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My name is Ann K, I’m from Russia. Here is my entry:

Purity. Consciousness.

Dove as the symbol of peace, purity, aspiration to higher matters.

Bird nest is the place where one start his flight and the place to come back, the place where the new soul is born.

The laurel or myrtle leaves as the natural basis, the thing that unites all of us under crown of the tree of peace.

Initially I had several ideas of Ophelia, Eve and Sleeping Beauty dolls.

I decided to settle on the peace and purity image as the most relevant for today’s uneasy times. If only these symbols would become the global values, then I’m sure people would be much happier.

The locations of tattoo’s parts represent the locations of body’s energy centres: from physical, ethereal to astral, mental and karmic centres.

Tattoo: bird’s nest on a belly, a few feathers above. Near the heart is aspiring dove carrying the branch of peace.

Decorations: a crown with green fronds and doves on top. Hairpin with little bird, green fronds and flowers.

Earrings in the form of green fronds. Bracelets with green frond and small decorative patterns. High-heeled boots, with a green frond, a dove on the foot arch, and a decorative patterns.



валерия ларина



Anelise H

The legend of Princess Tamatori and Ryujin
Prince Fugiwara goes in search of a magical pearl for his father. This pearl was known as a tidal jewel and was able to influence the ocean and its tides. The pearl had been stolen by Ryujin,  a god in the form of a sea serpent or water dragon. In his travels, the prince meets a young woman who is a pearl diver named Ama. They fall in love and marry and she bears him a son. She is renamed Princess Tamatori.
After many attempts, Tamatori is able to dive into the ocean and steal the gem back, but immediately Ryujin and his monsters hunt for her. She cuts her breast and hides the jewel inside her body.   The blood from her wound obscures the water and the dragon cannot find her. She makes it home, returns the gem but dies in the attempt. She is revered for restoring her family’s honor.

The tattoo represents Tamatori’s battle, the dragon twines about her leg, her hair is short, signifying her lower class birth and is a necessity due to her profession. Her breast bears a bleeding wound.






This is my entry for your Enchanted Doll contest.

I decided to go for a simple tattoo design of sunflowers. I think it would be beautiful to see one of your dolls covered in flowers. The tattoo could be done just with blank ink or in full colour, and it would be in the chest area, the back and the left tight. So it doesn’t matter how you pose the doll you will always see a part of the flowers. Hope you like it!




冰冷的机械掩饰下,荆棘和利器的围绕下,是渴望温暖(爱人与被爱)的心。 荆棘上微弱的生机为证。




“…the components of your body are truly ancient: you are stardust.”

We are more valuable than we sometimes feel.








Title: Constricted
Short Description:
The snake binds her waist like a corset. It represents what is outwardly a thing of beauty and yet is something that is painful, perhaps even lethal.
This tattoo explores a combination of needle engraving in dolls like Peacock and raised gold overlay such as that of Makhdot. The design is inspired by Gustav Klimt’s eccentric patterns and obsession with gold.

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