Paris Show recap.

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The show has finally come and gone.  It was incredibly busy the week leading up to the show finishing up all the details, and I’m both relieved and exhilarated that’s it’s all done.  The show rushed by in a blur, but I was able to meet many people and finally put some faces to names.  Thanks to everyone that stopped by my table to see my dolls.  I was flattered to hear that some people came to the show from different countries just to see my dolls.  The expo also gave me a chance to show my dolls to an audience that has never seen them before.

I wish I had made more dolls to sell at the show, but I was lucky enough as it was to get everything else done in time.

The sleepless nights were worth it, the expo was a great experience.  Big thanks to my friend Iana who helped me by being my French translator and to my dear boyfriend, Chad, for his invaluable prescence.

Pictures of the show can be found on the forum here.

Now it’s time to turn my focus to Berlin, I’ll post more details about that show soon.

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  1. Porchelvi says:

    Congratulations Marina and Chad on your successful Paris show !!! You deserve the best. I know the Berlin show will also be a great success. And Thanks so much for your INCREDIBLE dolls.

  2. Anelise says:

    Congrats! You look very happy- and buff. Thanks so much for all the work you do.

  3. Lumina says:

    hey, marina, i´m glad your show was successful!!

  4. Anne (UK) says:

    Huge congratulations and so well deserved.
    I only wish I could have been there to meet you and see all your fabulous creations.
    Will you be going to the Fashion Doll show in Paris next March?

  5. annina says:

    congrats! i hope i can come see you and your dolls in a show one day, but for now i’m saving up every öre (like pennies) so i will be ready to order my own once you take orders again!
    i’m not scared though, i’m sure your dolls will take over the world and then they will be everywhere :)

  6. Cloudy-Chan says:

    I really enjoyed seeing the photos of your dolls in natural light and normal camera shots, gives another spin on the shots. did you manage to sell your gorgeous doll emerald?

  7. Silvana says:

    Hi Marina, congratulations for your show in France, yours dolls is the better…i loved hers so much!

  8. Заворожена образами..

    Я хочу быть Вашей куклой..

  9. Hi Marina!
    It was great to see you there and to have the opportunity to see the dolls in “real” and touch them. I’m still so impressed by the preciousness of this amazing work!
    And thanks for the little chat’ and the further informations you gave^^ I hope nothing else broke on the way back!
    See you


  10. I just posted your blog w/ award on my blog. Check it out at

    Your artwork is beautiful.

  11. Isa says:

    Happy New Year Marina & Chad !

    Many thanks for your presence during this show : it was really nice to see both of you and your beautiful creations, Marina.

    I’m also happy that you enjoyed seeing Bamboo again…

    Whish you all the best for this new Year !

  12. helenpiva says:

    oohh Marinnaaaaaa Gratzzzzzzz

    I are the best! I love! =X

    I hope that one day you will do an exhibition in sao paulo (Brazil). Sao Paulo is a big country, have many cultures and bigs exhibitions.

    I hope I hope!

  13. Анна says:

    Мариночка! Вы волшебница! такой красоты я еще не встречала!!!! умница!!!! Желаю Вам творческих успехов!!! Приезжайре с выставкой в Россию. вы будете иметь огромный успех!
    Анна. г. Краснярск.

  14. becks says:

    да, Ждем тебя в Россию.

    было бы здоровл посмотреть поближе эти произведения искусства!

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