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Caroline P



Jolee S

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Forgiving my pool english,tattoo description is too too hard ,Unexpected,let me imagine about a children’s stories.~(>_<)~
One night I going a bathhouse and so lucky! saw a beautiful doll!she has shinning eyes,peach lips ,it was enchanting to meet her !\(^o^)/~wh-what!? Σ( ° △ °|||)︴She is crying.She cry like a child but without tear .(;′⌒`)
“what’s wrong?”I ask her softly.”(・∀・)
“An gldfish laugh at me just a moment ago,she said me just a doll ,no realmand,never beauty than her..”(._.)
“my godness created me and leave me an tattoo,look my hand,there is a red heart,but look my chest,(it is a transparent box,(brilliant gem)),it must be ..,my godess guide me to find a real heart!”she cried (* ̄∇ ̄*)
“Not really ,”I hold back a smile<( ̄︶ ̄)>“the tattoo on the hand just a part,another part over your back”give her a mirror
“oh my god,It look like…my godess!”(+△+)
“That is right,you little pumpkin ,Your godess already gave heart to you,you always handing ,and she always over your back,to protect you .”(。・`ω´・)
Finnally,smile bace her face ,and we watching the sunrise…..





Здравствуйте Марина!
Спасибо вам большое за то, что вы есть, и за то что вы продолжаете удивлять и радовать нас вашими чарующими куклами ! Спасибо, что вы нас вдохновляете и даете возножность стремиться к идеалам! Даже сейчас вы вдохновили меня своими работами на идею, с которой я бы хотела с вами поделиться… Это карта мира с вашими путешествиями! Ваши куклы – это уже сокровище; сокровище,которое позволяет заглянуть в зачарованный мир Марины с городами,странами, находками, любимыми местам :) Кукла,которая останется хранителем и,своего рода, свидетелем ваших путешествий! К сожалению я не могу знать все ваши маршруты и места , где вы успели побывать. Мне бы очень хотелось верить и надеяться, что вам может понравиться эта идея и вы воплотите ее по своему в жизнь! Спасибо еще раз за ваше время и ваш талант!

Ваш искренний почитатель, Катя Г.

P.S. На карте я хотела изобразить белым места, где вы уже побывали, а красным – я отметила вашу Родину, и вашу вторую Родину :)


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Ara S

Sorceress of the Sea

Morgan Le Fay, a sorceress of the sea, she appears through the centuries as a sea witch, a fairy, the lady of the lake and the cause of many mystical anomalies around the globe. My Sea Sorceress is inspire by Arthur Rackham’s mermaids, and the folktales about Morgan, Morgana, and Morgain. She falls in love with a diver, her love is unrequited, feeling heartbroken and angry, she seeks revenge on the ship he’s aboard, summoning the Kraken from the deep, it sinks the ship and kills all aboard. Ashamed and heart broken she wears the scars of her mistake on her back.




Kassandra F

Inspired by the idea of a witch with a sigil in her skin that signifies her pact with an otherworldly being with power, I came up with this ornate design. Most of it is not based on anything, except for the symbol in the very center which is inspired by the symbol for Hecate’s wheel, an emblem of a goddess associated with the moon and witchcraft. I ended up going a bit flowery with it all, haha.

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Medusa might be the most famous monster from Greek mythology. She was a Gorgon sister who was beautiful, beautiful to the point Apollo (the same sun god who chased after Daphne) raped her. This caused Athena to be disgusted at Medusa, and thus change her into the monster we know of.
The doll Medusa is seen with the beautiful face of when she was a priestess, and on her breast the face of the transformed her. Since Medusa died by having her head cut off by Perseus, her head is connected to the head of the former her. Her eyes are closed, no longer turning people to stone. Serpents snake around her body, arms, and legs.
Background: Perseus and Athena with the Head of Medusa.

Lamia was a mistress of Zeus who was forced by Hera, his wife, to eat her own children. She became traumatized, as many would be, and each time she closed her eyes she saw her children. Zeus gave her the ability to remove her eyes whenever she wanted to lessen her pain. Still distraught, she took to seducing males and killing them. In some versions, she also are babies.
Lamia had the upper body of a female and lower body of a snake. As a doll, Lamia would have normal legs tattooed with the skin of a snake. Scales would also be seen on her cheeks, arms, and collarbone. Her breasts become snake-eyes, the removing of her eyes.

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Rebecca G

My tattoo is  Lady Hawk where by day she a hawk and by night she women. Her lover is a man during the day and a wolf at night. so their is a sad love story. did not have time to do a drawing for the male. Necklace is not a tattoo, also the head piece is not a tattoo. she also has a cape as you  see in the face pic. I just learn about the contest on 3/11/15 I kind rushed to get this done I hope you like it . thank you for your beauty dolls.

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Jingfang W

I did the drawing first then I can’t help myself to make it too. so my entry include my drawing and a doll torso I made with some air dry clay. the piece is about 12.5 cm. it was quite a challenge to tattoo it. but I had great deal of fun in doing it~ =)

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