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Greeting Collectors! I’ve completed a new doll for the Flawless show at the Strychnin Gallery in Berlin. She is The Muse of Art Nouveau, featuring the very first Rubenesque body and face, as well as that special new crown I had mentioned a few weeks ago.


Her price is €18,000. Please, inquire at the Strychnin Gallery for the availability of this piece.


A Muse is an ancient goddess of inspiration and creativity. She is a personification of humanity’s relentless pursuit of beauty and self-expression.

My own little porcelain Muse is created in the aesthetic of Art Nouveau, drawing from the romanticism and nostalgia of the turn of the century Paris as the city of lights and art. Her feminine, voluptuous form and a magnificent sterling silver crown were inspired by my favorite artist Alphonse Mucha, whose unique and unforgettable artwork embodies the very essence of Art Nouveau, having originated the movement itself.

The Lantern pendants on the other hand, are based on a beautiful antique street lamp in Niece, which takes my breath away. Like tiny beacons of light, these lanterns adorn the crown of my muse and captivate the attention of wondering minds, providing them with guidance, knowledge and enlightenment.

May she bring inspiration and beauty to those who seek it!


She certainly inspired me! Her presence hovered over my shoulder for many months as I worked on her, and now she is finally real and I feel rejuvenated and inspired to create more as if my mind is on fire! I’m quite proud of the entire piece, but particularly so about the little lanterns. They are a dream come true. I based the design on a real street lamp, created schematics and sketches, while the actual model was built by a computer mill. It took nearly 3 months. My technician had said that it in all his years of doing it, this was the most difficult, challenging and exciting project he’s ever done, which I took as a compliment.


This unique crown is the first in the Lantern Series, which I expect will keep me occupied for years to come.



Ball-jointed porcelain doll 14” (37 cm) tall, china paint, natural mohair, industrial grade steel springs, leather; Sterling silver crown №1 in the Lantern Series, lost wax casting, construction, 3 Iolite cabochons, 3 pearls set in sterling silver, cubic zirconia crystals; Custom-welded, flexible stand; Decorative reclining dais embellished with 6 hand-sewn velvet pillows.

47 Responses

  1. Vanessa says:

    Oh WOW! I’m speechless…

  2. Isabel Pacheco says:

    pleasant surprise, how beautiful in rubenesque, his crown is beautiful as always. She is quite a beautiful,Waooooooo rubenesque, rubenesque, :)

  3. Heather T. says:

    Jaw-dropping!! The intricacy of the crown is astounding.

  4. Jayne says:

    Wowza! I don’t actually know what to say, other than WOWZA♥♥♥
    Off to buy a lottery ticket (again).

  5. maria soares says:

    Dear Marina,
    I admire you and your work, your strogness, you never stop!I wish to be like you, or be near someone like you.I want to show you something i’ve made….it will finish in a comple weeks…so please let me know if you’re interested to see it, and i would love your real opinion.
    I love your dolls, and it’s a dream for me to have one…every week a go here to watch in silence….i’m sad for not having your book, but i believe that you would more, and maybe i’ll be able to buy one.I would lobe to know the price of one”basic” doll made by you.And i also love this new one too, the hands are perfect!
    my email
    and let me know if i can send photos from my new work , when is finish offcourse!

  6. Jeanette says:

    Her headpiece is absolutely gorgeous!
    How I wish I was a collector.

  7. Astera says:

    Excellent, Marina! I love how well the crown balances her hips. The lanterns are truly exquisite accents. I like her seat too: did you make it as well?

  8. So that would make it $23,530.00 CAN…………?

  9. Candice says:

    Oh my, I am speechless.
    Pure, beautiful, perfection.

  10. Merri says:

    Oh my goodness! Marina, just when I think that your dolls could not possibly get any more amazing – they do! I have been dying to see this new head ornament because I knew it would be special but I couldn’t possibly have imagined the beauty of this.
    It balances the doll so beautifully and I absolutely love it!
    I just knew this year was going to be good!

  11. Michele Hunt says:

    Marina, you are astounding!!! Incredible work! If I had a fifth of your energy and mastery I would be a happy woman. Like so many of your admirers, I too would LOVE to own one of your beauties! Will we ever be able to possibly get a resin one that might be a little less expensive? Any way we look at it, you are a MASTER and your work should command a ransom!

  12. Orangey says:

    Oh wow. This crown is an eyeful, an eyeful of absolute beauty, the details are amazing, especially those astounding lanterns. It’s just fascinating.

    Congrats on another piece of art.

    BTW, you have a new favorite artist..?

  13. Amal says:

    I’m so excited by the prospect of more lanterns to come! …Do these light up? Can you place a miniature candle inside? I love the metaphor of inspiration guiding us like lights in our peripheral vision. Sometimes we may hardly notice them. But you Marina, you and your art provide such a strong light attracting us like moths from all over the world ^-^

  14. Jayne Wourms says:

    She is simply breathtaking!

  15. earthenmagic says:

    …exquisite ~ ness! ~ personified! ~ i bequeath a sonnet for thee ~ blessed be Marina!…

  16. Adrian says:

    She looks so regal. Exquisite, and so much more. Definitely an imposing figure. As for the lantern itself, I have always admired how much detail you put into the accessories. This is no different.

    I hope we get to see more of her type in the near future. :)

  17. Katarzyna says:

    Absolutely Stunning!!! Overwhelming BEAUTY! <3

  18. Suok69 says:

    She is simply beautiful, real Goddess.

  19. MollyTheWanderer says:

    That crown is awesome. How much does it weigh? How do you get it to stay on?

  20. Hazel says:

    Amazing! That is, without question, my most favorite crown from you!

    I see that the exhibit name is ‘Flawless’. How very appropriate! Will there be more dolls in the exhibit? I’m so excited to see all the other dolls that will come out of this new sculpt!

  21. Merri says:

    I think there should be a new word added to the dictionary –
    marinabychkova – definition: genius!!!

  22. Kamila says:

    She is exquisite! The inspiration sources shine through beautifully, too. I am an admirer of Mucha’s work myself, Art Nouveau is one of my favourite styles in art history. It’s interesting to see what you did with it. The lantern series sounds very promising!

  23. Diana says:

    I have a questin Marina:
    When will be the 5 Echos available and how much would one cost?

  24. Niiv says:

    She is a true muse and I have no words to convey how breathtakingly beautiful she is. Art Nouveau is my favorite style of art! The crown is an unbelievable masterpiece, my favorite by you to this point :)

  25. The Old Maid says:

    As I am still undecided if I like your new doll or… not ;) I must admit your crown and particulary the lanterns are AWESOME! Hope one day you will make lantern pendants…;)
    Good luck with the sale of this doll!

  26. Carolyn says:

    The headpiece is quite something and I look forward to seeing more in this series. I love your dolls so much, but for some reason this new one doesn’t work for me. I know you’ve said you did it on purpose, and of course that’s your artistic right, but every time I look at it, I can’t get past the proportions — small shoulders, hands, bust, etc.

    I admire the fact that you are continuing to challenge yourself however, and that you allow us to weigh in on your beautiful creations.

  27. Sailor_Orbit says:

    i was wondering would you be able to show the back view along with the crown?

  28. jacci says:

    hope you’re just taking artistic license here. first you called her a rubenesque. now you’re calling her art neuveau. you know rubens died in 1640 and the art neuveau movement didn’t start till the late 19th century, i love mucha too, but his women were never that rounded. still i like the lanturns on her headpiece. but i don’t see art neuveau when i look at her, but thats just me. art neuveau is my favorite art form, period, style, whatever. if she’s your muse, you picked one that called to you. kudos.

  29. Hazel says:

    @jacii: The -sculpt- is rubenesque. And this particular piece (doll and lantern) is ‘The Muse of Art Nouveau’. I don’t think Marina meant for the sculpt itself to be called art nouveau, just this doll because art nouveau elements were incorporated into the lantern.

    Personally, I think the crown is a bit of art nouveau meets gothic architecture – loose and flowing but detailed and the imposing at the same time.

  30. Marina says:

    Oh for god’s sake, would you stop taking things so literally, people and jacci?

    It seems like you are misunderstanding my meaning deliberately, just to to have a petty accusation to through at me, because my opening paragraph clearly states that the Art Nouveau piece features a new rubenesque body. As Hazel has correctly pointed out, it is just a reference name of the sculpt, because relative to my first doll, this one is bigger and it needed a name to differentiate between them.

    I’ve seen Mucha’s large originals in a Prague museum and they seem pretty rounded to me, with skin folds and second chins and all. The lamps are indeed based on an actual Art Nouveau lamp from Niece, so there is a real, factual element of Art Nouveau in my piece. Also, having been to Paris and many of Western Europe’s capitals several times, and observing various architectural styles, the motifs included in this pieces is what I carried away from observing metal work of art nouveau period.

    It’s fine if you don’t see it. Art is in the eye of the beholder, just don’t give me condescending lectures in art history please. I have a degree in fine art and know the difference between art movements.

    Also, stop taking things so literally. Art is symbolic. Styles get mixed all the time. They are not mutually exclusive in fine art.

  31. Marina says:

    Somebody asked if I have a new favorite artist earlier, and no, I don’t. I’ve always loved Mucha, but Sulamith Wulfing is still my muse.

    They are both my favorite.

  32. Marina you must be fed up of this nonsence bickering. Please don’t let some people get to you. You have to know so many of us love your work of art and appreciate it for what it is…..period

  33. Jayne says:

    Well said Marina, it seems to be that people just want to disagree with you on principle. If you had said she was poured from white porcelain, somebody would have countered with “I beg to differ, but that is quite obviously black porcelain.”
    Open dialogue is brilliant, but not when it is used just to criticise for criticisms sake.
    Honestly, you do what you want, when you want and how you want. I personally love that you share, not only the finished product, but your processes (thought, inspiration, execution and completion), with all of us.
    As Christiane said and I think she speaks for the majority, “…so many of us love your work of art and appreciate it for what it is…..period.”

  34. Line says:


    I would love to see her, when is the Flawless show in Berlin?

  35. Glynis says:

    Jayne,Christine – hear hear!! Well said ladies,it’s fab that Marina is open to opinions etc,but she puts the blood,sweat and tears so……. And as I said previously to deviate from a well tried and successful doll is to be applauded. Marina,we won’t tell Chad you told us the name of his board if you tell us your “secret” material you used to make the white face! Blackmail you say …. Ooohh YES!! Ha ha keep smiling

  36. Carolyn says:

    I did not get the impression that Jacci was being antagonistic. She was just stating her honest opinion as we’ve been invited to do by the artist.

    We’re all devoted fans, there’s no question about that, or we wouldn’t be here, and conversation about any piece of art is wonderful.

    If all we are expected to do is offer compliments, then I mistook the reason for this comments section. Honest feedback of any kind is not a bad thing and I highly doubt Marina is going to stop creating her exquisite dolls because of it.

  37. jacci says:

    well, marina, obviously any critsim that takes you off your pedistal you can’t deal with. i’ll leave you to your devoted worshippers. its been am honor. bye

  38. Patricia says:

    Wow…things here have gotten a little ugly. I think some people are mistaking honest comments about Marina’s art as criticism when I think it should be taken as critquing. No artist puts their art out into the world with the design to only hear from the adoring fans. I assume Marina opened this blog so she would hear what we really think so she can respond in turn. I love her work, that’s why I’m on this site. I find the proportions of the new doll awkward BUT Marina may have done this on purpose…this may have been her intent to throw the viewer off. If I don’t tell her what my honest response to the doll is she will not know how her audience is reacting to her creations. Artists need to hear what we think..dialogue is paramount. If you love it state it, if you don’t state that too. As an artist Marina will be true to her vision irregarless.

  39. Marina says:

    On the contrary, I enjoy critiques. They are a necessary part of any creative process.

    However, it’s an artist’s duty to consider arguments made against their work, decide if they have merit and to defend their work with valid counter arguments.

  40. Kate says:

    Having followed the comments about the new Rubinesque doll on the various posts, I want to pose a question to everyone: I assume most of you are ladies, based on your usernames and comments. Is some of the sensitivity on the subject of this doll’s form due to our own lack of body confidence?

    I in no way mean this as a criticism of anyone. For example, my first thought on seeing this doll was gee, I have that lower body, but I wish I had those arms–my arms are my own personal trouble spot. Well, those and my knees–and we all have to admit that the knees of the Enchanted Dolls aren’t true to life. That is, mine don’t bend twice. But they work for these dolls and allow them a full range of motion. And there is something hauntingly beautiful about seeing these dolls in their naked form, knees included. There is probably one little detail, as well as a million other ones, that drew us all here to Marina’s art. For me, that is a fascination with her artistic process and the way the dolls fit together and move (I’d love to see a clear plastic ED one day, just to see what her insides look like!). What is it for the rest of you?

    Speaking of details, I think you’ve outdone yourself with this headpiece, Marina.

    Anyways, I just wanted to ask you all those questions. And also, to Marina, say I think it’s wonderful that you take so much time to share these posts with us and take the good with the bad. I hope to keep on seeing many more posts in the future.

  41. Lean says:

    I really love this new body, you are sculpting better every day! And the lamps are an amazing piece of jewelry! Congrats!

  42. Aeroksana says:

    Dear Marina, this doll – a fantastically precise embodiment of a very beautiful and romantic idea! I can not express in words how I delighted by your skill and beauty of your ideas! What a pleasure I get from this harmonious and elegant unity – conception and realization! I am incredibly inspired by a wonderful muse, her name is Marina!
    ps I have an innate love for streetlights, it is probably due to the fact that I live in St. Petersburg, I even have one at home :)

  43. Carmen says:

    the lantern crown is just wonderful, is it very heavy, like the chandelier one? it would be lovely to see, if possible, a picture of the lantern that inspired this crown.
    Btw, Art Nouveau is one of my favorite art movements too, do you have: Mucha: The Triumph of Art Nouveau by Alphonse Marie Mucha and Arthur Ellridge. This is a great book and has some beautiful images that are a great inspiration.

  44. Rebecca says:

    Oh, that is lovely.

    Well done, Marina!

    And you, too, Mr. Technician!

  45. Alexandra says:

    Hey Marina!
    Any news of when the Strychnin Gallery show is going to take place?
    I am looking forward to seeing your art there!
    I wish you a nice and art-productive day!

  46. Alivtina says:


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