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Gaynor B

Here is my entry for this year’s contest.  There’s no place like home, so I though I’d design my tattoo with this thought in mind … an abode befitting an Enchanted Doll.







My tattoo entry is inspired by a story I’ve been writing for a long time now.  It starts long ago in a kingdom in the forest, where the kingdom is being attacked by a clan of shape shifting wolves. The King and Queen try to escape but the wolf clan is too quick for them, they were no match for the clans power, but their young daughter (only 7 at the time) managed to get any. As she ran through the forest she was caught by one of the wolves, a white female wolf that blended into the snowy forest floor. she caught the girl, but did not kill her, she slashed the girl across her face and left her there to bleed in the woods.
The entry is of the princess now in her early twenties and it shows how when the shape shifting wolf cut her, it imbued her with woods magic of the forest. The magic would effect different people in different ways; for the wolf / woman that attacked her it gave the woman the ability to shape shift, but for the princess it took on another form. For her the woods have become a part of her, the vines slowly taking over her body and mind.



Frank D

This is my pleasure to present my concept for tattoo girl contest. This original idea is  about Female’s Power. Inside this girl’s heart, a monster is hidden inside. The monster presents the dark side of female, wild and sexy, although it is chained inside, the monster’s eager for freedom is shown gorgeously on this female’s back.

The monster has multiple eyes. It is shown on the girl’s center of back and shoulder. The monster is sealed inside by chains, but his tale, shown on the waist, has broken out the constraint.




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About my project (please see the attachments): my inspiration was romantic ballad “Świtezianka”, written by great polish poet Adam Mickiewicz. It’s a sad story about nymph, unfaithful lover and his punishment. It takes place by the lake called “Świteź”, known as magical place in my country. Near this lake grows the strange flower “Lobelia”. It is strange, because this plant usually grows by the sea. There is also a beautiful dragonfly called as well “Świtezianka”. That is why I’ve put it in my
My imagination of a doll, is a beauty from waves with Świtezianka face on a back and lobelia on leg at the front. Her head is decorated by wreath and her body is covered by ethereal gown…
Marina, if you would like to read “Świtezianka” you can find original text with translation to english under the link below:








This is an image of the fairy tales of the Russian writer Bazhov PP.
Mistress of Copper Mountain – the keeper of precious rocks and stones, sometimes appears before the people in the form of a beautiful woman, and sometimes – in the form of a lizard.

Tattoo color malachite. Tattoo should repeat the beauty of malachite. Tattoo can be decorated with gold. Malachite is very well combined with gold.




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