New shoe design for Enchanted Doll

6 years, 9 months ago 11
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Check out what I’ve been working on lately. These are Gothic Lolitas in sterling silver. This is my first test cast. I think I’ll make a gold&enamel one too. Soon to be available for preorder, but not just yet. Inquire if you wish to be put on the wait list.

shoes 3

shoes 5

shoes 1

shoes 6

shoes 4

11 Responses

  1. ziggytaku says:

    oh yesssss ! YeSSSSS!!! You did it !!!!! awesome !!!! i love you even more now!!!! thank you thank you , thank you !!!! so beautiful!!!

  2. Crystal says:

    Very lovely! I love the trim around the opening! They are so neat, I think I know someone who will be thrilled, right Anthony?

  3. Christianne says:

    May I ask Marina, do the ED shoes fit the RED line?

  4. Anthony says:

    OMG these are DYNAMITE!!! LOVE the chunkier heal and sole and that lace trim around the opening is to die for!!! <3

  5. marina says:

    Yes, Christianne, all my metal shoe designs fit both, resin and porcelain dolls.

    Because the resin EDs are a bit smaller than porcelain EDs, the fit of the shoes is a bit looser on resin dolls. There’s no problem when it comes to function, but if the aesthetic of a looser fit is bothersome, then I just put a tiny bit of cotton into the toe, and ta-da, no more visual difference.

    These Gothic Lolitas have a particularly tight, small fit on porcelain dolls, so there should be no visual difference when they are on resin doll feet.

  6. Sailor_orbit says:

    Emailed you for the wait list!

  7. lui gabriel says:

    marina, are wonderful surprises me every time you make your creations, seems magically, I congratulate you, I know your effort was much so enjoy it with your work completed, by the way will remain good shoes to ruby with a medieval style clothing turquoise! it’s just a suggestion marine bravo!

  8. Karen vail says:

    Just ..I’d love to be on the list. My Hathar has been barefoot for years ! Lol

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