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I have to say that I am not 100 persent good at English,and I am trying my bost to introduce my tatoo,The Painted Veil to you.First, it is the inspiration of action art about veil.Second,he using of design of flowers and butterliies shows the spirit of Gothic,which means cold and magnificent.Third,the patterns twine round body show how much human beings want to be freedom.Last,the name,The Pained Veil,is used to make us think something,like who twine the veils aroud us to stop us from being free?

It is really difficult to win award,but I woud like to have a try!

That’s all.Thank you!Looking forward for your good news!

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My design is on my studies of the objectification of a humans body, male and female has always been bound by a certain expectation of a society, while not all were broken by that rule, they are certainly hurtful.

This tattoo is made for the large Enchanted Doll, the flowers in the bottom of her eye represents the tears that she sheds and it came from a flower because of how pure she is before she knows the expectations of reality of the world but somehow endured it because of how glad she is to be born into this world, the rope like string that covers her upper chest represents that bound, and the women that was at her stomach is her inner struggle to live to that expectation, and her tear drops scattered around her body, and she came with a full and long coat to hide her pain.

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The idea behind this was a reimaging of the classical tale of Persephone’s abduction and life in the Greek Underworld. Except this time, she has been abducted and forced to live in the criminal underworld, a fate that still befalls many women worldwide today.
Refusing to accept her fate, I imagine that Persephone would strive to overcome her misfortune and work her way up the criminal ranks. No longer a helpless victim, she is now Persephone, Queen of the Underworld.
The tattoos were inspired by Russian criminal tattoos. The stars on the knees indicate that she bows to no man. The spires of cathedral and crosses on her hands show how many prison sentences she has served.  Each tattoo, including the tattooed rings on her fingers, tells the story of her status and criminal past. The pomegranate necklace refers to the original Persephone myth, where eating the pomegranate seeds was what bound Persephone to the Underworld.



Yuka Undertaker

I present you my contest work. It is detailed drawing of a basic element of a tattoo, the sketch of an arrangement of a tattoo on a doll’s body, and also possible option of a costume.

“The lover of Gothic novels or the Heart, that locked for feelings of this reality” – the name of my work.

 This girl is so absorbed by life in the book that she plays the lady, the hero of novels, without seeing it. Her life is false, her  heart is false and unreal. It is locked for this world, and doomed to live the book.

But, she can be happy in her own reality.

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Cándida G

First of all, hello admire your work.

1 the first tattoo is seen located on the face as seen in the image inspire me in the beauty of nature together with a rustic touch of metal  I like how the vine is woven on her 

2 the next image is located from neck to hand behind his back

3 This is followed by colorful tattoo look like branches to bind metal piece

4 the other is a creeper if I know you have seen many vines but really visualize even one of his wrists with their hands as if she was born wildlife

5 and to finish this natural collection the next drawing is a cute flower with brown and green dots would go belly

the other images are a series of tattoos that you can place where you want if you enjoy it and because there would reach me two hundred words to thank you and my best friend is a source of inspiration but I bet aque has heard much, in order I hope you enjoy any excuse the poor quality



Добрый день, меня зовут Ирина, я из России. Я бы хотела принять участие в конкурсе тату для кукол.
Ваши куклы безупречны! Они похожи на ангелов, этим я и вдохновилась рисуя эскиз. На спине куклы изображены два сложенных крыла. На каждой руке по два больших пера, а на ногах несколько больших перьев. На левой половине головы от уха расходиться россыпь мелких перышек, как и на шее. Для завершения образа волосы у этой куколки только с права.




I send you my entry for your birthday contest.The tattoo sketched and painted with acrylic paint and photoshoped into your beautiful doll.
“Koi and la,your moon and ocean,have always circled each other in an eternal dance.
They balance each other.Push and pull.Life and death.Good and evil.Yin and jang.”



Jess C

I have photoshopped the tattoo onto your camelia, I hope you do not mind, since i dont own one of your lovely dolls.

design concept:

Young women, especially who have already stepped into the society. They need a strong spirit and heart in order to deal with the challenges they face everyday in the society. Life is though, but it helps you to build up as a person. I believe only a strong heart and spirit can help oneself to bloom.


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Ivana J

My design is about fighting for freedom of being your true self. Girl on a tattoo represents inner voice inside everyone of us, that’s why doll and her are connected with ribbon. She is a will for freedom, will to follow our passions, emotions, to say what we mean, that’s why her hair and bird are aiming for the heart as source of our emotions. 

Costumed doll represents times when we are stopping ourselves in pursuing our freedom. Maybe we are not believing in ourselves, we sacrifice for our loved ones, or just let the expectations of society stop us, so ribbons around her neck and leg ankle are symbols of ”chains and shackles” that are stopping her.

When she is naked, she represent times when we are fighting with all our strength to be ourselves, to do what we love, when we take off chains of other people’s expectations. But, even when we are trying our best to be ourselves, we can never be completely free, that’s why ribbon on her ankle is part of a tattoo. Fight for freedom lasts our whole life, so the most important thing to remember is to never give up on it.

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