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When I was young, my mother used to tell me that when the night sky was cloudy, Ursa Major and Ursa Minor could finally sneak into the ocean for a bath, because no one was looking.

When I grew older I read the story about the nymph Callisto. She was vowed a virgin as all the nymphs of Artemis, but one day Zeus disguised himself and forced himself upon her. She got pregnant and banished from the other nymphs for breaking her vow. Her faith turned even worse when Hera, Zeus wife, found out she had given birth to Zeus’ son. Hera turned her into a bear and took her son Arcas away from her. 15 years later Arcas was hunting in the forest and was about to kill the bear that was his own mother, but Zeus transformed Arcas into a bear as well and sent them both up in the beautiful night sky. Hera, furious of the glorified rival Callisto, forced them to roam the sky forever and never take a bath in the ocean ever again.

When no one is looking though, they bring the stars with them and bathe under the cloudy sky.

Sara S.

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by 695424252@qq.com


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 I designed a pair of tattoos called “Poppy seed.” 

The tattoo on the back is a seed that has not sprouted. It looks silent but has a  complexity within. The left side of the seed has a honeycomb design, which is the most stable form, a hidden energy. The tattoo on the front is the sprouted seed. It shows the multiple possibilities realized. It shows the potential for both beauty and darkness within.


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Ivana K.

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Here is my design of a tatto for an Enchanted doll as an entry for this year’s birthday contest.

I tried to express there is a beast(or wild self?) live in the body.

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I follow your website since a few years. I think your dolls are very ladylike and elegant with their tender look. So I tried not to overload the beautyful body with a huge tattoo. I think that would be a pitty, and a more “heavy” tattoo would destroy that elegance.

My painting was done in watercolors. I had a lot of fun with painting ‘Anaconda’, so thank you for hosting this contest!




Hello! My design was inspired by a character in the book Enchantress of Florence by Salman Rushdie. The character is a woman whose body has been transformed into a memory palace. The tattoo has elements of Indian Palace. The design on her torso is an entranceway, and on her arms are lotus flowers.


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My contest entry is based on my own childhood fears. The first was death and the superstitions associated with it. I grew up in a Chinese household, and my grandma told me to never harm moths because they were the souls of our ancestors coming to watch over and protect us. The red strings of fate were cut at the moment of death.

  The next one was losing something. I had a beloved teddy bear that got me through my panic attacks, that I thought I lost once and it felt like I lost a limb. This tattoo is meant to be placed on a missing arm, the girl with the bear’s arm on the front, the one armed bear on the back.

The last one is the costume. I hated the rhyme about sticks and stones, because I was bullied and knew very well the pain of words. The “arm” is a prosthetic, made out of sticks and stone and everything that could hurt me. The bandage is the uselessness of the rhyme, the ribbon is an attempt to make it better, even though it never could be.





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