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Ran j

Here is my third entry of ED contest~

This tatoo inspired from Medical Anatomy and Narcissism.I use the skeleton(the spine and the sphenoid bone) to express the aesthetic of medical.In most cases the skeleton symbled horrible,death,aim or painful,but an artist has no necessary to follow the dominant ideology .The skeleton maybe can be symbled regularity and calmless.

Narcissus is a typical flower to symbled the narcissism in Greek mythology,so I use this image on the doll,I’m a girl and I appreciate female’s body.(…wrrrry God…terrible…hope my english can be better T_T)

The color:I used the classic cobalt blue of ED tatoo on the doll.I don’t know other screen of percinal computer,but it looks blue color on my computer at less.

ps:please don’t mind the cheilopalatognathus doll face,it’s just my idea of a doll last year.




Name: Nightingale And The Rose

I was inspired by the fairy tale of the same name by Osace Wilde, it’s a costume piece and the tattoo is on her whole back and shoulder. Hope you like it:)







Using a variety of Chinese elements, with a strong taste of Buddhism tattoo design.



Работа моя исполнена на тему женщины- воина, женщины-победоносца, женщины,преодолевающая преграды и трудности.

Работа выполнена цветными карандашами.

Скрестила свои пальцы….на удачу.

С уважением Лилия




At the moment, I am fond of different kinds of embroidery, and therefore decided to perform a design in this direction.
The main concept of the project is as follows: tattoo simulates goldwork embroidery Russian masters.
That is, in theory, it is not simply the volume of the line, and textured thread.
In general, embroidered doll. The ornament is made based on different embroidery, but not repeated what specific.
The idea originally was: it Nastya Tale of “The Scarlet Flower” and red flower was supposed to be one, the one that tummy doll ….. but then everything went his own way and turned a collective female image of Russian fairy tales.
And Shamahanskaya queen of the Golden Cockerel and bird Gamayun talking about good and evil …. Further thoughts about the way the work began to divert me even more deeply in the wilds of Slavic myths and now I decided to stay for a while..


Итак мой проект.
На данный момент я увлекаюсь разными видами вышивки, и поэтому решила выполнить дизайн в этом направлении. Идея проекта такова: татуировка имитирует золотное шитье русских мастериц. То есть по идее, идет не просто объем линии, а факрута нити. В общем вышитая кукла.
Орнамент выполнен по мотивам разных вышивок, но не повторяет ни какую конкретную.
Идея изначально была такова: это Настенька из сказки « Аленький цветочек» и красный цветок должен был быть один, тот что на животике куклы….. но потом все пошло своим ходом и получился собирательный женский образ русских сказок. И Шамаханская царица из “Сказки о Золотом петушке” и птица Гамаюн говорящая о добре и зле…. Дальнейшие мысли об образе работы стали уводить меня еще в более глубокии дебри славянских мифов и я решила остановиться….
Надеюсь моя презентация понравилась



Daniela K

This is the essence of my idea for the tattoo:

The uterus contains creative force. It is a temple of creation, illuminated by the heart. The drawing represents the creator temple, the atelier of an artist, illuminated by his heart. Like an oven, we heat the formation of our dreams.




María J

This is my entry for the contest.

Collection Garden of Eden.

For the competition of Enchanted Doll, to make the tattoo, I decided to build on a concept. I decided to use the concept of the “garden of Eden” to
use natural, geometric and organic shapes. I wanted to do something feminine and at the same spiritual.


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