New Year – New Resin Dolls!

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Happy New Year, Doll Collectors!

I’ve decided to begin mine by putting together a small new batch of blank Resin Enchanted Dolls after I discovered one last box of them in my storage just before the holidays! These ones are going to be ready to ship on first-come-first-serve basis starting next week, so if you would like to have one, let me know right away ( Due to the limited number of dolls available, there is a cap of 2 dolls per person.

I’m gluing in the lashes for this batch of dolls as I want to have some fun photographing them before they leave me forever.



38 Responses

  1. Gudrun says:

    hi, I am interested, how do i go about ordering one

  2. xia vue says:

    how much is the doll asking for? I’m interest in one.


    xia vue

  3. Bony Mcqueen says:

    Love them! Whats the price for them?

  4. Sarah says:

    Same here. Very interested. How much?

  5. Carmen says:

    so nice to see more little lovelies. one day dreams will come dream. but in the mean time i will live vicariously through the one that can buy.

  6. Liza Sparke says:

    Yes please, interested. Thank you. Looking forward to more detail.

  7. Elena Kurtik says:

    It is a great news! But how much do they cost?

  8. Karla says:

    So sad right now I don’t have the current money for one. One day I will get one!

  9. Melissa B. says:

    Hello, I’m interested, curious which face sculpts are available and the cost too ^–^

  10. Sylvia Leticia says:

    Ciao Marina… I am the lucky owner of one Bellisima Resin Enchanted Doll.
    But I would like to know how much this Doll will cost, and the which face sculpts are You using.
    Maybe I could give my ED a Sis :-}}}

    My Best Wishes for a Magical & Wonderful New Year 2018 to You and your loved ones…
    Sylvia Leticia

  11. Anna says:

    Squeeeee :D looking forward to more pictures of these gorgeous creations!! Happy New Year and much love to you and your family xxxx

  12. Luisa manea says:

    I would be intersted.
    How much will they be?

  13. Sara Florio says:

    Hi dear,
    I’m interested to the resin dolls! How much are they?
    Thank you!

  14. Gina Berghmans says:


    Are they with make-up and body blushing, or just unpainted? And how much is it for a doll?
    Wish you a great 2018!

  15. Kathy says:

    Always a big fan of your work. I’m keen to have one if my wallet allows me.

  16. Vicki Star says:

    Wow! I would love one of these… thank you for your beautiful work!

  17. Caroline Vessiere says:

    Hello! I would like to buy one but what is the price, please?

  18. Natalie Berns says:

    I would LOVE one of your beautiful dolls!!!!

  19. Victoria says:

    Hello! Did anyone get reply from Marina?

  20. Susan says:

    Are there any more of these dolls left? If so I’d like to buy one.

  21. jin kyoung na says:

    Good morning?
    I was at a glance. I want to buy a doll

  22. Candice says:

    Got my dolls yesterday! So lovely I’m so happy!!

  23. lynn says:

    I love it !And how much?

  24. Lilia Ochoa says:

    Good Night. I am interested. Which is the price? I got your book already. Ir is beautyful.

  25. Michele says:

    I am very interested in the approximate price of a doll…would love to own a piece of your art.

  26. Malary flowers says:

    I would like to purchase one too!!

  27. Phyllis M Harper says:

    I am also interested in purchasing a resin doll!

  28. Carla Avila says:

    I would love to have one!I am very interested. Could you please send me the price?
    Your art is tremendus!

  29. Tracy Meyer says:

    I would love one of there are any still available. ♥️

  30. Midori Wu says:

    OMG I want one sooooooo much! Such a dream to have a doll from Marina. I saw one on ebay for $3300 and if I can’t get one from Marina I will probably go for that one. But getting one from Marina directly is such an honor.

  31. Marcus says:

    Hi i am Marcus from Singapore would like to buying one of your doll please getting back to me thanks you

  32. Maria Burik says:

    They are wonderful! I would like to have one of theese beautiful dolls. What should I do to have one?

  33. Lidi says:

    Eu gostaria de 1 quanto custa para o brasil

  34. Lani says:

    I am very interested in getting one I was wondering the price

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