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I was inspired with Sarah William’s poem, “The Old Astronomer”.   Surrounded in darkness with only the lights of stars guiding her, the fiery red haired girl with a Protea flower on her chest looks on and smiles confidently.  I also drew the same flower on her thigh.  The Protea flower symbolises courage and diversity.  This is my tribute to Marina and her boundless creativity and individualistic artistry.

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The idea of my image is based on a legend about a girl who stood out among ordinary people with its original worldview. Because her worldview was not clear to most, and she could not adjust, she was enchanted and transformed in a fabulous tree. This tree embodies her thirst for free flight in the form of a bird, her strong and noble character as a Сougar (Puma) and her tenderness as the larvae of butterflies dreaming about wings, deep among the roots.

Sorry my imperfect English, and I wish you great success, you’re a genius, your work is very inspiring me.



Nina K

The Cage
There are streaks of dark metal on girl’s body, a picture of blue bird on her chest and blue wings on her back. Girl’s accessories represent the parallel with the tattoo: a blue feather mask with the bird and the wings, a grid-collar and a “skirt” — with the cage on her body. There are bracelets on her wrists. They are the rings used for ringing (banding) birds.

Both the girl and the bird are captured in the cage. The bird symbolizes a gentle soul of the girl and at the same time the girl herself, associating with the mask. The wings are also a little clue.



Anita D J


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Alice S

The tattoo was designed as a calico cat made with simple lines.
The dress and ornaments are made of metal rings. The bracelet is adorned with colored crystals. The dress should be loose, not tight.

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Linda K

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Like in the Notre- Dame’s bell under a smooth gold surface is hidden the wealth.  The same goes with the woman- under a dark, clear costume there is a hidden beauty of her body.  Woman is a treasure, sacred creature, who hides the richness behind external surface.  Tattoo is made of small pieces of colorful mirror. Pieces melted into a porcelain body catch the rays of  light, beaming with breathtaking reflections.

Thanks for your inspiration art, it shows the beauty of the world.

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A series of images exploring the idea of tattoos being a visual impression left on the skin by the sensation of being held, either in tenderness, or force. The tattoos could be indicative of the emotional ‘scarring’ of abuse, or a lingering memory of a loved one’s touch.

With our bodies we have the power to restrain, dominate and oppress – but, not exclusively as this can be done mentally also, perhaps going unnoticed by appearance. Both love and abuse leave marks, whether physical or not.

There are many limiting factors of touch, such as time and distance. We can’t be touched by those who are absent, but that may not lessen their ‘hold’ upon us. Likewise, the burning desire to feel the touch of a loved one who is not present is like having their absence etched upon the skin.

An embrace can be fatal, but can also save and restore life. The same pair of hands; two antithetical outcomes. How is it that an act of intimacy can have the potential to both harm or comfort in equal measures?




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