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Although I intensely dislike the look of raised feet on dolls,  for the sake of experimenting I had made a pair of them for Enchanted Dolls. Raised feet look pretty in high heels, but naked, they look so contorted and unnatural, that it repels me. In my opinion, raised feet restrict a doll to a specific, severe glamor look, while flat feet can be more versatile, soft and feminine. I dislike dolls that are permanently stuck on their tiptoes. Particularly if they have a movable ankle joint. It just looks silly.

Those of you who own my dolls know, that even though they have flat feet, they can still wear the custom designed high heels of the Enchanted Doll brand. I design stilettos specifically so that can go on a flat foot and appear as if they belong there.

Anyway, I was curious to see if I could make better raised feet somehow. I’ve learned that sometimes ideas which make us initially uncomfortable, are the ones that may turn out to be quite interesting with enough consideration and proper treatment. So, whenever I am repelled by something, I try to give it enough thought and decide if it may actually be worth pursuing. So, I made raised feet against my own reservations. It could be an interchangeable option for those who do like it. I’m going to model a couple of raised shoe designs for them in sterling silver and see if I like them any better then.

In the meantime, I’d love to hear what you guys think about dolls with permanently raised feet and which you prefer.

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  1. Carmelo says:

    Well Marina let me be the first to say that although I have no specific preference-I do find the fixed raised feet to be stunning because I feel it elongates the female figure that much more making for a more striking composition!……….but thats just me haha!

  2. Love love and love…oh this is so nice. They look like they are made out of pearl…OMG can’t wait to see the finished beauty with her new feet…..

    And taking a min to wish you a very happy birthday may all your dreams come true. Thank you for all the beauty you put in our lives…..xx

  3. Marina if I could have one day an ED I would have her on her toes,flat footed, bare foot no feet. Any way which ever, just hoping to one day have one…….:)

  4. Kirsten says:

    First and foremost–Happy birthday, Marina!
    Now, onto your question. My resin ABJDs have flat and heeled feet, but they’re interchangeable. If I could only have on or the other, I think I would prefer the flat feet. As you mentioned, the stilettos are designed for the flat feet, which mean owners can have the look of the heel without have to commit to a raised foot. Leaving the raised feet on a doll only looks good in very few situations, otherwise they look contorted (as you said). If I ever have the fortune of owning one of your dolls, I would much prefer the flat feet.

  5. Sabrina says:

    I love that your ED’s have natural feet- and if I had one I would not want raised feet. But I have seen all kinds of pretty shoes available for dolls with raised feet, and could see why some people might want that option.

  6. Eva says:

    My personal preference is for the more natural flat feet. Since it allows the doll to look normal when she’s not wearing shoes. As much fun as high heals are, I don’t like the fact that dolls with permanently raised feet can never look “relaxed” or “normal”.

  7. Merri says:

    Marina, first let me say what a fabulous job you’ve done modelling these feet – they are gorgeous and I look forward to seeing the new shoes you design for them. I have to agree though, that flat natural feet are so much more versatile when it comes to posing a doll and for this reason, they would be my preference. There is almost no pose that can’t accommodate a flat foot, whereas the permanently raised foot design is very restrictive. Furthermore this type of foot is not a necessary requirement in order for your dolls to wear stilettos, as they can already do that with stunning style! As you say, an interchangeable foot for those that prefer it could be an option.

  8. Merri says:

    Footnote (pardon the pun) – Christiane’s comment that these feet look like they are made out of pearl, resonated with my own first fleeting impression that they don’t look like porcelain. It’s probably wishful thinking but the interchangeable idea got me to thinking…..they aren’t resin, are they? Maybe it’s just the lighting.

  9. Orangey says:

    I don’t know, raised feet serve their purpose in high heels, I can see these being used on a costumed doll in the future emphasizing a specific theme. You could even sell the doll with two pairs of heels. Of course the feet do look strange when bare like that but in another way I think it gives a nice ‘tip toe’ look too. I prefer flat feet in general but these feet are gorgeously sculpted.

  10. Signe says:

    Happy Birthday Marina!
    I have to share you resignation against tiptoes feet. Even though I do like the delicate pair in the picture above photographed against your (?) fingers.I would prefer flat feet for the same reasons you state. I do love diversity however and respect that others might prefer the high heel feet.

  11. Glynis says:

    I’ve got to say I too prefer the flat feet,pretty as the tippy toe ones are, I think the flat feet look softer and more natural,though as the lady said in a previous post-if that’s the doll I could buy……it’s also commendable the way you keep trying stuff even if it’s something that goes against your instincts. Happy birthday too by the way.

  12. April says:

    Hi, Marina!
    These feet looks lovely. It can be used for a bare footed doll with an ethereal beauty. Suits your style well.

    Oh, and…

    A Very Happy Birthday to You! :)

  13. Eiko says:

    I hate raised feet. As you said, they look unnatural and uncomfortable. So I prefer flat feet on any doll.

    You’re talking about interchangable feet but how is that possible? For those who own porcelain dolls, it would not be easy to change the feet. Or is this perhaps a possibility for your resin line?

  14. Amoreen says:

    I agree with most people’s statement: I personally prefer a flat feet. It offers more possibilities for more different looks. And, since you have created such beauties as stilettos which don’t require a rised heel, well, it’s just splendid! But this solution would be ok for people who prefer much more fashionable look. Bravo, Marina! As usual, you made a great work! Happy birthday!

  15. pookah says:

    when I saw these ones, I thought they are dancing feet for a tribal dancer or something…

    happy birthday! :)

  16. Hazel says:

    Those feet look gorgeous!
    I think I still prefer the flat feet because they look more natural when the doll isn’t wearing any shoes. However, I’ll reserve judgment until I see them on a doll. :>

  17. MissLK says:

    Natural flat feet for me! I rarely put shoes on Fiori and Lavanya because their bare little feet are exquisite… Still saving for a pair of silver ED shoes :)

    If the resin line or any future porcelain EDs have magnetic ankle sockets, the interchangeable feet can be an interesting feature because then the doll can take on multiple personalities from Ovid’s Metamorphoses like having tree root feet as Daphne… Food for thought.

    Happy birthday!

    Happy birthday!

  18. Amal says:

    Hmm, I kinda like ’em!
    They look like they belong to a dancer – always seem to be walking around on the balls of their feet, or bobbing up and down, even when standing in one spot ^_^
    And, with a choice, there’s no compromise!

  19. Amal says:

    Oh yeah, and “Happy birthday to youuuuu” ♫♪♫♪

  20. Anna says:

    Very elegant shape! I agree that they look like dancers feet. I think too that they would emphasis a spritely quality to dolls that were wearing them. I would think there is great scope for having interchangeable feet. I would even suggest pointed toes foot-shape as well and if you have interchangeable feet can you make interchangeable hands? As ever beautiful work.

    Have a lovely birthday.

  21. Amber says:

    Godssend post! I was only just yesterday wondering how to figure out the ball connects for the top of the feet so they would move in the joint. Thank you so much for this share.
    I like the raised feet they remind me of the lotus foot. I think it would be a good choice for a political doll, maybe one grimacing in pain after hours of “why did I wear these shoes to a parade” Also might be interesting if the feet could be inter-changeable some day.
    Also Happy Birthday!

  22. Carmen says:

    If I could every have an ED, I would prefer the flat footed one. The pointed toe remains me of Barbie dolls, and even though I loved them as a child, I believe that the flat footed porcelain dolls are in a sophisticate realm of their own. This creations are like a miniature versions of our human dreams, desires and wishful thinkings. The flatter foot design is just more practical for posing too.

  23. Adina says:

    What if you used them for a doll that was a dancer?

  24. Aeroksana says:

    Ты – моё вдохновение и пример для меня!
    Как я благодарна Богу и твоим прекрасным родителям, что у твоего таланта есть условия и возможности, чтобы раскрываться и расцветать!
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    You – my inspiration and example to me!
    Now I thank God and your wonderful parents that your talents are in the conditions and possibilities to unfold and blossom!
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    Love, loyalty and gratitude, I want to give you on your 30th birthday! Let your soul is bathed in the love and joy! Let your life be always filled with light and happiness! Suppose that you’ll always be surrounded by close friends who share your values and feelings!
    I received so much from you, hope I can worthily express to materialize, the creative river that suddenly flowed in me! This water of life gives me wings, inspiring me!

    Happy birthday, Marina, my Ariadne!

    With great respect,
    Oksana is your same age.

  25. Silvana says:

    I agree with you Marina. I do not like the dolls that are on their toes. I always hated that kind of foot. I like flat feet, is much more natural and real. But talking about your job, the foot was super cute.

  26. Kate says:

    My first reaction was delight, because as a child I always walked on my tip-toes because I wanted to be taller and wanted to be a ballerina. And the raised feet that you’ve crafted are very beautiful! But considering the larger arguments I would go for flat feet, unless the raised feet are for a specific purpose (like the bound feet on Lotus) or are interchangeable. I didn’t ever think about that fact that you’d created the ED heels to work on a flat foot, but it’s very smart! I wish I had shoes like that! (I personally never wear stilettos :) )

    And of course, a great big Happy Birthday!!

  27. Jenny H says:


    I don’t mind the feet you make for your dolls, be it flat or raised. It all depends on what impression you want to achieve. Raised feet with all five toes on each foot – unlike Barbies’ undeveloped feet – look light and airy while flat feet has a more down to earth look. I like them both in their own special ways.

    Happy birthday, Marina! I wish you a wonderful day.

  28. Maria says:

    I like these feet, they are beautiful. You could try to make special shoes for them, like a type of shoes with really pronunciated heels. ^^

  29. Ama says:

    Happy Birthday Marina :)
    Those little feet look adorable and beautiful. Although in a non-relaxed position, they still look soft, not hysterically strained like other in this position may look.

  30. MollyTheWanderer says:

    I think I would probably prefer the flat feet, as it lends to the realistic look of your dolls, however, real women wear shoes that require a raised foot, so it might be nice to have interchangeable feet and shoes…that is, if I could figure out how to change them.

  31. jacci says:

    the ones you made make me think of the marble statues of greek goddesses for some reason. they look a little bigger than the flat feet you already use. but, please, don’t turn the EDs into a better looking barbie. i say stick with the original feet.

  32. Annina says:

    i’m a fan of the flat feet and usually not at all into raised feet on dolls. if i could choose only one pair of feet for my doll, i would go with the flat feet hands down, i mean feet down.
    but if there was some way to swap them easily, then i wouldn’t mind having the raised feet as extras, because you’ve sculpted them beautifully!

  33. Annina says:

    Happy Happy Bathday Marina!!!!!!!!!!
    i wish you caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake, confettttti, presents and gifts of enchantments in all aspects of life, thank you for enchanting my life!

  34. kelly says:

    I love these feet, they would make great fairy feet. I would like to see these on a rubinesque body-might be interesting.

  35. MigMig says:

    A year or so ago I would not even think about such issues, but now I am a convert :o) The raised feet are beautiful and the material has this eery translucence about it. I cannot wait to see them painted! But I prefer flat-footed dolls, they feel more natural to me, and offer more possibilities to pose.

    And I will join the chorus: С Днем Рождения!

  36. Shadiera says:

    I like their flat feet. Im trying to imagine the dolls with these new, raised feet and what poses they could work into with them.

    Flat feet just seem more comfortable to be, rather than always being “on your toes” which could be an interesting idea for a specific doll?

  37. Isabel Pacheco says:

    I have very curious to see how it would be one of his wrists with his feet in this position, I really love most flat-footed by nature that gives the dolls, are always a blessing of creativity I wish you the best of the best Marina.


  38. Sylvia says:

    Hmm..I do like the look of raised feet in some occasions, but in general i share your opinion about them. They do easily create a look of stillness and restriction and are not very versatile.
    have you considered to settle for a half raised look? I walk barefoot as often as i can and i find half raised feet are a rather natural and dynamic position and a good compromise between fully raised and flat feet.

  39. What I wanted to say was even though most raised-footed dolls I have seen so far look awkward and deformed, you can clearly see that you have put the time and effort into attempting to make your little feet elegant and natural – many have said that they resemble the delicate feet of a dancer, or someone simply standing on tip toe. I can imagine these feet belonging to one of your “butterfly” dolls, or someone else who is meant to convey a sense of airy lightness.

  40. Kari says:

    I feel that you made those feet in such a way as too make them more relaxed. Having the option would be pretty nice! I can see them being able to express a lot more than just `glamour` =)

  41. Monique says:

    I think your tip toe feet are beautiful–much better than the usual high heeled doll foot. My dream is for a flexible doll foot. I wish there were a way to make a doll foot that could flex from flat, to tip toe, to on-pointe and back to flat.

  42. Rux says:

    i love the ones you’ve designed:D

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