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Balance or world order

Without darkness there is no light, there is no evil without good. they always go side by side, without leaving a single step. it happens all over the world: only connection between light and darkness, good and evil, there may be something to really live, the ability to develop. while nothing violates this order, all living things exist in peace and harmony.

Равновесие или миропорядок.

Без тьмы не бывает света, без зла не бывает добра. Они всегда идут бок о бок, не отставая ни на шаг. Так происходит во всём мире: только из связи тёмного и светлого может появиться что-то по-настоящему живое, способное к развитию. Пока ничто не нарушает этот порядок, всё живое существует в мире и согласии.




Jin Yoon




My work is a painting with acrylics on canvas. I just photographed it.




The design was inspired by the quote ‘Only Dead Fish Swim with the Stream’, which I have found influential and guiding growing up.

Skeletons of fish follow the contours of the doll’s body in a line, all going in the same direction. The swirls around them represent the flow of the stream that sets their path. However on her foot, a fleshed, flying fish breaks away from conformity. She swims in a different direction, liberated. The flying fish is tattooed on the foot to represent that she is grounded and true to herself.

I named the doll ‘Current’, in the literal a powerful flow of water going in one direction. More importantly, it suggests her values – existing in the present time, and having an awareness of her own opinions and passions. These traits are empowering.

The drawing was done in watercolour and coloured pencil on A3. I’ve scanned it in and hope that it has come out clearly enough.

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Rapunzel – Agoraphobia

Rapunzel believes the World is unsafe and so spends her life shut up in her tower. The truth is that Rapunzel could leave at anytime – the tower is not her real obstacle.  Her hair is the key to her own freedom – by cutting it and using it to escape both her physical prison and her inner prison.

The Millers Daughter from Rumpelstiltskin – Exploitation

Oh believing she can spin gold, the King orders her to do so or die. In her desperation Rumpelstiltskin makes her  part with her treasured positions to stay alive. Only when she has nothing left to bargain with she is cruelly forced to give the ultimately treasure, her future child. She is then made to marry the King who was so willing to put her to death for the promise of gold.

Goldilocks – Sanctuary

Goldilocks is suffering from Dissociative Amnesia, bought on by a traumatic event. Her mind is protecting her in a cocoon state, regressing her to a happier time. She flees to her childhood home in the woods, a place she remembers being safe and loved. She finds sustenance, a place to rest and then takes herself to her old bed to sleep. Even the new owners, the anthropomorphic bears symbolise her childhood teddy-bear.




Brigid the bringer of Spring, a day marks this called “Imbolc”. There snowdrops on her calves the ultimate symbol of he arrival of spring. On her belly is a Brigid’s cross (Imbolc means “in the belly” as it is about fertility too). On her hand is a triquetra, in honour of her sisters. Celtic knots as magical protection. I enjoyed making her as a paper doll (making dolls is also a part of Imbolc). Her clothing is simple but adorned. I hoped to make her a fur lined cloak~




“Roots to grow and wings to fly” is usually known as a sort of mantra for parenting, but I feel like it can also be a personal one. Knowing your roots, your culture and beliefs, but also always keeping and open mind for others and for new impressions that might change the way you grow in life.



Ana M.

This tattoo is a representation of your work. You find stories and you give them a face, a body, you make them alive. You create stories from porcelain, wires, mohair, paint etc. You  take every word and fact from the story and put them in the doll expression and aspect. You give everyone a story with no words but emotions.



Petelina Anna

So, this is my “Everlasting Love”.
Technique: pen,ink, colour pens, felt-tip pens, background is painted on a computer.
Description in Russian:
«Вечная Любовь»
Идея о вечной жизни беспокоит людей уже очень и очень давно. Они ищут ключ к Бессмертию. На самом деле природа давно его нашла и всё придумано до людей. Растения умирают и на их месте вырастают новые, люди умирают, но продолжают жить в своих детях. Так что образ птицы, возрождающейся из пепла, возник не случайно. Жизнь вечна. Но была бы Жизнь вечной, полной, прекрасной без Любви? Нет, конечно нет. Любовь существует пока есть Жизнь, а Жизнь пока есть Любовь.Вечная Любовь-ключ к Вечной Жизни.Феникс,как символ Вечности.Во всех проявлениях.

In English:
“Everlasting Love”

The idea of eternal life worries people for  very, very long time. They are looking for the key to immortality. In fact, the nature had found the answer and invented everything before people did. Plants die and new grow on the same place, people die, but continue to live in their children. So the image of a bird reborn from the ashes is not accidental. Life is eternal. But  would Life be eternal, full and beautiful without Love? No, of course not. Love exists as long as  Life is. And Life exists as long as Love is. Everlasting Love  ia a key to Eternal Life.Phoenix as a symbol of Eternity.In all forms.

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Michał O

While I was thinking about Enchanted Doll Birthday Contest I wanted to design something incorporating that thought. I took inspiration form the Egyptian mythology and the goddess of the night skye – Nut. She swallowed the sun-god Ra and gave birth to him the next morning. In my doll design tattoos representing the 12 zodiac signs symbols, sharp, simple and clear. Zodiac sign is something that is with us since the moment of our birthday. To fulfill the whole image I came up with the costume design – transparent chiffon gown heavy decorated with tiny crystal beads to resemble night sky and simple fine beaded headband to stress chicness of her short hair.  

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