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Hello, my name is Nina, I’m 13 years old.

I live in Warsaw, Poland.

I’m really glad beeing a part of the Contest and this is my design.

I was thinking about blue colour for this tattoo…



I’m french and I’m 13 years old ( sorry for my bad english ). I love drawing and I would like to become an illustrator later… For your contest, I draw a Jellyfish musical tatoo because I love this animal and I love music. I hope you enjoy it ! And happy bithday !



Elizabeth F

I used to work on a ship, so nautical tattoos have been a big part of my ink viewing experience. I based this design loosely on my own triple-spiral tattoo, the color schemes of tattoos I have seen and loved, and on the traditions of sailing and tattooing. The dolphins are based on Greek/Minoan mosaics, the spirals are Celtic, the arm stripes are N.American Native. Stars and compasses represent navigation, and finding oneself. The Sun and the Moon, Night and Day represent the passage of time as do the spirals themselves, which also imitate the motion of wave action at sea. I added pearls and osprey feathers to her headdress, and I like to think that if a doll wore these tattoos she would be wearing a gauzy halter dress, so the tattoos would show through it. I hope you enjoy my design, win or not I might use it on one of my own dolls here at home. The colors could be preserved, or it could be blue and white only…

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After many barren years a clock-maker and her husband are blessed with a much loved baby girl.The girl grows up healthy and happy until one day she dies in a tragic accident.Unable to accept the loss of her precious daughter the mother decides to replace the child’s heart with a clockwork one,to which she alone holds the key.The girl grows more beautiful with each passing year and happiness ensues until the girl’s beauty starts to attract male admirers from near and afar.The parents,not prepared to share their beloved girl or to lose her to any man decide to hatch a plan to take her deep into the forest, let her burn off her energy and when she is completely wound down steal away silently promising only to return for her when her admirers have grown tired of waiting.

Many months passed before the admirers gave up and left and at last the parents could reclaim their daughter!

They rush back to the spot where they had left her but she was not there!

Desperately they searched for her but to no avail,she had vanished!

When the parents had left the girl her energy had not expelled and she went searching for her home only to get herself lost deeper inside the forest.Suddenly exhausted the girl sits on a nearby tree stump where her clockwork energy is finally wound down.

The forest, grateful for this beauty that has come to it, crown her and claim her for it’s own.The girl sits ever waiting to be wound back to life…




The tattoo portrays a goat with horns that grow into a tree of life. This idea was inspired by various myths, legends and folktales about the cycle of life, nature and wildlife. To get started I began sketching various trees with fruits as I find it to be a great symbol for the cycle of life. Though I felt that the sketches were lacking something. Eventually I came upon a picture of a goat who’s majestic horns reminded me of tree branches. So I’ve decided to merge these concepts and that finalized the idea and concept of my tattoo.

Once the tattoo was complete the concept for the doll character emerged naturally. She is a mystical deity that can turn into a guardian goat protecting the tree of life. She wears an enchanted cloak that casts a thick fog deceiving mortal travelers.

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Здравствуйте, Марина, поздравляю Вас с наступающим Днем Рождения!
Надеюсь Вам понравится моя идея тату. В ней я решила изобразить круговорот стихий в виде “Розы Ветров”.
Спасибо за внимание)
С Уважением, Светлана







I am a biologist and my tattoo design was taken from our body. I painted on my sketch several stylized system of veins. They go all over our body, to all organs. I think it’s aesthetically pleasing and is a philosophical point. Delightful structure of our body – an inexhaustible source of inspiration.



Фух успела, так на моём рисунке птица феникс. Я подумала что надо немного разбавить нежность этих кукол контрастными краскам. Яркая , красивая , восстающая из пепла.Она – живое пламя.

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Juliette H

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