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…Is not as quick as I’d like it to be since I’m concentrating most of my efforts now on creating new dolls for the solo show in Berlin, and managing the inflow of entries for the Enchanted Doll birthday contest. For reasons already covered we were forced to move the entry deadline from the 13th to the 16th, which is tomorrow, and on Friday the 19th I will announce the winner of the contest.

I haven’t had time to test out my new airbrush yet as I’m still learning about it, but I can’t wait to put it to use and will show results when I have them. And did I ever mention that I’m having brand new boxes made for this line? I seem to remember mentioning something about their awesomeness… The first design went to the factory for proofing on correction last week and we hope the the full production will begin as soon as next week. I’m contemplating showing you the lid designs now, but my sixth sense is telling me to wait on that. You might have read in Doll Reader article that Nati is involved in this project.

Anyway. The wheels are turning on the Resin doll line, and there ain’t no stopping now. Things are looking very exciting at the Enchatned Doll studio! More information to be revealed soon.

The wait list for resin doll is still open, so if you haven’t signed up yet for the first release or Resin ED, please email me.

43 Responses

  1. Eiko says:

    How exciting! I love seeing pics of the resin EDs.

    Any idea on when you will take your first batch of resin orders?

  2. Jayne says:

    Yippee, I can’t wait for these beautiful dolls to be released :)

  3. Oh marina oh marina!!!

    I did read that nati was involved, which is fantastic news! nati and marina rolled into one is a fantastic combination any day!!!

    look at all those little doll parts on your table, incredible!!! The headcaps look pretty interesting too…. looks like quite some ingenious designing…

    oh I *do* think you should show us the boxes :-D (hurraayyy, I was right with my guess last time!!)

  4. daniseyu says:

    im so exciting to see the new doll,always surprise

  5. kelly says:

    Sweet! Can’t wait to see more.

    Happy Birthday!

  6. Jenny says:

    You must be so excited to be working on something new!! They are looking great so far!! Any news on how long to wait for a porcelain nude??! I am desperate!!! I check out your website at least twice a day, hoping for an update! I love the dolls so much, and all the beautiful photos. Keep up your amazing work! xxx

  7. Hazel says:

    That does look exciting! I can’t wait until the resin dolls are released… And for the Berlin show dolls to be finished!

  8. noxy says:

    I agree with mayple! I think you should totally show us the lid design. :D

    I spy a resin with elastic! Was this before your decision to use your spring system? Or was that particular doll just complaining too much about being in pieces, so you strung her up real quick to placate her? :)

  9. oh this is truly exciting to see! Thanks so much for taking us on the adventure with you. As far as the box goes…I’d stick with your gut instinct. I can’t tell you how many times it’s paid off for me. Why I choose to go against it sometimes is beyond me. LOL!

  10. Jayne Wourms says:

    They are so beautiful. Painted or unpainted, resin or porcelain, they never fail to impress! I just want to reach into the picture and hold one.

  11. Maria says:

    Happy birthday to you.)
    С Днем Рождения, дорогая Марина.

  12. joan says:


  13. J. David says:

    they are exquisite!!!

  14. Maura says:

    The news about your collaboration with Nati is very exciting and the WIP pictures are a real treat.
    Happy Birthday and thank you for the update. It’s great how you manage to juggle so many projects at once. I hope you’ll have a wonderful day and will find time to celebrate it properly. ;)

  15. Uyek says:

    It completely bypasses your painting skills (shame on me!) but I just love the way these look when they’re not painted.

    P.S. – Happy Birthday.

  16. Annina says:

    ah i just want to grab one of the resin girls and play, i wish i could reach into the picture also! :)
    and i love pretty boxes, i can’t wait to see them!

  17. Leigh in ME says:

    That looks like SO much fun! So many possibilities right there!

    Happy Birthday!

  18. Eva says:

    Happy Birthday!

    So the new boxes, is that what the logo drawing you were doing is for? :)

  19. Jean says:

    Happy birthday marina : D the resin line looks really beautyfull i hope i can save up for one of them :)

  20. Lisa says:

    They look sooo good!

  21. Paula F says:

    Happy Birthday Marina! :D

    I always love looking at unpainted dolls and I think it’s one of the strongest inspiration for me, like a white piece of paper. Tabula rasa, that’s it.

  22. Silvana says:

    Marina, HAPPY BIRTHDAY and many happy and achievements with its new beautiful line resin dolls and I’m sorry to bother you. I understand the text about made gift to you all wrong. I thought I could register until April 13, only after I realized that was until March 1. Well no problem….
    God bless you!!!!!!

  23. Rogelio says:

    Hi i just stoped by to say happy b-day and to congratulate you on your new accmomplishment

  24. jslord says:

    Oh, these are so beautiful!
    They are beautiful just like they are, like a gorgeous, white piece of sculpture.

  25. Katherine says:

    I need help. I have searched the net everyday for “learning to be a doll artist” no result. I’m about to give up! You should write a book, Marina! I’d buy 15 copies of it, just because. Well, if anyone has “learning to be a doll artist” and can help me out, It’d be much, much appreciated! :) p.s. Marina, you are too talented!!!!!

  26. Paige says:

    Do I spy a bit of the box design?…ooooooo.

    I’m wondering if you plan to have the magnetic wig system in the resin dolls? It’s so clever.

    And Happy Birthday. I hope it was all you hoped it would be.

  27. Karen says:

    Love your many views. New resin dolls are lookin, great! Is it possible to get a copy of all the magazines your dolls are in and continued new copies? Thanks for your speedy reply! Karen…in Ne. Chad is a fine artist’s helper!

  28. Annina says:

    i just realized from the picture, you kept the mirror on the wall! quite a good idea in a way, it must be practical to see the back of what you are working with, and maybe it is a little like a ballet studio when the dolls are dancing on your desk. ;)

  29. sfhope says:

    Happy birthday!

  30. Doreen Snyder says:

    Happy Birthday Marina!

  31. Sonia Anne S says:

    I prefer resin…can’t wait!!

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