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Здравствуйте. Образ куклы  фея фиалка.. Спасибо за конкурс. Первый раз учавствую  в конкурсе, спасибо большое за ваш талант  , вы вдохновляете людей.



Christine B



Christopher R

For these tattoos, I was inspired by royal decorations in castles and in antique homes. When I see you dolls, I see a lot of hard work and attention to detail, and that is why these royal decorations inspired me, because of the delicate detail and the amount of work it is put into making them!



Hello my name is Virginie Martins Cabral, I am fifteen years old and I am from Holland.
This is my tattoo.
I got inspired by myself because I have scoliosis and I sometimes think of getting a tattoo of it when I’m older.

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Natalia K



Даша Устьянцева


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Pristin Maribojoc

” A Warrior Within”
She always dream to fight and become the greatest warrior her tribe have. With deep prayers and intense practice she pleases the 4 guardians and bestowed upon her the power no man has ever achieve.

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Wang Yilin

My design inspiration source self the love birds — Coracias caudatus. It is a kind of bird habitat in southern Africa and Arabia Peninsula, not only the name of arrogant, also 14 different colors of feathers in a body, extremely magnificent……
Feeling is the work of over excited after god get color printer.
I was charmed by this bird’s beautiful, then use it to design the tattoo.

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