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From time to time I have the pleasure of repairing a broken porcelain part, but this week I had to get repaired, because I broke myself!


I had arthroscopic knee surgery, and at such an inopportune time too, because I only have 48 hours left to finish Madame de Pompadour’s photoshoot. She needs to ship out to Hong Kong on Monday. I know I should feel more stressed out, panicked even, about being incapacitated right before a hard deadline, but as it turns out the pain meds they have me on are pretty strong, so all I can muster is a mild, detached concern. I hope I don’t have a heart attack tomorrow once my meds wear off and I can grasp the concept of time again.


The good news is that I’ve been discharged from the hospital to recover at home, so all is not lost yet. I’ll direct the photoshoot from the wheel chair – Frida Khalo style. If she could make art and attend her show opening from her own bed, I can certainly manage to take some pictures from a chair, with a few stitches in my knee.


I have a feeling it’s all going work out OK. But then again, it might be just the meds talking. We’ll see Tuesday.



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  1. Скорейшего выздоровления!!!!

    • Studio JF says:

      So sorry my lady, you can do it, but first is your healing, please, take care of you. Send you my blest.

    • Oh, darling Marina, I hope everything is going to work out and you’ll be soon as good as new! It is strange and sad to hear about you being “broken”- you have already become a somewhat eternal, statuesque entity. My very best wishes and good luck with the photo shoot! You will manage beautifully, as always, Frida Khalo- style or not. :) xxx

  2. Karla says:

    Marina, hope you get well soon! Hope you feel good enough for you to work for your deadline. Hope you the best! And I’m glad what broke wasn’t your hands, but it’s sad too because you’re hurt. What I think always: If I hurt myself accidentaly, I hope it’s my leg but not my hands please.

  3. Kim says:

    Hi Marina, I’ve had five arthroscopic procedures done on my knees over the years, so I know how you feel. The first time, I was sure that my leg was going to come off if I moved at all. The only no no is to not kneel on the knee, otherwise, other than the pain, your knee can do everything it could before, so you don’t need to baby it. So, do whatever you need to do and don’t worry you may do something wrong. I wish someone had told me the first time, and I’m just trying to let you know all’s well with your knee (as far as working on your photo shoot), take your painkillers, use ice, and don’t worry your leg may fall off. Hope this helps a bit.

    • Marina says:

      Thanks for that Kim.
      It’s mostly the unbearable, scream-out-loud pain that’s bothering me more than anything else, now that the good drugs are starting to wear off and T3 is not cutting it. I can’t move or put any weight on my leg without weeping, much less kneel, just yet. But it’s ok. I can handle it. I’m ok.
      Thank you!

      • Елена Куртик says:

        Примите сочувствие, Марина! Желаю скорейшего выздоровления!

      • Kim says:

        If you’re on blood thinners, it’s a different problem. I have a nasty habit of getting blood clots so they put me on thinners after the operation. If you’re on blood thinners, go to the doctor and have your knee drained of the blood. The blood builds up in the tissues and starts to push the layers of muscle and skin apart, and it hurts like the end of the world, draining it is heaven. May not be what’s causing your pain, but it may help. Sounds familiar to me.

  4. Růža says:

    Přeji brzké uzdravení a ať se vám podaří včas nafotit panenku.

  5. berthawong says:

    Oh no, I hope you get well soon enough for whatever you are doing! Glad you still got the bright spirit and so pro to your worK!

  6. Jacky says:

    You have to get well! You are the portal to all these immaculate creatures you create!! I wish you a quick recovery and much relief from the pain.

  7. Els says:

    I wish you a good and speedy recovery, Marina!

  8. Merri says:

    Hope the pain subsides and you feel better soon!

  9. Тоже Марина says:

    Колено – это очень болезненно, сочувствую вам от всей души и надеюсь, что всё заживёт как можно быстрее. Держитесь, Марина, сил вам побольше и спокойного сна! В дальнейшем всё будет хорошо, я знаю! :)

  10. Tokuya says:

    I wish you all the best!

  11. Crystal says:

    Like everyone else, I’m hoping you a speedy recovery! But the one fact that you wrote, that took me aback, was that the doll is going to Hong Kong. Why?

    • Merri says:

      Crystal, I want to know that too! Is the auction still going ahead? Has she already been sold? …..and how did Marina fix Madam P’s chipped knee? :)

  12. Binnur Ozturk says:

    You look lovely even in your hospital garb with your beautiful blue eyes and your peaches and cream complexion. Wishing you a speedy recovery. I know this pain very well for the last two years and wouldn’t wish it on anyone…

  13. Melissa says:

    Wishing you a very speedy recovery! Although I hope you manage to meet your deadline (and I am sure you will!), just remember that your health is your most important asset, so look after yourself and don’t overdo it! No one is going to die if you don’t manage to get it done!!!!!!

  14. Gaynor says:

    Hope you feel better soon and try not to worry about Madman P!

  15. Karen Vail says:

    Hope your recovery is speedy! Don’t panic…things will get done. :)

  16. Kiersten says:

    You poor thing! I hope healing happens quickly so you can get back to your old self :)
    Can’t wait to see the gorgeous photos of the new girl!

  17. Sonia Anne says:

    Wishing you a quick recovery, Marina! I had double hip surgery and that was pain! I have heard that knee surgery is more painful. You still look so good in your hospital gown! Please take it easy on your road, to a full, successful recovery! I am sure that Chad will be a big part of your recovery, with all his help.

  18. Татьяна В says:

    Марина, желаем скорейшего выздоровления! Все будет хорошо, и с выставкой и с коленом! Главное золотые ручки не пострадали!!!

  19. I hope that you recover quickly and feel better soon.

  20. Елена Куртик says:

    Примите сочувствие, Марина! Желаю скорейшего выздоровления!

  21. Alice in Wonderland says:

    & down the rabbit hole she went…and the recovery brought forth her beautiful art to fruition as always

  22. Jacci says:

    ok, this has been irking me since i saw it this morning. comparing yourself to Frieda Kahlo is really kinda ridiculous. you had knee surgery that you will recover from. she was in a trolley accident that changed her entire life. she almost died and spent her life in a tremendous amount of physical pain, not to mention emotional turmoils thanks to Diego.
    she painted from her bed and wheelchair cause she had no choice. just as you have the need to make dolls she had the need to paint. where you do it from isn’t important. but you’re no where near as big an artist to compare yourself to her. except on this forum where everyone finds you a goddess.
    and just for the record, she’s been inspiring me since i was 7 and now i’m actually just a couple months older than you, Marina, but i still would never take airs to compare myself to some of the Greats.
    point of this all is you have way too much vanity (i’ve followed you on and off for a few years) and Kahlo was just trying to survive her body and life. you got it easy next to her, chica. so direct the photo shoot from your wheelchair, but i doubt you’ll ever attend any of your shows from your bed.

    • Chad says:

      “If she could make art and attend her show opening from her own bed, I can certainly manage to take some pictures from a chair, with a few stitches in my knee.”

      Translation: Kahlo did an amazing thing in a much harder situation, if she can do that then surely I can take a few pictures with a sore knee. She’s being inspired by Kahlo, not putting herself on the same level.

      With the advancements in VR, I wouldn’t be surprised if Marina is able to attend a show from her own bed. Who knows, we might all attend the same show from our beds as holograms in the not so distant future.

      • Jacci says:

        I’m sure. but since we’re not at that state of sci-fi wonder yet, maybe being more humble about her art would do instead. i’ve read the posts and rants from time to time. i see the horn blowing. i’m not impressed. with the dolls, yeah, they’re amazing. but i can’t stand artists who are all high and mighty on themselves.
        anyway, continuing this is pointless, but you know how i love to have my say. if everyone else can, well you said it yourself to me once, Chad, that Marina gets more out of the less sparkly feedback than hearing “oh, so pretty” all the time.

        • Sonia Anne says:

          Yeah, Jacci, continuing this, is pointless, on your part. Nothing you said, makes any sense.
          You made a mountain out of a mole hill. Sorry, maybe you are having an off day or something.
          Try to say something, nice and positive, today. You will see that you will feel better.

          • Fairy says:

            She is just trying to attract attention to herself with that “less sparkly feedback”, otherwise no one would’ve noticed her. Her comment reminds me of that person who’d say “Are you saying I’m an elephant?” if I said “Let’s talk about that elephant in the room” (“Elephant in the room” – when there is a subject everyone needs to discuss, but no one wants to start first)

    • isaac says:

      ok yes maybe the comparison to a disabled person was maybe bad… but there was no need to insult her by calling her unsuccessful? her art makes a lot of money any way and is absolutely ethereal. but besides that her art has nothing to do with her making a comment in poor taste. just because you consider one artist to be more famous or even better than another, doesnt give you a reason to put them down for what theyre doing.

      and ~for the record~ marina is a huge inspiration for me and my art since i was 10. and anyways, marina is still going to have to make art from HER wheelchair or HER bed as well? dont be so rude to someone just because theyre not as famous or widely respected as someone else. and moreover, who even are you? i dont think ive heard of anything youve ever created :/

      • Sonia Anne says:

        Isacc, when you are in a wheel chair, you are disabled. I had double hip surgery, within a week apart and was confined to a wheel chair and in hospital and rehab for 4 1/2 months. I felt disabled and totally helpless and I am not comparing myself to Frieda Kohla, in any way. Any surgery on bones, such as hips, knees, shoulders, etc. is very painful. You are given very strong drugs, to help with the pain, during the recovery period. Anyways, Marina is the most famous Doll Maker. Look into what she has accomplished, in her young life time and will continue to accomplish.

    • Sonia Anne says:

      Jacci, sorry, but you have it all wrong here! Marina just mentioned that she is in a wheel chair, and can conduct business like Frieda Kahlo did. She was definately, not comparing herself, in any way, to Frieda
      Kahlo. Your comments about Marina, are all ridiculous, and you have no basis, to say what you did. Marina has gone, out of her way to satisfy many doll lovers with her beautiful creations, among other things, so your comment about vanity, is uncalled for. If you really are following her, as you say you are, you would see this. Sorry, but I just had to say this. Geez, some people??

  23. isaac says:

    oh my gosh i hope your leg gets better soon!! and dont worry im sure youll be able to finish the doll in time and everything will turn out well :D dont stress yourself out however! always put personal well being first

  24. Irine says:

    Marina, wishing you speedy recovery. Hope that you will be able to meet the deadline, but your wellbeing is more important.

  25. gdgsdgsdg says:

    Best Wishes, Marina.

  26. Annina says:

    Be well soon, Marina, take care of yourself! ♥

  27. Nina says:

    Well, I certainly hope you’re feeling better very soon, and that your pain is managed and your recovery goes smoothly. From what I know of you that won’t be a problem and you’ll probably have some kind of cathartic experience because of this and we’ll soon see it reflected in your art! hahahaha

    I might as well take this opportunity to say thank you… to tell you how much I admire you and your work… your youth, your art, your sensibilities, your eye for color and design. I see it in everything you do, whether you’re show casing a doll or your broken self or organizing your studio. Even the pictures you posted about your injury have a certain aesthetic and attention to detail about them… I appreciate the way you present information; exposes your inner storyteller.

    Anyway, while I admire and gush over the dolls, the detail in the shoes and the incredible headdresses, the beading and fabric you create… or the jewelry you make… I most admire what you share about your process and about yourself. I get to see how you and your creations are connected… how they represent the very fabric you live and breathe… how they are truly a reflection of you and so authentic! I only dabble at creating and you’ve taught me to pay more attention to detail, to look closer, to slow down and to simply notice the subtleties, the tiny bits that I used to overlook… to take an inventory of what catches my eye or what makes me feel a certain way… and as a result, my work has become much more rewarding and satisfying thank to you. I’ll never be an artist but I’m getting something out of my own creative process… and like any good drug, I want more more more… get well soon because we’re all looking forward to your next blog.

  28. Care says:

    I hope you feel better, Marina, and very sorry that you have had this injury and stress to go with it. It’s just nature’s way of telling you to slow down.

    There is one consolation in being sick;
    and that is the possibility that you may recover
    to a better state than you were ever in before.
    – Henry David Thoreau

    Please watch your sugar and white foods because they cause inflammation and will slow the healing process down. Sorry, can’t help acting like a mom ;) and an athlete – I’ve had my knee and achilles injuries and other various body parts.

    Take care of yourself :)


    ps. Can’t wait to see your new doll – very excited!

  29. Ani says:

    Owwweee! I know the pain of invasive surgery is great and very distracting and debilitating for you Marina! And with a deadline too! ACK! I would be pulling my hair out! LOL! Will be thinking of you as you recover, hope it is swift! Blessings from NC, Ani

  30. Clara says:

    Get well soon, saw this and thought of you: Las Lajas Sanctuary, Columbia.

  31. Anthony says:

    Awwww Marina!!!! My heart breaks for you my dear!!!! I hope you make a full, healthy, and speedy recovery dear, but for that to happen you must take care of yourself!!! And yes, dictate if you must^^

    I love, hopes and prayers go out to you dear <3

  32. Merielle says:

    Aww Marina, get well soon and remember that your health is your most important, my pray for you this night <3

  33. Sharon Harmon says:

    Thinking of you during your recovery! I too had to have this done and if it is any consolation for the annoyance of being laid up it is to know that this surgery seems to be successful! I hope you continue to mend and can once again be about your endeavors!

  34. sarah says:

    Poor thing- I hope you feel better soon. Don’t neglect to take your pain medicine (knee surgery is painful) and please do follow up with your physical therapy even if it means your beautiful doll will be late- you come first! (sorry, I was an orthopedic nurse for some years)

  35. Jayne Wourms says:

    You’re right, Frida Kahlo and Marina Bychkova aren’t even in the same category. Frida didn’t receive any notoriety in life, only post humorously and perhaps more because of her association with Diego and her affair with Trotsky. You want to talk about vanity or even perhaps narcissism? Most of her painting were self portraits!
    Marina Bychkova’s dolls sell in the 10’s of thousands of dollars and they are beautiful! How many artist are as well received and sought after in their own lifetime?
    You’re statements aren’t sparkly, they are insulting to both the artist and her fans. What an unnecessarily bitter and horribly negative blog post. Give your head a shake and ask yourself why you felt the need to spew such venom to anyone especially someone who is in pain and has recently been in hospital. Badly done Jacci, badly done.

    • Sharon Wensley says:

      I wasn’t going to say anything as I normally just read and don’t comment but now I feel like I must. I just read this discussion today and felt so horrible for Marina to have someone attack her like Jacci did. I also feel sad for Jacci that she is so bitter and unhappy. I can’t for the life of me know why anyone would say these unkind things. I so agree with everything jayne has said. I grew up before online public media and this just confirms how it is not always a good thing. We are all here to have fun not be vicious. This is just being a bully. You do not have to say nice things if you don’t agree with what you see, just say nothing then. Mariana is the age of my daughter and I would hope no one would treat her like this. My daughter has had two knee surgeries and they are so painful like Marina has said. I don’t know how she is even doing what she is. Hugs to Marina. You don’t deserve this. No one does. If anyone feels feels like saying these types of horrible things, just turn your computer off and don’t come back here. Go do something you do enjoy. The whole world doesn’t have to like Enchanted Dolls, but don’t make it unpleasant for those that do. I got what Marina was saying about Frieda and any sane person would have too. She was just making a casual comment, “if she can do it, so can i”. Jacci, you should be ashamed of yourself and if you are not then you do not have a heart. To Marina, thank you for the enjoyment I have gotten from my two resin ED painted by you. I love them so much. Also make sure you do your knee exercises. That is super important.

  36. Sonia Anne says:

    I was wondering when more people would comment on Jacci’s horrible post! I felt that I was the only one for a while, that found Jacci’s post in very bad taste. It is not wrong to express our feelings about anything on this blog, especially when someone is attacking someone, for no reason at all! Especially, not Marina!

  37. Syaron (Sharon Harmon) says:

    I too wanted so much to leave a comment about that horrible post from Jacci. Good grief what a terrible thing to do!! Those of us who adore and admire Marina AND her art are here for that purpose. Why would someone follow her blog just to be hateful and despicable? Was it to demean Marina and her art or to just as Jayne said, to be a bully and a destroyer. Though you can say anything in this electronic media, that does not mean you should.Such an opinion does no good, only hurt and if that is why it was done, then again as Jayne said, shame on you and badly done, Jacci. Marina IS a worldclass artist and a class act to boot who has done things that we can only dream of in her young young life. Take your venom elsewhere and leave us to appreciate the genius, the gift, the artistry of Marina Bychkova. The world is a glorious place because she is int it.

  38. Alexandra says:

    Marina, I wish you to recover totally very fast. My best wishes to you. You are amazing woman and i’m sure that you’re the one kind of persons who becomes even more stronger with all this difficulties and problems. And more you have amazing man near you who helps you every second of your life. It’s so important too and it’s a big happiness. My best friendly hugs and wishes!

  39. Lisa Jackson says:

    Jealousy, thy name is Jacci.

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