3rd Annual Enchanted Doll 2011 Birthday Contest

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It’s that time of year again, Enchanted Doll enthusiasts! The annual birthday give-away of a nude Enchanted Doll is now a tradition. The participation rules are different each year, and and this year’s theme is:

Pitch an idea for an Enchanted Doll. The one I like best will win a nude doll.

The 2011 Enchanted Doll birthday contest rules have been simplified to make the contest more accessible for participants. This year’s contest requires that you pitch your idea for an Enchanted Doll you’d like to see made.

It could be a fully developed character with a back-story, or a purely visual costume, or even an idea for a new accessory. To enter the contest you have to propose your idea in a coherent fashion by articulating it within 100-200 words, stating the source of your inspiration (eg: fairy tale, song, painting); and by providing supporting visual material of original work, such as a drawing, a painting, original photography or a collage, etc. Feel free to use any form of multimedia to help get your idea across.

Do not submit suggestions for existing characters. A submission containing no original ideas or work will be disqualified. Pitch an idea of a character or for a character. If it already exists in culture, then create a new, original vision for that character. Costume or accessory ideas must be original.

Submission Rules:

  • All ideas must be original, or loosely inspired by culture, art.
  • Doll idea can be a new costume, a new costume element (headdress, shoes, etc.), a new character, a back-story, etc.
  • Entries are digital, and size appropriate for emails. Submit to contests@enchanteddoll.com. If you have an attachment that is too large, add a link in the email to where it can be viewed/downloaded online.
  • All entries must have a written description of 100-200 words.
  • Up to three (3) entries per person maximum.
  • The entries will be judged by concept originality, fullness of an idea, execution, visual support, and creativity, but most importantly, they will be judged by which one I like the most.
  • Show your Enchanted Doll to the world. Upon receiving their prize, the contest winner is to post the picture of the doll on Facebook and/or Twitter.
  • Submission Deadline is March 10th, 2011.
  • Winner will receive a nude porcelain doll (exact mold/style yet to be determined).
  • To be eligible to win, you will need to follow @Enchanted_Doll and tweet: “I just submitted my doll idea for the @Enchanted_Doll 2011 contest to try and win a doll!” on Twitter, and will need to “Like” Enchanted Doll on Facebook.
  • In your submission email, include your Facebook and Twitter usernames so we can verify that you tweeted and “liked” Enchanted Doll.
  • Entries may be submitted in either English or Russian.

Lest you think I am so short of ideas this year that I have to fish for them, I’d like to assure you that this is not the case. I simply want to make this year’s contest as open and as accessible to everyone, as possible. I may or may not make the winning idea into a doll. Those of you who have been working on your entries before the new rules were announced, don’t despair – save them for the following years!

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or otherwise associated with Facebook or Twitter.

You agree that: (1) your submissions and their contents will automatically become the property of Enchanted Doll, without any compensation to you aside from the possibility of winning a nude Enchanted Doll; (2) Enchanted Doll may use or redistribute the submissions and their contents for any purpose and in any way; and (3) there is no obligation to keep any submissions confidential.

The official rules page for the contest can be found at http://www.enchanteddoll.com/contests

Get Started. Good Luck!

77 Responses

  1. Helewen says:

    Thank you for this fantastic contest Marina! I’ll start working on my design right away!

  2. Suok69 says:

    Wow! This going to be an exciting and great experience. I better dig into my brain for some inspiration and ideas.

  3. Iki says:

    I have a lot of ideas, i can wait.

  4. helvella says:

    Thank you so much for having a contest this year that is accessible to everyone!! Already dreaming of ideas…

  5. Candice says:

    What a fabulous opportunity. I love how you change it up every year. You care so much about your fans and do what you can to get everyone involved. That is very awesome of you. *grin*

    I do have one question however, and I apologize if you’ve written this already and I’ve simply missed it, how many ideas can we submit?

    Thanks so much!

  6. Eiko says:

    Wow, that’s an awesome idea for a contest. I look forward to seeing the results!

  7. Algesiras says:

    Why Facebook or Twitter?? Why the people who don’t use them are not eligible to win? I really don’t understand this limit.

  8. Orangey says:

    Just go and make an account on those sites, Algesiras, then you’ll be eligible.

    Marina probably has that rule so that we can spread the word of Enchanted Doll even more, introducing the dolls to the people who would read our Twitter/FB.

  9. Kiersten says:

    I wondered, for submitting would uploading to Deviantart work as far as providing a link to download? Just wondered in case the image part of my submission ends up being to big.
    Thanks! I can’t wait to start!

  10. Hazel says:

    Eeeeeeeek! *excited*

  11. Awesome… I had an idea a while ago that I’d meant to mention, and this is just the perfect opportunity :D

  12. Patricia says:

    I think it´s a great idea for this contest! Your pieces are very inspiring, so everyone has a concept of a doll in their mind.I´m plenty sure it´ll be really difficult to choose just one of the great ideas you´re going to recieve! Good luck everyone! Let´s work on it!

  13. Siobhan says:

    Great open-ended idea. This one is going to be interesting! Good luck everyone!

  14. Astera says:

    Thank you so much, Marina!
    To make sure I have all the facts straight…Just one entry per person, right?

  15. Manü says:

    Wow, so exciting Marina the enchanted contest become year by year more interesting i have some ideas in my mind hope to get time to realize one of them as a gift for you and why not win one of your beauty? you inspiring a lot of artist specially me in my work!Good luck to all

  16. Amy says:

    Sorry if this question was already answered, but I was a little confused by the description up top.

    If someone choose to write a backstory:

    1) Does the backstory have to be between 100-200 words? Or was the word limit specifically for word descriptions of entries in other mediums

    2) Do you still have to turn in a photograph/painting/etc even if you’re writing a backstory for your entry?

    3) Can the photograph be altered in Photoshop?

  17. Leigh says:

    I have to say this may actually be even more fun than last years challenge!

    I am excited to see all the entries!

  18. Kimmi says:

    Ditto on the questions Amy asked!!

  19. Crystal says:

    The only thing that bothers me is if you decide never to make the doll we design no one else can either. Even if we don’t win, the design we submitted belongs to you. I also understand if this bothers me I don’t have to enter and I do want to enter. It’s just a little odd to me that’s all.
    Still I am very grateful for a chance to win a doll!

  20. Jean says:

    A wonderful idea! love it :)

  21. KarolinFelix says:

    I have two questions:
    1- can we submit more than one design?
    2- When someone creates an illustration or a photo, one cannot get rid of artist rights(even if ones want to).

    It’s totally fine that the submitted design becomes a property of ED.

    Just want to ask, if the artist also have a right to do something with the photo/drawing/collage/illustration.

    ANyway.. that’s so exciting!!!! I’m grateful for a chance!
    Thank you!
    Karolin Felix

  22. Kimmi says:

    One more question! Can we collaborate with another person, or does it have to be completely our own original work with no help?

  23. Marina says:

    Q’s from Amy:

    1) Does the backstory have to be between 100-200 words? Or was the word limit specifically for word descriptions of entries in other mediums

    The 100-200 limit includes backstories.

    2) Do you still have to turn in a photograph/painting/etc even if you’re writing a backstory for your entry?

    No, those are seen as supplemental materials and are not a requirement.

    3) Can the photograph be altered in Photoshop?


    Q’s from Karolin:

    1- can we submit more than one design?

    Maximum of three (3) designs. I updated the rules to include this.

    2- When someone creates an illustration or a photo, one cannot get rid of artist rights(even if ones want to). It’s totally fine that the submitted design becomes a property of ED. Just want to ask, if the artist also have a right to do something with the photo/drawing/collage/illustration.

    You maintain the authorship of the work. The rules are in place to prevent you from taking legal action against us in the event that an Enchanted Doll at some point has any similarity with a submitted idea.

    The rules are not in place to prevent you from making your own ideas that you submit. There will be similar ideas submitted, and since this is a “design an Enchanted Doll” there will be ideas similar to ones that I currently have or will have.

    I thought of this contest idea to try and spark Enchanted Doll fans to create something they want to see done, not to harvest ideas. As I said, I have plenty of ideas of my own that I never have time to do, the last thing I need are more ideas that I’ll never get around to doing (*cough-Cosmos-cough*).

    I want to see your ideas, I want to see how you want to see an ED. I have my views of how new ED’s will look, what’s yours?

  24. Marina says:


    Can you share a doll with someone if the collaboration wins? Do you want me to send the top half to one address and the legs to another?

  25. iki says:

    Only one question, ¿Participants need to have Facebook AND Twiter, or just one?, and if we don´t have facebook, ¿do we have to create an account ,for how long?

  26. iki says:

    uppssss, Sorry i put to question marks, sorry. jiji

  27. Kimmi says:

    Noo Marina, I mean like if my boyfriend helps me photoshop or submits backstory details! The doll will still go to just me :D

  28. Orangey says:

    Kimmi: You will then be disqualified.


  29. KarolinFelix says:

    3 designs, wonderful!

    Marina,I completly understand your ‘legal notice’ after a fierce discussion about the last competition.

    I personally would be delighted to see a doll based on my drawing <<<: and the only action I would take would be jump around in some insane dance.


  30. Marina your response on #25 is to funny. I can imagine the dilemma. “Hey I want to head” you can have the legs, “but I want the wig”. Hey can I have a foot. Put the parts in a box and let them decide who gets what…..lol

  31. Amy says:

    Thanks for the answers, Marina! :)

  32. Polina Zikmor says:

    Oh, I am so excited, so happy (sorry for my english)! Thank you for such possibility! For me only one thing is problem: digital presentation of the idea. I don`t know will it open on your computer or not…. Can I use for example Power Point? I don`t know mush about computer proggrams…. Sorry for questions!

  33. karen Garcia says:

    i only have a facebook but not a twitter do you need to have both???

  34. Orangey says:

    To answer for Marina, yes you do, Karen G.

    “To be eligible to win, you will need to follow @Enchanted_Doll and tweet: “I just submitted my doll idea for the @Enchanted_Doll 2011 contest to try and win a doll!” on Twitter, and will need to “Like” Enchanted Doll on Facebook.”

    And in case anyone was wondering, I was joking, Kimmi, I’ll leave Marina to answer that.

  35. Kimmi says:

    Lol Orangey xD <3 <3

  36. Ali says:

    So, just to clarify…
    If we submit a character, we could still use that character for our own ideas, but ED has all rights to use it?
    Because when I make a new character, it’s like a part of me, a little me extension. It would hurt a little bit to not be credited for the creation of it or anything…

  37. Desi says:


    Do we have to send our idea per post or should we send it per Letter Like last Time?


  38. Kasia says:

    I am Kasia,Polish.
    I do not have a doll Enchanted…but I dream about it,very dream …

    Is photos,contest,must be dolls Enchanted?Can I take photos other dolls?

    Sincerely Kasia.

  39. Amal says:

    Marina, sorry, I have a question too… If we are creating a costume or costume element are we allowed to draw one of your existing EDs modelling it?

  40. Annina says:

    Desi, this time the entry is sent via email, described in this rule (third rule):

    Entries are digital, and size appropriate for emails. Submit to contests@enchanteddoll.com. If you have an attachment that is too large, add a link in the email to where it can be viewed/downloaded online.

  41. Kait (thegreatkait) says:

    It is so generous of you to do this Marina. Thank you for giving us this chance, especially those of us who don’t already own an ED. ! I have completed one entry and I am now working on my other two. =D Good luck to us all!

  42. Jewels says:

    This is a fantastic idea! I really like the way you changed this up. It’s really thoughtful of you. :)

  43. Emily P says:

    EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Exciting stuff!!

    University work can wait, this is WAY more important *grabs pencils and paper* :D

  44. What an exciting way to celebrate! The unveiling of everyone’s ideas is going to be awesome.

  45. Marcia says:

    Hi Marina
    I am so impressed with you work! I’m going to enter the contest as I would LOVE, LOVE LOVE to have one of your gorgeous dolls.
    I’m really glad you clarified the rule about our submissions becoming your property. I was hesitant about that rule.
    Thank you, MArcia

  46. Alisa says:

    I’ve already e-mailed you recently about some of the questions I had and I’m asking again. Is posting that you are entering an enchanteddoll contest on Facebook and Twitter necissary? I don’t think its fair that some people like me can’t fully participate because they don’t have an account. Is there ANY way to enter without having to post????

  47. Orangey says:

    Some people are choosing not to enter because of that, Alisa, it’s a rule. Maybe in the future contests the rules will be modified. If you think about it, having the FB and Twitter rule is kind of like a wish that you can only wish once, or is only useful once. If we ‘like’ Marina’s FB this year, there’s no point in asking us to “like” again next year. But who knows, I’m just giving my point of view.

  48. KarolinFelix says:

    Hmm…. anyone can open a Facebook or Twitter account… at least I don’t know about any restrictions.
    It’s not something that is impossible or very hard to get.
    And that’s the rule.
    I’ve just created my Twitter. It took 5min.

  49. Alisa I assure you its very easy. I think its a great ideal. Its a great way of spreading good news and to show case Enchanted Doll. From what I see Marina is known world wild but its an extra window which is a good thing. Ive discovered FB 9 months ago and love it. Ask a friend to help you.

  50. Orangey says:

    No, for some people they actually have a personal problem with FB or Twitter that they don’t want to join, but if that’s not the case with Alisa then the others are right, signing up to websites can be done quickly.

  51. Alisa says:

    Yah, I guess it is easy to make an account. I just don’t want to get overobsessed with it. Its worth it. I’ve been working on s story since last summer and its PERFECT for the contest!

  52. KarolinFelix says:

    It’s after all the contest for fans <:

    So… “SPREAD the word, friend, and enter” the competition <:<:

  53. Alisa says:

    Yah, thank you for all the advice. I guess it’s not going to hurt to make a Facebook page after all!

  54. Alisa happy to see you are going to join! :)

  55. Marcia says:

    I’m so excited! I hope I win one of these absolutely exquisite dolls. Crossing fingers and toes.

  56. Alisa says:

    Me, too! I’ve been thinking of what it would be like to actually win the contest!!! My story is about the first fairy, Auronsola, meaning “golden sun” in latin, who was created by the goddess before she died. Now it is her duty to look over the world…

  57. shhhhhh Alisa keep the surprise for March 16 we will get a chance to see all the participants work on Marina’s site.”I hope”…Geee Im getting realy excited and a bit stressed only 23 days till due date.

  58. Orangey says:

    Haha, it seems we’re all in the same boat, I feel the same as you two. I bet this must also be exciting for Marina, I’m sure it’ll be mostly fun (and partly stressful) to choose a winner amongst a lot of great ideas.

  59. Marcia says:

    I can’t imagine how hard it would be to choose a winner, I bet the ideas will be fabulous! I am looking forward to seeing them all.

  60. Alisa says:

    Me, too! I’m wondering how much people have entered the contest! I hope I’ll have some freetime before the duedate because ive been fairly busy. Fingers crossed for eveyone

  61. lil phil says:

    aw. i don’t have twitter or facebook. :(

  62. Alisa says:

    That’s ok. You can make one in no time! I didn’t have Facebook OR Twitter, either, but some people persuaded me and now I can enter in the contest!

  63. Marcia says:

    lil Phil
    It’s pretty easy to make those accounts, if you really want to try and win a beautiful doll, then its worth the bother and its free.

  64. lil phil says:

    i’ve had both a few times and deleted them every time for a variety of reasons. maybe i’ll just wait until she takes orders again. i would love to have a doll of a particular character of mine. good luck to all who enter though. can’t wait to see who wins!

  65. Orangey says:

    That’s what I loved about orders, you could customize them specifically. Hopefully they’re open again.~

  66. Юлия says:

    Я отправила идею на конкурс, но совсем забыла на Twitter и Facebook оставить посты об этом…Сейчас это сделала. Идею отправляла с этого интернет адреса, но имя то там не правильное, выдуманное! Ох, нужно срочно отправлять вторую идею, что бы всё исправить! :-))))

  67. Astera says:

    Another question…if we provede visual support to our ideas, should we send just one picture or is it acceptable to submit more than one file? Thanks!

  68. Kate says:

    What a fantastic opportunity! I just love your little works of art but could never afford one… and the contest itself seems so much fun!

  69. Marcia says:

    OK, it’s March, only 16 days left!!! XXXXX fingers ;)

  70. I know I know I can’t wait and same for my husband he is fed up of hearing me ED this and ED that. Its the only thing coming out of my mouth. He thinks Im to old to be a groupy…lol..:D

  71. Marcia says:

    I am definitely too old to be a groupy, especially a DOLL GROUPY!

  72. Your right Marcia we are DOLL GROUPY’S…lolll

  73. Юлия says:

    Two days before closing, and almost seven days before the day of winer! Good luck for everyone!

  74. This is it! We have all done what we could, I can’t wait to see what all you guys have been doing behind closed doors. Good luck to all

    This groupy is having a hard time containing her self…

  75. dal says:

    Hello everyone!
    I am happy to say I submitted my ideas yesterday (9th) and today, the 10th, I am so very nervous with excited anticipation. I cannot wait to see all the entries which I also know will be fabulous!

    Good luck everyone. We will have just a short time to see all the entries. I hope my heart can be still long enough.


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