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Hey doll people! You’ve probably noticed that I’ve been missing from the internet lately. It’s because I’ve been stuck in home renovations purgatory for the last year. But, with my art studio renos nearing completion, I’ve been really enjoying working in my newly improved, open, bright and green workspace. See if you can spot a difference so far.

And I’m not returning to the blog empty handed, as I have a new doll in-the-works to share. I decided to up the challenge a little by working more detail into the hands and feet than I’ve ever done before.

Up to this point I chose not to carve my dolls’ fingernails or toenails, but paint them on instead because in greenware state the porcelain is still as soft and crumbly as a shortbread cookie; It’s prone to breaking at the lightest pressure of a needle point….or a gentle breath of a pixie…or even just from looking at it a little too hard.

In fact, most hands and feet almost never survive high detailing intact, and I end up having to reattach at least 2 or more fingers with raw porcelain slip and then fuse them together during high-temp firing. Index fingers are most vulnerable for some reason. Somehow, I managed not to break a single finger on this hand, while the other one needed 3 finger reattachment surgeries.

I must have looked at it a little too hard.


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  1. Kapiszonka says:

    Nice to see you smiling and fingers crossed for a new doll

  2. Anthony says:

    Ohhh Hooray SHE LIVES!!!!! Welcome back Marina!!!! How we’ve missed you!!!! It’s great to see your gleaming smiling face again, and you’re not alone, A NEW DOLL!!!!!! Be still my beating heart <3

  3. Sonia Anne says:

    Marina, thank-you for such exciting news! Your work space looks so earthy and green, with your plants surrounding you! It will be difficult to wait for your newly created, porcelain doll! I quiver, when you explain all the detail that goes into the making of your new doll, as it looks so difficult and fragile. Welcome back!

    • agaffia says:

      What a beautiful smile… What a great information … I wish You a wonderful time

      (It seems to me it’s a day of great news – today my lady came to me and she is absolutely amazing, thank You.. )
      From now on we both will wait for Your next posts

  4. Anna says:

    You are looking so beautiful with an air of majesty about you, in your new surroundings!!! How wonderful that the renovations are coming to a close!! The detailing is delicious!! The toes!! Squee!! What patience and skill you have! I have instructed all pixies in the Vancouver area, to cease puffing, or at least wear masks! (darned pesky pixies, breathing! I am SO excited to see these pictures. Your work is such a profound joy. WOOOt! :D New Doll!! xx

  5. Jacquelyn says:

    glad to see you back, Marina. don’t look too hard while you’re creating the rest of the doll, we want to see her as you share the photos of her creation, and the finished product, of course. ;)
    looks like there are some new shelves behind you, or something. it looks like a gate. is that a part of the new studio? and what is it? cause it looks from this angle like a prison door, (to keep the pixies out, i’m guessing)

  6. Susan Hatcher says:

    Hope we can get one.

  7. Joan Pilote says:

    Hey Marina! So happy to see your post. I think your work is exquisite and that was before you started this intricate detailing of the hands and feet. I would actually love to have a class with you just to pick your brains a bit for your brilliant imagination! Absolutely love your dolls!! Your new work space looks less dark and more open and airy. I’m sure you’ll enjoy working in this bright space. Have a wonderful day!:)

  8. Carmen says:

    Congrats on the renovations, great to see that things are well. Lovely details, can’t wait to see more.
    By the way, when I saw your Madame Pompadour photo-shoot and was inspired use a hornet’s nest for my bee inspire photo-shoot.

  9. Merri says:

    Just happy to know that you are still creating. :)

  10. Jacky woolsey says:

    Always thrilled to see your work. I am in awe of your talent and creations.

  11. berthawong says:

    You look Stunning just like your dolls! What awesome details you give to the fingers and feet! I know you never surrender to challenge :-) All the Best!

  12. The detail is unbelievable. How excruciating to have to do so many repairs, though. Do you suppose that with practice at these fine details you have less breakage?

  13. Rebecca says:

    So glad to hear from you again! Hope the renovations make your work processes easier!

  14. Laura says:

    You are incredibly talented

  15. neel96 says:

    Ah..!! A new doll and welcome back Marina.

  16. Amal says:

    So nice to see you ‘back’ and smiling so! :)
    I wonder if when the parts are fused together again, is it as strong as it was before, like a broken bone?

  17. Defne says:

    Love your smile! Welcome back to the world of interwebs :)

    I am loving the incredible amount of detail on the hand and the foot. Wow! It is like having the luxury of seeing Bernini at work! Thanks for sharing the progress photos <3

    That hand alone would make an amazing silver necklace *swoon*

  18. adriana martinez says:

    Amo tu trabajo !!!
    Estabamos esperando por tí !
    Salud Marina !!
    Gracias por hacernos la vida mas feliz con esas maravillas !!!
    Las quiero todas …

  19. Kennedy & Lana Perkins (seraphicdoll) says:

    Your new space looks wonderful! Congratulations on the renovations – our family too is in the midst of renovating a new house!

    Loving the progress photos of the hands and feet. You sure have a lot of patience! The family is looking forward to seeing more of this porcelain beauty!

  20. Sarah says:

    Marina- thank you for the update! So glad you are still working on dolls- and thanks for the little peak into your world- (Your photo is so lovely!)

  21. H says:

    Yo are me favorito artist! Historia from Spain I love u <3

  22. Astera says:

    Welcome back to us, Marina! Glad to see you smiling and busy. It’s exciting to see a new evolution step in the Enchanted Doll world. I am definitely looking forward to seeing more creative steps and the undoubtedly lovely outcome of this project. Keep us posted, whenever you can! ;)

  23. ace says:

    i’m not a regular commenter (always been too shy), but i’ve been following your work since 2008… i think? i check your blog a lot for updates, so it’s really exciting to see you back! i’m glad everything is going well, and i hope that your home is a much nicer space to live in now!
    i’m glad to see your dolls again and that you’re pushing them even further! you’re my favourite doll-maker, and one of my favourite artists in general!
    i can’t wait to see the finished piece! her hands and feet look amazing even in their raw porcelain stage!!!
    < 3

  24. Kate says:

    Awesome fingers and nails! looking forward to the new doll!

  25. crystal Bernard says:

    Love the details you are doing on the dolls. But honestly I can’t figure out any difference in your place.

  26. Anna says:

    I love this photo of you!! I hope all is tip top at your house and that life is good. Big love from east sussex xxx

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