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Morgaine was a legendary princess in ancient Brinatn (then it was the matriarchal kingdom).and a half-sister of King Arthur. She was chosen to rule her people as the highest priestess of three-faced goddes. She had to fight for her world to stay unchanched, because of a new faith to Britain. But her legacy was taken by men, who were taking over “the old order”. As a lader she got painful ritual tattoos as symbols of transformation from child to wise adult women. Also it was a symbol of great wisdom drawn from the pain of women’s life. Such tattoos were made by using thorns and blue ink. Her tattoos includes thorns(for pain), leaves (for birth) and a blue cresent on her forehead (as innocence). I draw it using blue and red, because it is still fresh and painfull.



Amber C

My entry is “Tattooed Tara” her tattoos are inspired by imagery relating to the Buddhist Bodhisattva Green and White Tara.  The first woman to obtain enlightenment despite having been told it would be impossible, she vowed to always reincarnate as a woman and represents compassion, willing to come to the aid of the suffering.

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Sarah/ Wish

Hero and Leander Description by Wish

I was always fascinated by the doomed Greek love story of Hero, a virgin priestess of Aphrodite who resides in a tower in Sestos, and Leander, a handsome young man from across the river in Abydos who fell in love with her and seduced her. Hero would light a torch from her tower to guide Leander who would swim across the Hellespont every summer night to be with her. But one stormy winter’s night, the torch was blown out, and Leander lost his way and drowned to death. A desperate Hero after she finds Leander’s dead body flung herself from the tower to her death.

Of course, I remembered you had male Enchanted Dolls, and Lucius is starring as Leander. I wanted to design a set of tattoos that conveyed completed each others’ story as a pair to make a whole narrative.  I was inspired especially by Christopher Marlowe’s unfinished epyllion of this Greek myth, which describes Leander as being as beautiful as a woman and desired by Neptune. The silhouette of the tower is inspired from Leander’s Tower or Maiden’s Tower in Turkey. In my concept sketches, I envisioned Hero’s back would be tattooed with the scene of Leander drowning.

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Belmira S

I have drawn here a crown to be placed above the pubic area of a doll. The crown design is based off of one of Queen Victoria’s (England) tiaras–specifically her Emerald and Diamonds crown. I simplified the tiara and instead of emeralds and diamonds I am using rubies and pearls. The idea and placement come from the still strong social importance of a woman’s virginity prior to marriage. I picked a tiara from the namesake of the Victorian Era because I feel that was a recent time where many laws of modesty were placed on women to restrain their mobility and sexuality. Still, to this day, the social expectation for a woman to remain a virgin until she is married persists and in some places around the world more than others. I think this is an important issue to address. I was inspired by your “State Property” doll and felt that this tattoo idea also fell in line with the same issues of female sexual and bodily autonomy.



Carmen KE

The theme of this tattoo design came from my new experiences as a mother to my toddler and now a newborn. I struggle with the dualities of protecting them and giving them the freedom they want. I imagined all the symbols and designs that could show this struggle, this confusion that competes in my mind. I decided to narrow it down to an abstract bird tattoo. I incorporated such parts as bird’s heads, body and wings to symbolize freedom, our constant need for independence, to expand our horizons, and live life fully. The other more filigree abstract patterns are my symbols for protection and restraint like corsets and ribs. They bind the inside and shield the person from external harm. By using black/gray ink I wanted to convey the serious matter of protecting my children and also permanence of traditional tattooing.



Laurel SR

For my entry, I chose to draw inspiration from two things that Enchanted Doll always brings to mind for me: fairy tales and illuminated manuscripts.  My favorite fairy tale has always been Donkey Skin (or All Fur), and I decided to use the stories motifs, the three walnuts, the sun, moon and stars, and the donkey itself as well as a crown around the doll’s neck and blend them with the swirls and scrollwork done in inks and gold leaf reminiscent of medieval illuminated texts.  I also hope that you have a wonderful birthday this year!  This is the first time I’ve ever had the time to make an entry for your contest, but I’ve always wanted to, and I am very excited to contribute to making your celebration a good one.



Ellen B

This sketch is my entry for the tattoo concept Birthday contest. I have loosely based the” Warrior Princess “on the Ukok princesss from the Pazyryk tribe discovered in a burial mound in Siberia around 1993. I first saw the photos of her tattoos in an article in National Geographic and have been fascinated by her ever since.  My tattoos drawings are also inspired by one of my favorite illustrators, Dahlov Icpar. She painted a mural for a school in a nearby town.



Michaela U

Her name was Cio-Cio San. But they called her Butterfly. Then she met HIM. And he gave her real wings. But he was the one who broke them…

My illustration represents Madama Butterfly. Her tattoo symbolize her wings. But Pinkerton was the one who controled them that is why he is in centre. He gave her happiness but also deep grief….

U used pencils, pen and water colors. Please look at my entry in better resolution because there are lot of details which are not very well visible when it is small ;)



Robin J

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Issac B

This is my entry for the recent contest; it is themed around persephone and how she is the goddess of spring yet she must still live in the underworld. i hope you take my entry under your consideration. thank you!

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