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I finally have some concrete news about my order schedule for the rest of 2009 and most of 2010. Some of it is good and some of it is bad, and some of it can be either one, depending on how you look at it. Let’s start with the bad.

1)My Enchanted Doll resin line has suffered a huge setback and has now been postponed indefinitely. I need to find a new and capable developer and manufacturer who will not only want to produce a beautiful line of resin Enchanted Dolls, but will also know what they are doing. Those of you who want to expedite this process can feel free to look around for doll producers and manufacturers and recommend me the ones you might think appropriate. I don’t know how long it will take me to find the right one and right now I am back at square one.

2)I’m leaving for Europe again on October 3rd until November 3rd. I’ll be attending Art Fair 21 in Cologne, Germany where a few of my pieces will be shown. I’ll be there on 29th, 30th and possibly 31st. I am really looking forward to meeting some of you there. Paris is another place where Chad and I will definitely be for a week or so before the show, but aside from that I don’t really know yet where we will end up. We’re going to travel around European Union, see places, visit friends. I would be more than happy to meet and hang out with Enchanted Doll fans while were are in Europe. Our plans are rather loose and if anybody wants to get together with Chad and I, email me and perhaps we can work out a meeting time and country. We will see.

3) Strychnin Gallery will be representing me in Art Fair 21. They are publishing an exhibition catalog and an art book that will feature some of my pieces. I believe both will be available for sale during the show and if you catch me there on the 29th, 30th or 31st, I can sign it for you.

4) Nude porcelain doll slots will be harder to come by after I get back from Europe in November. As you know I have a second solo exhibition in Berlin in the summer 2010. I am making a brand new collection of one of a kind and ultra limited edition work for the show and that means that I have to drastically reduce my custom nude work load in order to commit most of my time to producing the most amazing costumed dolls I possibly can. I can not do this and carry on making nude orders as before- it’s becoming too much for me. For the next year I will be taking 1-2 nude orders a month. All the slots up until February are already taken. If I’m ever ahead of schedule i may be able to make some more time for orders here and there, but don’t take me up on that. After my show in 2010 lots of things will have changed and who knows what will happen. Maybe more order slots, maybe a resin line, maybe both. I apologize to those who waited for a long time already and I hope that you understand. Eventually I hope to work my way through my wait list.

5) I saved the best news for last. I’ll be putting a nude doll on Ebay sometime next week. I made this doll for a show in St.Petersburg, Russia, but was unable to attend it at the last minute. Suddenly, this doll no longer had a show to go to. You probably read all about it in a post earlier this summer. I’ve been putting off making the decision on what to do with this little orphan all this time because I was tempted to keep her for myself, but I finally decided to sell her. By Friday I should have pictures of her here and then she will go on ebay a few days later.

I think that’s all the news for now. More work coming up. Let me know if you have any questions.

(The doll shown in this blog post is not the doll that will be made available on eBay, it is a custom nude that was made for a client. I just like that picture a lot.)

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  1. noxy says:

    a ton of news! Shame about the resin line. Wish I knew how to find an acceptable resin production company. I’d love to help.

    Good luck with all your traveling and show things! Sounds like a very busy schedule, how ever will you sleep? Hehe.

    The doll in the picture looks a lot like elcatka’s young lady, though I can’t really be sure because the wig changes her appearance entirely! lol

    I can’t wait to see this mystery nude! And it will be very interesting to see how much it goes for on ebay. How I wish I could win the lottery between now and then. lol. It’s a bummer that St. Petersburg show didn’t work out, but heaven knows you’ve got a ton of other things on your plate right now!


  2. aneemal says:

    Your career and your dolls are too exciting to allow for disappointment among fans. We can wait!!

    If you come by London on your travels, it’d be so cool to meet you (tho I’d probably be starstruck and too shy to be good company)! I definitely definitely want to see your solo show in Berlin next year.

    Good luck always – may the force be with you!! :-p

  3. katui says:

    >.<~ glad to hear about resin enchanted doll production. I’ll definitely be the first to purchase them. seriously. I can wait though but I hope they will come out looking pretty good.


  4. miss LK says:

    Your upcoming trip sounds amazing!

    Will your ‘solo’ book be coming out anytime soon? I hope the exhibition catalog and the art book will be available online through Strychnin Gallery, too.

    Any ED news is good news :)

  5. Eiko says:

    Wow, looks like you’re facing a very busy but exciting time.

    I wish you all the best with creating new beautiful dolls for the solo show in the Strychnin Gallery next year. I’ll look forward to seeing which lovely dolls you will create.
    Is there any info yet about when the solo show there will start? I would love to attend.

    It’s understandable that you need to take a break from your custom nude orders to focus on your upcoming show. I still hope that someday I will get a chance to order a custom nude from you. I’m fine with waiting but hopefully, someday, I’ll get a chance to order my girl.

    I’m looking forward to seeing the nude doll up for sale on Friday.

  6. giperborea says:

    Lots of news…The doll on the picture is a Cinderella twin almost, she’s beyond lovely.

    Dear Marina, I thought the last time you opened up slots was Feb.2009 and those slots were for May-June or something…but now you say slots are taken up until February – when were these slots even announced? Or are these the same slots but moved in time cuz of your schedule? I hope I didn’t miss anything…

  7. Leah says:

    Coolness! New superly awesome original costumed dolls on the way! I’d LOVE to definitely see pictures of these :DDDDDDD
    I love seeing new things, and dolls are probably my favoritist form of art, so this is super exciting for me XD

    Seems this time of year (or the upcoming holiday seasons) are really busy for all artists. Well in my opinion at least. It really feels like some sort of celestial door is opened in heaven around the holidays for creative ideas and opportunities to arise.

    Well I will be eagerly anticipating your newest creations within the next 6 months or so (I think that’s about the right time…?) Oh, and my feelings aren’t hurt about the whole resin doll thing. I know some people would pro’bly kill me for saying this, but I think you should totally ditch the resin idea. Porcelain is more elegant. :D

  8. kelly says:

    Congrats on your success, Marina, you are a real inspiration. I am sorry to hear about the resins and the order slots. It must be nice to be so in demand!?! I figure I might be ten or twenty years down the list for a time slot now… keep working, take it easy though.

  9. annina says:

    wow a lot of news. yeah it’s a bummer about the Resin line, i can’t really think of a fitting Manufacturer right now, either i don’t like their dolls or resin qulity, or they are such small companies that i don’t think they would Manufacture dolls for someone else. if i find out about a company that i think would be recommendable i will be sure to let you know!

    This year i can not travel, with how finances are, but i plan to come and see your solo show next year in Berlin, the Strychning Gallery, so i’m very excited to hear that preparations will start soon, and so curious to see those new costumed dolls you’ll come up with!!

    a nude doll on ebay, how very exciting, i think she’ll go high!
    it will be fun to watch the auction and i hope she will go to a great home! :D

  10. Kimmi says:

    Lucky people in Europe!! I would so love to meet you but there is absolutely no way I can go :( So exciting about your new dolls!! Don’t stress too much, though. And don’t worry about the nude orders, waiting is fine with me :)

  11. ~Mia says:

    Incredible News!! Thank You for sharing them with us! Wow! So many things to look forward to!
    I hope someday you will /may auction off an outfit (!!) on ebay …. someday…

    The custom nude looks so lovely ! ~**~

  12. Marina says:

    I’m glad that you guys are taking the news so well!

    The slots in the upcoming months were all un-announced because they were given to people who’ve waited longest.

  13. silvana says:

    You can not please Greeks and Trojans at the same time, I think! You know where you need to get and how to time your time for that. Secure your fans understand, and know to expect a vinyl doll. Who knows, maybe I can buy a vinyl. Then wait!
    I wish you a safe trip and pleasant for the fair Europae your show in Berlin is fantastic. You deserve it, as always. And the doll is beautiful!

  14. Kimmi says:


    Will you be announcing where to look on ebay once you post the pictures? Just curious, I’m not a regular ebay user and I’m not sure how to find it (once you put it up).

  15. Marina says:

    Don’t worry guys, all the details will be announced.

  16. shasha says:

    We all understand you Marina as I said you got to do what you got to do:)inoder to achive your goal!

    We will wait for sure although it take times.

    God bless.

  17. Good girl.

    You need to look after yourself first. I think you may have almost burnt yourself out with this recent load of orders.

    How exciting to see the extravagent dolls and costumes you must be brewing…

    Oh.. and um… Australia rhymes with Austria right.. right??? You want to come to AustrALia on your way between France and Germany… don’t you?? : )

  18. Amy says:

    Oh how exciting–that doll is my beautiful Clio!!!

  19. Kamila says:

    WOW, it really is rather overwhelming :)

    If you happen to be in Ireland during your stay in Europe, Galway is a nice place to visit. I know some nice B&Bs to stay in and if you’d rather go for a couchsurfing experience than a hotel, I’ll be more than happy to have you and Chad as guests :D

  20. Eiko says:

    Amy – Oooh, that’s your girl? At first I thought it was Mayple’s Fern or Elcatka’s Selena. What a wonderful girl you have. I do hope that you’ll share some pictures of her on the forum. I’m sure that we’d all love to see more of your beautiful Clio.

    Marina – I have some questions for you about Artfair 21: Which dolls will be shown there? Will any of them be on sale?

  21. Ksenia says:

    Не знаю помните ли вы еще русский, но напишу я на русском ибо английский я начала учить совсем недавно. Работы у вас просто умопомрачительные и головокружительные!!! Такой реалистичности я еще нигде не видела и мне безумно нравится!!!

  22. ~Jenny~ says:

    Thank you, Marina, for taking the time to write to us fans. It’s highly appreciated. I wish you luck with the new dolls. It’ll be very exciting to hear about your second solo show when it’s time for it. :D

  23. Manü says:

    Hi Marina,wow lot of news it’s very kindly to see how you take care of your fans,since i have my Ed’s life feel me better than i plan to order more in the futur.I will be so happy to meet you and Chad when you are in Paris ,i send you a mail to see how it’s possible.Take care of you

  24. Feyona says:

    Zdravstvuyte, Marina. Hochu sprosit’, vy v USA byvaete s vystavkami? Ya seychas v New York State, dumayu, mozhet budet vozmozhnost’ glyanut’ na vashih kukol vzhivuyu. Ya tut na god.

    PS. Sorry za translit, poka net russkoy klaviatury, a na angliyskom uzhe vorotit pisat’ i razgovarivat’ :(.


  25. joan says:

    your life sounds so exciting. i love your dolls and hope one day to be lucky enough to own one. some of the creative doll collectors have produced their own doll line in resin. i will snoop around for you.

  26. Anastasia says:

    The doll photo in this post reminds me of Daryl Hannah in the movie “High Spirits”. Ah, the chaos that is life.

  27. Heather says:

    “…I am making a brand new collection of one of a kind and ultra limited edition work…the most amazing costumed dolls I possibly can.” Seeing the exquisite detailing and materials you work with on your lovely dolls, it is hard to imagine that anything could be more amazing than what you produce at present. :) I’m curious to see the surprises and can only guess at what they might be. Glass eyes? Jointed fingers? Insect clothing?

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