Olga Larina

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Only one day left until the show!  Still a bit more work to do for the setup.

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  1. kelly says:

    She’s like a piece of candy. I often put on my fanciest hat and shoes, but leave the rest of the clothes off! Giggle… the new shoes are great.

  2. Olga is unbelievably beautiful. These new dolls marina are entirely different from the dolls I have seen up till now… there is a subtleness and highly unique aspect to their faces, expressions and the body ‘tattoo’s as well…. you have really reached a new plane in your work

  3. jslord says:

    I love you, Marina. Because you are, there is so much more beauty and joy in the world.
    These new dolls are exquisite, but that’s unsurprising. I am astonished by the amount of work in them. Do you ever sleep? These are unique works of art–delicately painted sculptures that move and are clothed and bejeweled (or can be), so they hark back to the beautiful figures in cathedrals and 18th century creches; but, at the same time, they are entirely new, and combine in each of their small selves many of the fine arts at once. They are worth every penny one pays for them.
    You and Chad are a perfect partnership: your work and his photography, which allows us to see the dolls as if we were holding them ourselves.
    Because of you, I have wonderful new friends on the forum. Because of you I am inspired to make things myself. Because of you I can look forward to something uplifting every day. You have enriched my life immeasurably.
    Thank you 1,000 times.

  4. Orangey says:

    I completely agree with Monika, it’s like a revelation. These dolls are much more human, much more varied, and they just give a different feel than your previous dolls. Good job for improving even more on dolls we already thought were perfect!

    It’s nice to see Olga up close, she is beautiful!

  5. Heidy says:

    This doll is beautiful! Marina, you’re awesome! I really want to see more of her! Lovely!

  6. Jenny H says:

    I agree with Monika too. These dolls ARE really different; very soft and delicate, misty almost. This one is very beautiful. Best wishes Monika for every success in Berlin. I was late for work yesterday as when I opened up your blog, as I do every morning before I leave, I could not help but have a look at all the Strychnin dolls. Congratulations! This is an extraordinary body of work that you can be very very proud of! :)

  7. Jenny H says:

    Woops, I meant to say best wishes Marina!!! (But best wishes to you too Monika!) ;)

  8. Crystal says:

    They are extraordinary. There is a subtle quality to them all. You have challenged with a few of them, societies ideal of beauty and I applaud you for it. They all have a gift to give and it’s wonderful!

  9. jenny: Lol… I was like: I’m going to berlin? awesome! why didn’t anyone tell me?? ;-)

  10. Silvana says:

    Hi Marina, you are always surprise me with your amazing dolls….oh my, they areawesome!!!!!! Good luck to you show!

  11. Jenny H says:

    Hey Monika, maybe we could hire a private jet from Sydney? Wouldn’t that be fun? In my dreams anyway!!!!

  12. wondeful, I really like your works

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