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Andrea V

I did my design with watercolors, but I create not just a tattoo, also I imagine it as part of a bigger concept. I called the doll, María, and my inspiration was our lady of Guadalupe, the patron and I think that the biggest symbol of religion in my country. But for me, represent something bigger. As you know, in Mexico, the religion is an important part of our life, but I think that not in a good way.The machismo is part of that, and if I could describe the virgin with one word it would be abnegation. And in my country, although we progress, they want that all the girls play this roll, they say that we must be mothers and just see four our child and family , and be this perfect and religious wife.
Be like that is not bad, but is horrible when they force you. So my idea was transform the Guadalupe’s virgin in to a real women. I use her main symbols  and I changed.
The heart represents our capacity of create life, but is a particular decision, and represents also of own lives, we choose our ways, the veins. The virgin is paint on top of the moon and in front of sun, representing her magnificent, but, we are normal persons, we have the sun and the moon inside of us, sometimes we act right or wrong, we are not perfect. The ribbon in the virgin is because she is pregnant, but in my doll, repents that we can take care ourselves, and is not selfish.
The rood turned is the election of be different from what religion and society expect. I’m not a virgin, I’m not a hooker, I’m just a woman.

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William Gerardo Hernández García



Katherine S

Fertility Sacrifice-
In the past, multiple cultures would have an annual human sacrifice for crop fertility and better yields. The killing could take many forms, and often removing the heart was a part of it. This is the significance of the corn growing from the hole over her heart. The tree circles the womb and rooted in representation of human reproduction and the continuing cycle of the goddess of earth who was believed to give her life in exchange for the growth of spring and summer. The noose of wheat combines the life-brining food with the death involved, and its relation to human belief and needs, the hoe, eventually unwinding and finally returning to seeds.



Elizabeth S

My tattoo idea is based on the Hunt of the Unicorn tapestries, and the idea that unicorns could be lured by young virgins.

The crown around the neck represents the unicorn in captivity.  The wound to the chest represents the wounds inflicted during the hunt, and the killing blow.  The tree on the back represents life, and the water represents purity, and the flowing out of life as the unicorn dies.

For this tattoo, all of the golden colors are meant to be metallic.

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Merrilyn C

Title:  “The Egg Timer” (The time is twenty past midnight.  Has she left it too late?)

My tattoo design is a symbolic representation of a woman’s biological clock, incorporating elements inspired by one of my favourite Faberge eggs.  Research indicates that a woman’s eggs determine her biological clock.  They drive the system.  They do the ticking.  Some women choose not to listen, yet these tiny eggs have an uncanny way of making themselves heard.  The little face on the clock symbolises the unborn child, who may or may not come to be.   And in the case of IVF, it’s a poignant reminder of the embryos created but not required.  Perhaps to be left ‘hanging’ in their frozen world.  Forever suspended in time.

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Irene’s Sorrow
The tattoo is inspired by a polish nurse Irena Sendler that during the II World War had courage to save over a 2,500 children from ghetto of Warsaw. The broken chains are a sign of freedom this brave woman, which after that was also arrested and tortured, gave to so many innocent beings. The flower in a chest is a symbol of children. Initials on doll’s arms stand for Irena Sendler, but also for a doll’s name: Irene’s Sorrow. The woman many years later said: “Every single child was saved by me is a justification for my existence on this earth, not a reason for the glory”. For the rest of her life she kept to ask herself, whether she could save more lives.



Matt S

“Galileo’s Daughter”
In Elementary school, we learn of Galileo and his family, but one thing did not set well with me. He had two daughters, Virginia and Livia. Both were sent to a convent in their adolescence. Virginia was very well documented, however the information on Livia was very scarce. The most information I could find in any books at the time stated that she was mute and simply weird. She was often referred to as the strange child. She was nine when they arrived. Livia took the name of Sister Archangela, her sibling became Maria Celeste. After their arrival, not much was mentioned of Livia, except the convent life was not fit for her. I would feel that it would be difficult to be a mute nun. In my elementary brain I created adventures of what she might do if at nighttime she escaped the convent, traveled as far as possible before daybreak and followed in her fathers train of thought by chasing and charting the stars. Virginia wrote back and forth to Galileo while he was imprisoned. Due to the matter of the letters, the nuns burned most of them. Livia saw how much her family was being punished just by her father’s attempt to speak the truth. Luckily Livia could not speak, but she could still search for her own truth. I did not do a very good job, but for Livia’s tattoos, I had imagined her almost charting on her own body the things she saw in a white ink or chalk. I thought the contrast of the geometric shapes and lines against her slightly sunkissed Italian skin would be very satisfying. She could also have a great costume like a sheer habit, a great ensemble from an area surrounding Italy in the early 1600s, or even a really cool suit of armor that she might have for extreme situations.





Kait C

The Ghost of the Old Knotted Tree

They placed my body beneath the old knotted tree; the tree where we played with our marbles and dolls.  I’ll never know why they chose me; I do not understand at all.  It matters no longer, for all that remains are fragments of a girl who’d not yet lived and her favorite tree…

My inspirations were the Inca human sacrifices found in the 90s in Argentina and other areas of South America, as well as the many human sacrifices of Ancient Asia.  I am hoping my entry will convey some of the emotions these people must have felt (or would feel as a ghost), knowing they had no control over their own fate, and being unable to understand why they were chosen.  It’s both fascinating and heartbreaking to me that theses cultures believed the sacrifice of a loved one’s life could bring good fortune.



The traveller series – the original idea went from a passion for sea life but also for the end of the XIXth century period innovations and steampunk genre. This is naturally that the universe of Jules Verne novels came to me.
Dolls can be part of a story, tell a story as a fairy tale or be a personification of a character, but here i wanted the dolls to literally be the story. Each customization represents a novel of Jules Verne, highlighting themes he was passionated by and he used to make his stories unforgettable, out of time, and avant-gardist, like nature, travels, science and mechanic inventions.
I usually use fresh colours on dolls, but here i wanted these design to remind the gravures by this black/white with Chinese ink method, and two-tone artworks fit your creations very well.

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