i’m not that good ;)

    but that’s why we love Enchanted Doll, always one more magic trick up yer sleeve! :)

  30. iki says:

    Any chance to see a smiling new mold?
    Or 2012 wll be as sad as Princess and the pea, well let’s hope…..

  31. Marina says:

    Working on a smiling head.

  32. New mold means back to the sculpting table….

  33. Cristina says:

    Keep up the great work!

    I would like to know how I can go about purchasing a doll!

    Are there any available for sale at the moment?

    Thank you!


  34. Glynis says:

    That’s an amazing work ethic- 16/18hours!! Wow

  35. Nada says:

    Thank you for the answer. I have to overthink my own work ethics. You are quite an inspiration! In a lot of ways.

  36. Hazel says:

    Elated to know my order still made the cut! (I just saw your twitter.) I can’t wait until the book gets published! :D
    And I’m excited to see what sort of eye candy you have cooked up for us, Marina.

  37. Anna says:

    Peeks you say? Next week you say?

    I am writing it in my diary this very minute!! (even though I am a little late to this party.)Very exciting! :)

    A Very Happy New Year to you and Chad too!! :D

  38. Orangey says:

    Ah- exciting! It’s great to hear that you’re all pumped up about your new artistic journeys, I know once you’re excited it should be something to be excited about so we’ll be waiting patiently to see what beautiful things appear in the future!

    I’d like to see some tanned and chocolate dolls in the mix, personally~

  39. Silvana V says:

    Certainly more beautys is coming :). Smiling head??? hum….i`m exciting about. But i know to wait patiently!!!!

  40. Ilona says:

    Oh, this is more than exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

    So good to hear that you have so much positive energy and creativity in you!


  41. July says:

    Hey, marina, happy new year)))
    I’ve been reading your blog for a long time, and this is my first time write something directly to you… oh I’m so excited…
    I fell in love with enchanted dolls at the first time I saw it on the Internet! They are so glorious and… perfectly special!
    I admire you very much, and am so happy that you are so lucky to do the work you love. I, too, love art, especially love to paint girls, and am very willing to make dolls myself. I’ve always been thinking this: is there any chance that I can be working with you, or help in the enchanted dolls studio? ‘Cause I’m really looking forward to that, sincerely!
    Happy new year again! ! Wish you all the best and more fantastic dolls!!!
    Ps: will there be an Enchanted Doll Birthday Contest this year?

  42. Karoline says:

    Do you sell molds?
    Your dolls are so beautiful… I want make one my own!

    thanks in advance!

  43. sc says:

    Unless your creative direction has taken a *very* surprising new turn, I’m pretty sure you’ve been creating new maquettes, not machetes. ;)

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