Cinderella 2

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The auction ended on January 31st,  2015


The Cinderella Construct

The story of Cinderella is so ubiquitous, that all across human history, geography, and different cultures, it continues to exist and remains virtually unchanged.

There are close to a thousand different incarnations of the Cinderella fable around the world dating back to ancient antiquity. The earliest known version was recorded in the 1st century BC by a Greek historian Strabo, and inspired by an enslaved Greek girl-turned courtesan named Rhodopis, who according to his account, was freed from sexual servitude and went on to marry an Egyptian King.

While it appears that Rhodopis was the original allegorical Cinderella, she certainly wasn’t the first orphaned, abused, and exploited female in the world, nor the last. Over thousands of years of human history there have been, there are, and there will be many more Cinderellas – with and without a happily ever after. Every culture and generation imprints its own ideals and values on the Cinderella construct, altering it somewhat, but keeping the basic Rags-to-Riches narrative intact.

The moving mechanism at the heart of Cinderella story appears to be a conflict of interests that arises between individuals in an evolutionary struggle for limited economic resources. This very survival instinct is probably what sometimes turns perfectly decent women into abusive Stepmothers. It is puzzling though why the fathers in this situation allow this pattern of abuse to perpetuate, as though having gained a new wife capable of bearing new offspring, they are no longer emotionally or even genetically invested in the survival of their own biological children from previous partners.

The reason this fairy tale is still so compelling and powerful, is because its underlying themes are still as relevant today as they were two thousand years ago, when Strabo first penned that tragic story of a slave girl with a Happily Ever After.

The Cinderella construct appears to be a collective existential portrait of the human condition – As long as there are people, there will be Cinderellas.

A Ball jointed, porcelain art doll. Ultra limited edition of 3 pieces. 2015. Made and sold by the artist Marina Bychkova of Enchanted Doll

About this doll: 

– Cinderella is 14“ (35cm) tall and features a sophisticated ball-jointed design with a solid construction for extensive playing, dressing and posing.

– Her body has 20 points of articulation for expressive and sensual posing and 11 industrial steel springs for constant tension and prescision of movement. 

– Cinderella is painted and blushed with ceramic china-paint for an everlasting, molecular bond with porcelain, unfading vibrancy and a 100% resistance to UV light, scratches, chemicals, finger oils or dirt.

– Cinderella’s joints are lined with leather pads for smooth and even rotation and registration of poses.

– She has a magnetic, mohair wig that snaps on and off with ease and never falls off and a removable, custom, six-piece costume that includes a Sterling Silver corset, Elizabethan collar, Tiara, Mask, and one of a kind shoes, and an opulently embroidered skirt; all hand-made. 

– Cinderella comes in a custom, velvet-padded tin box with 8 leather straps and tiny silver buckles to keep her body safely belted in place during transport and storage. 

This doll includes: 

1) A ball jointed porcelain doll, Cinderella #2

2) Sterling silver mask

3) Sterling silver corset + Elizabethan collar

4) Embroidered dress-skirt 

5) Sterling silver Shoes

6) Sterling silver Tiara

7) Magnetic wig made from natural mohair

8) Custom stand with a discreet, low profile design, heavy base and a flexible top for facilitating and supporting advanced doll posing 

9) Custom tin box with lush velvet padding to house and protect the doll

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