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This is one of the projects I’ve been working on for a few months. Can’t tell you what it’s for yet, but soon you will see. Or perhaps you can guess which doll I’m working on based on the vibes from the embroidery? I’ll give you a hint: It’s inspired by a fairy tale.

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  1. MollyTheWanderer says:

    I dont know why, but Vasilasa comes to mind first. It also makes me think of poppies, but I cant think of any fairy tales involving poppies except The Wizard of Oz…Its beautiful tho. I like the red poppies in the white spaces, and of cours teal. Teal is awesome.

  2. Hummm can we have another hint! :)

  3. Merri says:

    No, I cannot even guess! Does this mean we can have some more photos? ……… please?

  4. sailor_orbit says:

    hmm it’s hard when the last project was also the hint of a fairy tale.

  5. Amoreen says:

    I am quite sure it’s a doll inspired by a russian fairy tale. But which? Oh, Marina, have mercy!!!

  6. Glynis says:

    Oooh that’s just teasing us!!haven’t got a clue, just know it’s gorgeous as usual

  7. Amal says:

    Haha! We’re good, but not THAT good!! …These colours make me think of cold climates and opulence. Give us another clue?!

  8. Silvana V says:

    hahaha… It’s inspired by a fairy tale??? Are you kiding??? The embroidering looks so amazing and opulent i cant wait to see finished….

  9. Kira says:

    Snow White?

  10. Anna says:

    I too was thinking Snow White or the Little Mermaid (not the disney version the turquoise from the sea and the red for the pain she felt as she walked.)As ever beautiful work Marina.

  11. Anna says:

    Sleeping beauty, the gold beads like entwined briar roses and the rubies remind me of the drop of blood? maybe??…
    stopping now. :)

  12. Crystal says:

    Rapunsel? Or perhaps Rumpelstilskin?

  13. iki says:

    little mermaid???

  14. Orangey says:

    No matter which way I look at your beading it’s incredible. I can’t wait to see the whole thing come together. Nice to see another beaded outfit from you!

  15. Diana says:

    Hi Anna :-)

    Snow White is already done by Marina (Necrophilia is the name of the project) ;-) I thought about the Little Mermaid too, but on the other Hand Marina did a doll called “Mermaid Song” and maybe that was already inspired by the Little Mermaid…
    Nevertheless the beading looks wonderful and I hope we get another hint soon… Maybe the beading belongs to a princess, because it looks so opulent???

  16. maria soares says:

    it’s the little red cap and the wolf?

  17. maria soares says:

    but like always is so beautyfull….art…i hoppe one day to buy your book and doll…i can dream, can i?

  18. Robyn says:

    The nightingale?? I really have no clue, but beautiful as always.

  19. Marta says:

    Thumbelina maybe? She lived in a flower and this whole material is flowery… but the embroidering is so royal and makes me think of a princess… hm… difficult, quite difficult.
    Anyway – more pictures please!

  20. Isabel Pacheco says:

    I’m intrigued this is like a puzzle, really a mystery story or passion, I’m really lost, may be the thousand and one night or a beautiful Russian tale, Aladdin perhaps, I’m definitely intrigued marina.
    I am passionate about the stories, but my passion your dolls, I’m happy for them:)

  21. Anna says:

    Thanks Dıana. :) and yes nevertheless the beading is just awesome. How do you come up wıth the designs…So fabulous.

  22. Rowan says:

    Little Red Riding hood? Oh I hope I’m right! But at the same time I hope I’m not because I would really, literally, I-am-completely-serious sell a kidney to buy her. But that probably wouldn’t even get me halfway there, would it?

  23. Ruth says:

    Forget-me-not old hungarian tale??? Can’t wait to see completed project! your design looks delicous, love the colour scheme!

  24. jacci says:

    i still wish you would do the little match girl

  25. Amoreen says:

    Marina, please!… Don’t keep your secret just for you! :-D Marlena

  26. Annina says:

    i will also have to say Hans Christian Andersen’s The little Mermaid. you might have been inspired by seeing the statue in Copenhagen and you may have wanted to create her so she could stand next to Agnetha who is the Princess from that tale..

    it’s because the blue/turquoise reminds me of waves of the sea and as Anna santina says above, the red stones at the bottom could be symbolizing the pain in which she walks.
    the red stones really look like blood drops.

  27. Amoreen says:

    Yes, Annina. I think you’re right. It could be The little Mermaid. Your description is perfect.

  28. jacci says:

    Mmmm, how about the story of rose white and rose red? in a combanation doll. that would be kinda cool

  29. stolga says:

    Может быть это Василиса Прекрасная или Оксана из повести “Ночь перед Рождеством”. А может быть это героиня тибетской сказки “Немая девушка” (ведь голубые маки растут в Тибете) или Дрёма (богиня сна)(мак-как снотворное).

  30. stolga says:

    It can be it Vasilisa is Wonderful or Oksana from to lead “Night before Christmas”. And can be it is a heroine of the Tibet fairy-tale the “Mute girl” (in fact blue maki grow in Tibet) or Drowsiness (goddess of sleep)(poppy-as somnolent).

  31. Nada says:

    Well, the fairy tale “The blue flower” because of the blue flowers. And I had another idea. How about Sleeping beauty? Or did you do her yet?

  32. stolga says:

    Мне кажется, что это все-таки героиня русской сказки. Может быть это мертвая царевна? It seems to me, that it is a heroine of the Russian fairy-tale all the same. It can be it is a dead czarevitch?

  33. Jia Liu says:

    Is it sleeping beauty?

  34. I instantly thought of waves too, looking at the blue wave-like curls, and the white at the bottom reminded me of the sea foam, which she turns into at the end.

  35. DSiwek says:

    The colors actually remind me a bit of some Tristan and Isolde paintings… so I’ll guess that? :D

  36. Sinestro says:

    When i look at the photo I think about Red Riding Hood :D

  37. Monique says:

    My guess is Sleeping Beauty.

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