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Well, first of all-at this point I’ve been up for 28 consecutive hours and working like a dog for 25 of those hours, to bring you these quick preview shots of this doll today. I believe the last time I had stayed up this long was during the final week of my senior year at art school; feverishly finishing essays, presentations and studio projects all due at the same time. My body is surprisingly energetic and refreshed, but my mind is beginning to descend into an exhaustion-induced stupor and numbness. Also, I think I might be hallucinating…… Sorry if my writing is a bit jumbled. I’m not even done yet. I have to get ready for a full photo session of this doll tomorrow morning.

Ok, here we go. The pictures. Meet Lily-the Little Aristocrat.


As I’ve said before, this doll will be auctioned off with 3 wigs. Two are shown here. This is Rococo wig; made with fine, long mohair and styled into shape with synthetic primer strand by strand over the course of many hours. It’s also powdered with perfumed powder for a more authentic, period look. This wig is light and very strong, reinforced with several coats of primer. You can juggle with it, and not a single lock will bend out of shape. Ideal for hard play.


This second wig is the exact opposite of the first one: it’s incredibly long, loose, organic and soft like silk. It is also made of very fine, high grade mohair. There is no rigidity and structure in it, only streaming white strands, which can be styled, brushed and braided into almost any hair style.

Third wig is on its’ way. Pictures will be ready tomorrow. I’ll also show a series of pcitures, documenting the making of Rococo Wig. The auction will begin on December 27th.

Time for a nap.

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  1. silvana says:

    Wow Marina! She is so beautiful!!!! I loved their wigs. Their face is so inocent and sweet. You make a wonderful job as always! I know you very tired but very happy to!!!!!

  2. Annina says:

    she is very beautiful, a very fitting doll to say goodbye to the old year and ring in the new year!
    i hope you’ll have a great sleep! :)

  3. Jayne says:

    Marina, she is absoutely stunning. My daughter’s name is Lily, so I will definately be bidding!! Off to buy more lottery tickets while you sleep.

  4. Kissabug says:

    She is absolutely lovely! What an exquisitely exhuberant wig, I can only imagine the personality on this girl. Can’t wait to see more!

    For now, sleep well and have sweet dreams, you certainly deserve a rest!

  5. kelly says:

    Wow, the wigs each give her a completely different personality! Beautiful as ever.

  6. Marina, this is just so amazing to see, she’s incredible. Absolutely incredible, what a personality!!!

    Can’t wait to see her photo shoot, all your hard work and sleepless nights definately show here, I’m speechless

  7. Kimmi says:

    Marina, this is my favorite of any doll you’ve ever made. She is absolutely breathtaking.

  8. Eiko says:

    I love the Rococo wig. Incredibily well done. She looks lovely.

    Hope you manage to get some rest.

  9. Cuteek says:

    Just got this link from your twitter, she is beautiful, I love the first pic, she is staring into the distance looking all demure.

  10. Lidia says:

    “Галлюционировать?” 8-) Ну как обычно – “ловли, вондерфул” и Ñ‚.д….

  11. Lidia says:

    Марина, извини – можно тут вопрос задать? О тираже? Это ведь единственный экземпляр? Столь желанный для коллекционеров? Или я ошибаюсь, и, как обычно? Просто вот пытаюсь для себя тут разобраться… Смешные вещи получаются – ну никак непонятно, как тут что к чему…

  12. Nancy says:

    I just found it very interesting that this doll, dressed in the Rococo wig, looks exactly like the Marie Anne Paulze Lavoisier portrayed in a movie we’re watching at school! The actress was very beautiful, as is your doll of course :)

  13. Marina says:

    Но Lidia, хорошо смеется тот, кто смеется последним.

  14. giperborea says:

    OMG! She’s beyond divine!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so in love with your new creation. Thank you for the wonderful and detailed pictures and the time you took to describe the process of making the Rococo wig, not that was intriguing.

  15. giperborea says:

    oops, sorry, made a mistake, I meant to say it was very intriguing and interesting.

  16. Юлия says:

    я просто в скорби и печали-честно
    сплошные эмоции – тоска от того,что вероятность обладания пусть раздетой, пусть безволосой, но Божественной куклы, для меня очень мала!
    Смотрю на эту красоту и не могу прекратить это созерцание – вот если есть совершенство на земле, то оно в ваших творениях
    Спасибо вам-вы невероятная умница и одареннейший человек. Дай вам Бог удачи, любви и здоровья на долгие годы

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