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Source of inspiration China myths and legends the mythical bird jingwei trying to fill up the sea with pebbles – a symbol of dogged determination; fill a sea with pebbles — to labour in vain; never yield in spite of reverses  

The use of sea water, fish, lotus, peacock feather pattern Represents happiness and adhere to the Bluebird, symbolic exchange and freedom — female soft beauty

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am i the last?


For my entry i have chosen to depict the character from the last Unicorn. here she is, in her lavender wood and is speaking to the butterfly about being the last…. her tattoo consists of her sisters and brothers running free and my idea was for it too be akin to a toile piece of art, with the fine line mark-making- i like its old fashioned charm and thought it would suit her character.

Although the brief was to just design the tattoo, i really had allot of fun in designing her too! she wears a laurel and flower headdress, to signify the victory and bravery to come, her Horn is attached to a decorated tiara headband and her hoofs are shoes with filigree embellishments.


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It’s an owl on the breast plate with it’s wings outspread. There are loose feathers traveling below the owl on the torso, thighs, calves, and feet. The back has an image of wings also. (Originally I wanted the doll to have actual wings and be owl-like in appearance! She would have long bushy hair or long very straight hair… Large owlish eyes and a small nose and mouth to seem beak-like.) The wings can wrap around the arms or the under the armpits.

Owls are symbolic for ancient wisdom! The intended “feel” or “story” of the doll is that she is a forest spirit and keeper of the ancient secrets of the forest!

Annabel J



by Валерия Федоренкова



Здравствуйте, Марина! Я попыталась изобразить очень красивую птицу, которая обитает в наших краях-беркут, а именно в республике Тыва(Россия). Думаю будут хорошо сочетаться хрупкость вашей куклы и сила беркута. Ведь сила женщины в ее  в слабости. Я нарисовала птицу на спине куклы, чтоб на лопатках располагались крылья как-будто это ее. Ну как-то так)))).

гаянэ мелоян

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By Jana



Titile : ” L’Herbier”
Style: Old ‘2D’ illustrations of herbs.
Form : A series, instead of a single tattoo, in order to represent the hollistic approach of treating the entire body instead of one separate symptom.
Place : Tattoos placed on the body parts they act on :
– Thyroid : Irish Moss (Chondrus Crispus) & Iceland Moss (Cetraria Islandica)
– Blood : Dandelion Root (Taraxacum Officinale) & Burdock Root (Arctium)
Female Reproductive System : Red Raspberry Leaf (Rubus Idaeus) & RedClover (Trifolium Pratense)

Marie-Madeleine L.

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