New tattoed doll-The Silk Road

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The Silk Road. 2010
$15,000 USD
A one of a kind, ball jointed, Porcelain doll with intricate engravings of the henna motif on her limbs. Her one of a kind Sterling Silver headdress weighing 36.5 grams is assembled from multiple, prefabricated components and set with 17 Fresh Water Pearls.  The detachable Natural Mohair wig is magnetic and a decorative Glass dome display is included with the doll.

The Silk Road will become available for sale on August 7th, at the Artful Henna exhibition in the Art Not Terminal Gallery, Seattle, USA. You can contact the director of Artful Henna exhibition Kree Arvanitas for purchasing inquiries at






I’ll be posting some more close ups and portraits of Silk in two other wigs (not included) on August 7th, on the opening night.

I’ll be away until then and will not be available to answer any questions in regards to this doll or the show until I return to the studio. For once, I’m unable to bring my laptop with me. You can certainly write me while I’m away and I will address any inquiries as soon as I’m back. Enjoy the pictures. Ta Ta.


37 Responses

  1. Jayne says:

    Oh Marina, she is just beautiful.
    I am in awe (as usual):)
    Luv Jayne

  2. Crystal says:

    Wow! She is like nothing I have ever seen before! What a magical and exotic creature!

  3. Amal says:

    Very interesting colouring. Is Silk (and the dolls from Berlin) based on an existing head sculpt? Or new ones? They certainly look new…

  4. Valeira says:

    Oh WOW. She’s lovely and the henna design WOW!!!! Yor work just gets better and better :D

  5. so delicate and beautiful! wonderful photos

  6. The Old Maid says:

    I love the headdress! And the dome!;) Great way of presenting and taking care of the doll. The seating is so cool too! Have a great trip wherever you go. ;)

  7. Annina says:

    oh her headpiece is so lovely, but my favourite part about her is her hair! i’m just a sucker for beautiful hair on dolls! ;)

    the special glass dome she comes with is so beautiful and fitting too. did you make it?

  8. Annina says:

    and where are you going? it sounds very mysterious, can’t bring the laptop, hmm, to the moon for research?

  9. Очень красиво.

  10. Maura says:

    Beautiful composition Marina! It’s great to see new pieces. Hope you have fun during your trip. :)

  11. Crystal says:

    Oh Lord!I keep coming back to look! I can’t get enough of her, she’s like a precious gem that I can’t take my eyes off of!

  12. Jean says:

    wow very beauty! i was waiting for news from you and i see you did well in the time :D

  13. I really love the face of this girl, with her blushed button nose, spray of pale freckles, mothy eyebrows, little cherry lips and those delightful eyes…. she’s just gorgeous.

    She’s a real little treasure. It will be exciting to see how she looks in the different wigs, I’m keen to see!!

    Congratulations Marina on completing this beauty :-)

  14. Jon Songserm says:

    I love her so much!
    I’m quite wonder about her name”Silk Road” ?

    ps. I wish I could win a lotto! I need a lot of Money now!

  15. Orangey says:

    WOW! I had to gasp when I saw her, she is EXQUISITE! I adore this wonderful headpiece, and her face is absolutely beautiful! Your dolls make my heart ache. The henna on her hands and feet are amazing, I can’t tell you how fascinating it is, it makes a greater visual impact than if more of her body was tattooed, at least in my opinion. Just a stunning doll!

  16. alma says:

    wow, is so beautiful

  17. Annina says:

    i’m in love with the lotus (if it is a lotus) on her chest, i’d love to see a close-up of it!

  18. Manü says:

    Very beautiful and so exquisite once again a fabulous creation due to your talent, Bravo l’artiste.

  19. Silvana says:

    Hi Marina!!!
    She`s so beautiful. The body painting is perfect!!! I like the expressions yes!!!!

  20. Crystal says:

    Well I’ve been waiting to see the other wigs on her all day! But whatever, maybe tomorrow.

  21. Jul777 says:

    Очень нежная и одновременно колоритная кукла- с оттенком восточной неги. Изящная работа, тонкая с великолепным сочетанием образа и цвета
    Спасибо! Всегда с удовольствием любуюсь на Ваши работы.

  22. Je ne sais si vous comprendrez mes mots de français, mais je suis littéralement tombée amoureuse de vos petites créatures… si fines, si délicates, si vivantes à mes yeux ! C’est un travail qui m’apparait titanesque, tant la sculpture que la fabrication des moules, le coulage, la cuisson (les cuissons !!!), la peinture… et toute cette imagination, riche et qui me parait inépuisable. Je ne suis qu’une pauvre graphiste-illustratrice mais vous faites ce dont je rêve depuis toute petite. Un peu d’envie donc ? Oui, beaucoup… mille bravos Marina.

  23. MigMig says:

    It is the henna tattoos and her mixed Asian/European features which make her unforgettable. For me this is the most beautiful of your dolls, Marina. Then, you probably will come soon with an even more desirable one, and another, and another…

    I wonder what sort of Oriental clothes would Silk wear to show off her hennaed legs and hands? A sari, sarong or cheongsam would cover her legs, but leave the arms uncovered. A hanfu or baju kurung would cover her too much. Maybe a short, modernised cheongsam or a sleeveless top with a short sarong? Any thoughts on this?

  24. Lisa says:

    This beaut is my favorite of them all, i think. And i believe it’s the cropped red hair which shines so much that compliments her henna tattoos, which captivate me so.
    I will keep her forever etched in my memory.
    Bravo. Well done Marina.

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