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Andrea K

I have always greatly appreciated your works centered around fairytale royalty with a twist and your insect tattoos with the intricate headpieces. Being a longtime fan of yours I was inspired to combine the two into the “Hive Mistress” drawing that I submitted in your contest. I feel that the framing around the honeycomb in the doll’s midsection does exceptionally well at culminating the essence of these two ideas and the antique style fits in well with the overall theme your works encompass.


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For this tattoo, I imagined a black drawing with gold parts.

The sacred geometry.
The human part of the universal consciousness.
Because we are intimately linked with the five elements who constitute the universe : the fire, the earth, the air, the spirit and the water.
Reciprocally,  each organic element which exists in nature is made of architectural structures that correspond to these natural elements.
The tetrahedron corresponds to fire, the cube to the Earth, the octahedron to the air, the dodecahedron to the spirit, and the icosahedron to water.
Since forever, these architectural links are enrolled in our ancestral consciousness and this recognition must be transmitted and respected.
This geometry is the shape of the sacred bond that unites us all in this world.

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I am glad to send you my entry for the Enchanted doll contest. I joined sketches to make my design as clear as possible. I hope you will like it. Here is a short description :

I thought about twin sisters. They are linked by a golden tree growing on their arms and they connect the roots when they hold each other hands.



title: Beekeeper
my name: Algesiras (Anne-Laure Garcia)
direct link to the image: http://algesiras.free.fr/images/beekeeper_alg.jpg
I wanted to make a tatoo for a doll guardian of the bees. The bees are more and more endangered each year, and it’s a message to say we should treasure them more than gold, non only because of the honey, but because they are essential, precious creatures.
The beekeeper keeps a flying, free bee next to her heart.
Because bees need queens, the stylized fleur de lys in the back is a french symbol of royalty, not based on the lis flower (lily) as popular belief, but historically, on the yellow Iris.
I put this flower on the front to show the link between bees and nature.
And I added a golden lace made of honeycomb pattern, above the bee (the sky) and under the flowers (the earth).-/textbox]

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It’s some illegible,but it’s my originality,if i draw a formal tatto,it’s must meticulous. I’m a high school student I like the Ed doll very much. I’m from China. I have a bad English.thank you so much give me a chance



Brenda Tatiana Moncada Gómez



Katie T

Ever since I first saw your resin dolls, I found the white haired ones reminded me of one of my favourite fairy tales The White Cat.  When at the end of the story the cat transforms back into a beautiful woman, I always imagined that she would have some remnants of her life marked on her body. Hence the design of my tattoo, the cat is surrounded by aspects of the woman’s life.  The fruit marks the trade that her mother originally made, giving her up for some fruit in the fairy’s garden.  The hands are the hands of the servants in the story, who served and looked after ‘the white cat’. The crown represents her status as royalty of many kingdoms, and the acorn represents the prizes she obtains and gives to the prince to help him win his kingdom.



Esin E

This is my tattoo design. The name of my design is ‘Flowers and Little Monsters on my body



Laura C

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I call this the “heart of gold”, and have started referring to the girl as ‘honey’.

i wish that i had had time to finish the back view to the standard of the other two images, but i am a slow artist and time was not on my side. so i hope that you may use your imagination to my advantage :)


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