Italy is the birthplace of the Renaissance, and a holy land for art students. Many make artistic pilgrimages there to glimpse its rich, aesthetic history. As a student, I too was eager to experience the magnificent works of art and celebrated places from the pages of my Art History textbooks. Soon after graduation, I embarked on a six week Grand Tour of Italy in a camper van. While there, I was intoxicated by the Italian art, architecture, culture and religious iconography: it truly was a sensory overload. I was so inspired by my experience that halfway through my trip I could barely wait to return home to make art.

The Cathedral was born out my memories of Italy, particularly the beautiful, jewel-encrusted reliquaries in the treasuries of the Vatican, and the magnificent and ethereal Duomo di Milano. These were the places that I had dreamt about seeing since I was a little girl.


Carved and cast sterling silver cathedral crown is set with 7 Pearls, 7 Amethysts, 1 LIolite. Painted and custom printed cloak is embroidered with sterling silver, 54 fresh -water Pearls, 36 Amethysts, 1 Garnet, 1 Peridot, dyed shell and cubic zirconia.; Porcelain, china paint, mohair, industrial springs, leather. 13.5” (34.5cm) tall.

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