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I’m not an artist, but I’d like to share the idea of may favourite fable: Krabat – the Legend of the Old Mill.

I find this German story very beautiful in it’s black magic and darkness. I was very fascinated by it in the childhood.

So I have made a tatoo on the doll’s back in the form of an old mill, added crows and feathers. Now I realise that it should be actually a water mill, but I designed it as I have imagined it in the childhood – as a wind mill.

I designed only the back, because I would like to leave the front clear as the girl in the story was.

I strongly apologize for my little talent in drawing, but I still had much fun bringing my thoughts on the paper. So I decided to share the result and participate in the contest. I hope that at least the story can bring you some inspiration. :)

Have a nice week end,




The design I am submitting for your consideration is inspired by the tattoos found on the 2500 year old mummified body, found in Siberia, known as Princess Ukok.

On her left shoulder was a mythical animal with the body of a deer and the face of bird. The horns of the creature were adorned with flowers.

The tattoo I have created is far from a literal interpretation of the Siberian Princess’s. Instead I have attempted to loosely carry forward the motifs into a modern aesthetic.

My tattoo is of a fantasied deer. The lines are swirling and geometrically repetitive. The borders of the animal are smoky and soft, fading away into the ephemeral. The horns are elegant and decorated with a floral pattern, fitting the crown of a princess of nature.

I have enjoyed this project quite a bit, and I appreciate the opportunity to share my work with you.

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Придуманный мной узор очень простой, простые элементы.

Узор со спины переходящие на попу. шею, бедра, руки.

Фото рисунка сделаны со стороны спины и лица, что бы было хорошо видно весь образ)

Крылья и корона сделаны из тонкого сплава метала, как продолжение узоров.

Ажурные крылья. Трусики и бюстгальтер хочется что бы был полупрозрачным из тонкого кружева!

На узоре, на теле есть листики маленькие, в них (как идея) могут быть инкрустированы камешки!!

Это Бабочка.

Я люблю бабочек, и захотелось сделать образ бабочки!

С уважением, Анфиса!



Invented me a very simple pattern, simple elements.

Pattern from the back going over to the priest. neck, thighs, arms.

Photo picture taken from the back and face what would have clearly seen the whole image)

Wings and a crown made of thin metal alloy, as a continuation patterns.

Openwork wings. Panties and bra want that is translucent from fine lace!

On the design, the body has leaves are small, they (the idea) can be inlaid stones !!

This butterfly.

I love butterflies, and wanted to make an image of a butterfly!

Sincerely, Anfisa!



My name is Tasha. This is my entry for the contest. My tattoo theme is about love blooming , feeling of safety.

thank you for looking.





This is my entry, it´s entitled `Water Lily, Lady Nenúfar´. Hope you like it. Kind regards, Alberto.

PS: Nenúfar is the Spanish name of water lily 



Dovile V

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Camille P

The tattoo that I designed is called “Louisiana”. I was inspired by the state of Louisiana, its culture and its bayou. The tattoo gather some symbols of Louisiana: egret, manatee, red-winged blackbird, heron and bald cypress. 

The doll is tattooed on the back.  A “dress” covers only the front of the doll. It consist of a feather bustier with a transparent part, feather straps, a crinoline covers by a transparent fabric and feather strips. Feathers represents bald cypress’ leaves. The doll wears a gold headband composed of iris, strawberry and honey, which belongs to Louisiana’s culture. I use the state’s colors for that doll: blue, white and gold.

I hope you like it

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