New Neck joint for Enchanted Doll

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I made an alternate double neck joint for my Rubenesque model. It’s another double joint I’ve been wanting to experiment with for a while now. It allows for a much more dramatic range of motion and a more sensuous body language, but as with any joint, it creates a visual break into the body.


I think that the clavicle region of our bodies is very sensuous and erotic, and therefore very important to the overall sensuality of the doll. Messing up the subtlety of the clavicle may render the whole doll lifeless. So, I tried to negotiate the articulation and the form of the double neck joint in the most attractive way possible, and I like the way the doll looks and  ‘plays’ with this expressive neck.

In the end, everything is a give-and-take in this world. You gain some and you lose some. And why not, as long as the gain is worth the loss? For me, it almost always is. But I suppose it’s all about carefully calculated risk-taking.






What do you guys think of the neck?

46 Responses

  1. nune says:

    This neck joint is the very newest joint that I have never seen before. It reminds me some fairy tales from Japanese.Strongly and mechanically possable!

  2. I understand that this opens up posing possibilities but personally I think I prefer the fixed neck. She’s really beautiful though! It’s nice she has options.

  3. Jessie says:

    Beautiful poses. Just that much more sensual than dolls with fixed neck joints.

    I like it very much. My only concern is the visual break, which unfortunately reminds me of Sadako from The Ring. Then again, horror movies sometimes do have a dangerous sensuality to it.

  4. Marina says:

    I agree with you, Jessie. I think horror movies are all about fetishising and eroticising our deepest fears.

  5. catelyn says:

    It does give a great range of motion, but I am not sure about how it looks aesthetically. It seems to stick out in strange ways that do not mimic reality. But this is still a beautiful doll.

  6. I am so sorry Marina for the first time I rather the fixed neck. The feeling is very strange for me…maybe for this one it might take time…….for me

  7. Nolaa says:

    I appreciate the intention for increased range of motion. I too think the neck/clavicle is a very beautiful and sensuous body part, but the neck isn’t working for me visually at all. I think it actually makes her look less human. Almost as if she’s wearing the torso piece as a t-shirt. Her neck feels awkward and large in relation to the rest of her body.
    However, I am completely acknowledging that this is my personal feeling toward it, and I think it is a concept that can explored and possibly refined further.

  8. Mish Madison says:

    Another beautiful doll, Marina! I like the idea of the added range of movement that the new neck joint allows. I personally don’t feel the break at the joint detracts from the aesthetics of the doll, because the break is going to be covered with costuming, hair draping over it or perhaps jewelry at least some of the time. Beautiful work, as always!

  9. Isabel Pacheco says:

    Waoooo oh my god she adorable rubenesque. :)

  10. Monet says:

    The increased range of motion is nice indeed, and I think that’s particularly wonderful for those who like to do photo compositions with the doll.
    But these shoulders don’t look quite as delicate as the shoulders on the fixed neck. However, as you said, there’s give and take in this world.

  11. Crystal says:

    I think it could work if it were made to look like a necklace. I like how the neck looks as she is laying down with her hand to her head.

  12. MissLK says:

    Marina you have been creatively busy!

    The third picuture where she is leaning forward and looking down is especially exquisite. The break of the elegant detail on the collar bone however starts to remind me of an automata… counterfeit of life.

    It is extremely difficult to find the right balance. The enchanted doll has its own life, a life of the expression of porcelain, mechanical articulation, and the vision of Marina Bychekova. ED’s life is beyond a doll wanting to mimic all range of human motions in my opinion.

  13. Beth says:

    There is very little you could ever do to your dolls that would ever make me think of them as less than beautiful! I have mixed feelings about this new neck joint. LIke you said, it’s a trade-off. I love the increased poseability but it does break up the aesthetic flow in an area that I have always found lovely. I probably prefer your dolls without the extra neck joint if I had to give a preference.

  14. helvella says:

    I think she is beautiful and I really love the neck. But I do not think of her as human with it. Instead I imagine her as a graceful, human-like creature, an other-worldly being trying to mirror a human, a guardian spirit, a ghost, or something else entirely, and then it’s perfect for me.

  15. Orangey says:

    The poses it creates are really lovely, well done.

    I don’t know what it is but to me it seems like there is a little too much range of movement, like it is bending too much. Like she’s strained. I could be wrong.

  16. dubit says:

    You know, joints have their beauty to. I think if you can embrass the joints as beautiful you can come up with creative ways to enhance them. Take at look at Twigling, If you get a chance, Twigling is like you trying to find that perfect balance of poseability and asthetic appeal. With all that being said, I like the joint it is beautiful and when you pose it, I feel you still get the sensual feel you are after. I cant wait to see you master these new joints! k

  17. Colleen says:

    I love the neck joint. Funnily enough, I’m a cloth doll artist and I often use a separate neck with seam in the same spot you have a joint. Yes, it does give a bit of a visual break at that spot, but what you lose in terms of looks is minor and you more than make up for in expressiveness. I firmly believe that a huge amount of facial expressions actually are expressed by the neck and the movement of the head on the neck, so by providing a joint here you are really opening up a huge range of emotions. I’m really enjoying your artwork and blog. Thank you so much for your inspiration.

  18. Eiko says:

    I have to say that I really don’t like this new neck joint at all. The neck joint itself doesn’t look attractive or realistic.

    As for the poses itself, they’re okay but they give the impression that her neck is broken. She reminds me a lot of ‘Broken Neck’ from the Fatal Frame series.

  19. Niiv says:

    I agree with Catelyn; the new possibilities are wonderful, but the aesthetic suffers greatly. Also, I too feel the range of movement is a little unnatural… But the poses in the photos really are beautiful, and first impressions aside, the human-like sensuality it can create is awestriking.

  20. Eliza says:

    I honestly don’t think the new join harms the aesthetic of the doll that much; you have done a great job with neck muscles and it looks quite organic. Maybe you can try to make a neck joint that goes more inside the clavicles line, but I’m no technician to give you advice. Of course no doll could ever look fluid as flesh, so I think this new joint is a great improvement and I support it.
    Just one thing: I would like to see it on a non-rubenesque doll, because I’m not sure this joint would fit as much on them too…

  21. Anika says:

    This is wondrous! It adds so very much to the emotional repetoire of the doll…honestly I barely notice that there is any compromise at all.


  22. The Old Maid says:

    As much as I sometimes think these new joints look a bit strange I have to admit that on the 3rd photo the pose is so absolutely natural and sweet that I won’t mind joints looking strange as long as your beautiful dolls will pose so naturally.:) Great work, Marina.

  23. Sailor_Orbit says:

    if you can hide the suede in the neck, there would be less of a visual break. so maybe trimming and angling the suede with a surgery blade so it doesn’t stick out would make it a lot better, and less noticeable.

  24. Sefora-san says:

    Она выглядит как инопленетянка О_О
    Шея очень длинная для обчного человека и я не могу сказать конкретно ДА или НЕТ этой части тела.

  25. Agea says:

    I greatly admire an accomplished artist who feels free and comfortable to reach outside their accustomed realm for experimentation and expose it for discussion and feedback! So, aside from the possibility of aesthetic trade-off, I think your former neck is far more appealing as it is ~more~ anatomically accurate in regard to range of motion being that human normal articulation primarily occurs with the axis, atlas with limited movement in intervertebral discs. The musculoskeletal makeup of our necks is designed to keep our head supported, and in effect, to limit our head from being able to fall to one side or backwards in pronounced fashion. People who have a practice of dance, yoga, gymnastics, etc. are able to perform such motions, do so beautifully and execute them seemingly with ease… most of us cannot. As I looked at the pose with her head extended backwards, all I could think of was the discomfort ~I~ might feel as a result of compression since our necks have a natural curve that we extend ~~through~~ when tilting our heads backward.
    Of course,nshe is not an ~I~ she a doll:)
    I personally love her with her head tilting forward, most natural pose imho, and honestly feel your former style commits to this pose wonderfully enough.
    Your dolls, they are beautiful Marina:)

  26. Marina says:

    Having the leather stick out of the sockets the way it does is not an oversight on my part, but a very calculated design feature which is essential to preventing as much porcelain-on-porcelain contact as possible.

    I’d love to show less leather lining, but unfortunately hiding it inside the sockets for the sake of aesthetics does not accomplish its intended purpose.

  27. Annina says:

    i do like the extra movement this joint allows for, because it really makes for even more expression, but not enough for me to like this extra joint. meaning, in this case i personally prefer the less articulate neck.

    maybe it’s something i could get used to, but at this moment i find it looks more awkward than beautiful.
    is the length of this neck, when the head is in straight forward position, the same as the normal neck on the rubenesque?
    in some poses it looks too long for me.

    apart from that, it’s cool that you are trying out all these new things with the ED body, first rubenesque, then hip double joint, and now even this.

  28. Kas says:

    I really like it, but I have to agree with Annina. In some of the poses, it looks a bit long.

  29. Sailor_Orbit says:

    how about using a different color leather? like more of a flesh tone or pinky tone. or possibly putting epoxy on the edges of the suede that similar in color and matting it by sanding the epoxy. that way it can still give protection and look like it’s part of the porcelain. just throwing some ideas. but i think the color of the suede would be a big improvement for the neck area.

  30. KarolinFelix says:

    I think i like it. And i was also thinking about flesh tone dyed leather to make it less visible…. And since that break makes the neck look longer than usual, maybe shortening it would put it back in proportion? I love the photo when she’s lying on her side…

  31. Hazel says:

    I like this less than the double jointed hip. The new hip joint was, in my eyes at least, subtle and entirely worth the extra range of motion. While I do love the extra motion allowed by the neck joint, it makes the doll look a little bit less natural to me. The line is distracting, yes, but what gets to me is the unnatural bulges formed (by the rounded portion of the joint) at the extreme poses.

    This time around, I prefer the classic ED neck joint. However, I do love that you’re experimenting and putting out a lot of options for us, since what works for one person may not work for the next. If I were given the opportunity to have my own ED now (and I could afford it) I would get either a waif or a rubenesque (still can’t decide which I like better) with double jointed hips and the classic neck.

    I can’t wait to see more of these ‘experimental’ dolls! They’re all so unique.

  32. Merri says:

    Marina, I love that you continue to experiment and are brave enough to put forward new ideas for critique. But I have to say that in this instance I’m torn. If increased movement and expression adds to the beauty of the doll, then I’m all for it. But in this case I’m not sure that it does. On the one hand I find some of the poses entirely endearing but others less so. I agree with you that this is such an important area of a doll and such a beautiful feature of yours. I don’t think it’s the join itself that bothers me so much as that the grace and beauty of line from jaw sliding down to shoulder is sometimes lost. I can’t help but compare photo 4 to the one of Cathedral lying lifeless in your hands, with head tilted back. On balance, I think I have to agree with Annina and Hazel this time.

  33. Kate says:

    I find these experimental joints fascinating. Will we see more? I love the flexibility that having alternate joints allows you! (pun totally intended) And I think that this new neck is pretty. Haunting and slightly creepy, but also sensual and lovely.

  34. Veronica says:

    Wow, the new neck joint looks amazing, I think it adds a wonderful sensuality and a whole other dimension of expressiveness to the doll. Beautiful work.

  35. Maria says:

    I like it, and I would like it more if you combined the double joint in the neck and in the hips ^^

  36. Ama says:

    I think you did a great job on this!

    I’m totally for the new movements … it makes also the shoulders seem more “mobile” although they are not, the new possible poses give the doll an extra feminine expression.

    I am not bothered by the break at all, after all, a doll IS full of breaks and joints, after a while one’s imagination kicks in and one doesn’t notice them anymore, and just retains the harmony and the beauty.

    It would be interesting to see something similar on the “waif” body ;)

  37. ThatGirl says:

    Oh marina, I usually love your work, but I’m so sorry, I hate it :( I just think it looks unnatural and ugly. But don’t worry, I still love your dolls, they are always beautiful

  38. giperborea says:

    Hmmm…I think the double neck joint is a great idea! I actually like the way it looks. And I got the Book today (was sitting in my post office for almost two weeks, cuz hubby couldn’t pick it up)!!!! Thank you!!!!!

  39. Daphne Williams says:

    I truely admire your creativity! The new neck joints is a great idea and I see where you would be worried that it would not look right…but you nailed it! One of the things I Love about your dolls is how real they look and how well they pose. I hope to own one of your beautiful dolls some day soon!!!

  40. Hannah says:

    You try your best to make things work. In the end you always succeed! Beautiful job Marina. She has a lovely look to her neck.

  41. Valentina says:

    I like the expression, the neck gives her in the first three pictures. Looks very natural and elegant. In the forth picture it appears quite tense.
    Also she reminds me of Parmigianinos Madonna dal collo lungo …and I like it:)

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