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Iki A

Enchanted Mechanisms
Thank God For those people,
The ones who risk it all for their dreams
Their gears are moved by the powers of dreams,
Turning with no end they keep inspiring other people
It is a no end row of movement,
Of enchanted feelings who bring our dreams to life
Thank you to the enchanted people who keeps fighting for what is fair
Enchanted Magic who keeps the hearts moving.



Heather L



Geraldine Camavilca Ñieto




I’d like to entry the 2015 contest_design a tattoo for an Enchanted doll. My tattoo design’s concept is simply ‘Bone and Lace.’

I hope you like my tattoo design for an Enchanted doll. Thank you for opening this wonderful contest.

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Karla R

The tale of the Firebird is a story I’m adapting using some elements from Stravinsky’s Ballet and the Tale of Ivan and the Wolf. One important character of the tale is the Firebird, a bird with bright feathers. In my story I named her Emyra, a traveling dancer.

One thing I was sure while I was designing this character was that I didn’t wanted it to dress her torso with feathers, of all the designs and sketches with that elements none of them seemed appealing to me or magical enough.

And  then I was covering her body with forms and patterns, that fit, that seemed right, so I redesigned her for this contest and I just had to adapt the design for an Enchanted Doll.

The patterns over her body are designs that looks like suns or flowers and shining elements like the bird, a bright creature with golden tattoos covering her body, there is one important element with this design too: the tail.

The original tail in my illustrations it’s bright and composed of golden peacock feathers. I had to create the Enchanted Doll version of the tail. It’s metallic with jewels of different forms and sizes.



Mother is my story. My immigration to the United States at a young age from Southeast Asia; my journey as a Hmong woman through life and culture placement and onto motherhood, fabricating the next generation.




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Marina: this is my proposal for a magic tattoo wrist.
The magic and ancestral Quetzalcoatl in a delicate feminine version. The plumage of the snake crosses the body of Princess Maya accompanied by numbered and the circle, which in their cosmogony represents the underworld. The finished tattoo on the back with the tail of the beautiful and magical feathered serpent.
The color is red cinnabar.
Suggested attire is embroidered in white robes embroidered geometric figure with jade, turquoise stones, lapizlasuli and coral, the headdress is in gold and turquoise stones which is accompanied by a nose ring, exclusive piece of the noble calse including princesses.




My Enchateddoll-Tattoo is inspired by the fairytale ‘The Wild Swans’ by Hans Christian Andersen. While she has a human body again, the swan is still a part of her identity and one of her arms is covered in feathers. The nettles on her ankle and wrist cannot fully remove the curse.

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