Dunyazade is a mythological figure from the Arabian Nights tales, and a younger sister to the legendary Queen Scheherezade. Her dress was another experiment in dye sublimation. It is a photographic reproduction of Scheherezade’s original bead embroidery.

Dye sublimation printing uses a heat-transfer process to transfer the dye onto various mediums. The dye transitions from a solid to a gas without going through a liquid state. I use high-resolution, manipulated digital imagery of my original designs in watercolor or bead embroidery to create permanent and UV resistant dye sublimation prints on fine polyester.



Sterling silver and Amethyst headpiece assembly. Sterling silver and Garnet belt assembly, bracelets and necklace, a pair of hand carved and cast sterling silver shoes. Dye sublimation polyester print; porcelain, ball-jointed, china-paint, industrial springs, leather, mohair. 13.5” (34.5cm) tall.

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