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Hisako S


( Nayotake-no-Kaguya-hime “princess of flexible bamboos scattering light”)

Inspired by a Japanese folktale, traditional Japanese body suits, and Sho Chiku Bai (pine, bamboo, and plum) also known as the “Three Friends of Winter”.

The story is of a child that is sent from the moon to live on earth. I imagine her tattoos of the Three Friends of Winter as giving her protection and guidance as she journeys through our world. They represent steadfastness, perseverance, resilience, and purity.

(Pencil crayons on a print, original image Enchanted Doll by Marina Bychkova)

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I named my project “Extinct” and I was inspired by “The Last Unicorn” – fairytale by Peter S. Beagle. It is about the female unicorn, who thinks she may be the last of her kind. She goes on a journey to face her fate, hidden in a human body, so no one can recognize her and hunt her down. But the shell of mortal flesh slowly kills the ancient creature hidden inside. Her salvation turns out to be her bane, but in the same time it is the human body which shows her what is the feeling of love, which previously was not given to her to know.



Angelique Angels



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Virgin Mary represents the genesis. As the mother of Jesus, she symbolizes holiness, purity and renascence. With thorns intertwining amid the sacred heart and the cross, abdominal cavity being pregnant with Jesus, the holy light is disseminated around the infant’s whole body under the church’s asylum.
Still are the lilies betokening the purity of virgin.  But this design has not adopted them, no longer representing the purity of Virgin Mary, but renascent Jesus.
When it comes to destruction, whom I first come up with is Medusa in the Greek mythology, as well as her snaky hair and petrifying eyes. I come up with a good inspiration about her eyes – the closing eyes on the stripes of both hands. When the hands cover Medusa’s eyes, she looks as if closing her eyes.
Venus represents Aphrodite. In order to look for her beloved, Venus runs through the grove of roses. The white roses puncture her hands and feet, the blood drops on the rose petals, and the white roses became red ones. Redeeming the world with love is also an eternally immutable truth. When painting the effect picture, I think why I shall not turn the child into a statue of Venus de Milo, with the hands tattooed on the body to replace the ones she has lost.

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Who are we? Angels? Demons?
We are born with inherent traits of both.
We are humans.
Behind the brittle shell of our bodies there is a war that we are doomed to
lead for ever.
The war with the demons within us for the only priceless treasure – our soul.
The essence of our being – a struggle between two opposites laid down in us initially.
This is our punishment and our blessing.
Which side will win?
Angel wings can be decorated with pearls and pieces of mirror,
and on the tips of the demon-gargoyle`s wings can be added hanging drops of blood – rubies.

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Chiza A

The Genie of the Lamp. A symbol of infinite freedom, the fulfillment of your deepest desires – riches, power, love. Wish for everything, because when nothing is missing, surely then you can finally be whole! Whole? Deep down, you know that empires crumble, that treasures tarnish. What will any of it matter when you die? Three wishes. Any mortal can have only three. The first wish is to be BORN, though time slips away like countless grains of sand the moment you first draw breath. You are alive. The second wish is to take life and LIVE it, to reach beyond yourself and embark on the journey that will reveal your beautiful true form. The third wish is to DIE, and say, “I am now immortal.” Your legacy, built by your deeds like bricks, like mortar by the lives you touched, is THE judgement – the only judgement. The golden thread of your life; spun, measured and cut with blind precision, is yours only in illusion. As with the Genie, your seemingly endless choices are actually few. Waste your life, and you will die. Live it, truly LIVE it, and you will live forever.




Princess once, she became the Queen and the birth mother of an endless sea of faith, trust and soothing comfort.
Her name translating as “love”, she held the idea of the greatest female with certain typical features, ability to love being one of them. But entailing such features she as well held a burden she could never afford to let go. She is the mother of Buddha.
Was she beautiful? Was she prudent? Was she the one who gave so much requiring little in return? Was she the one who died 7 days after the birth of an only child thus becoming a womb for beliefs, fears and hopes for generations on? Was she allowed to be different? Who can ask her that?

The tattoos here are parts of the image of the Queen Maha Maya, who had her child and her destiny inwrought tightly with the conception of an elephant with the lotus on the back. The animal bore her fate, and the imprint of this fate with a scent of the intoxicated flower is forever the reflection of hers in a mirror within the river of history.

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В вашем блоге я прочитала, что вы очень любите путешествовать, поэтому думаю вам приятно, что вашим куклам приходится много путешествовать, ведь они так популярны по всему миру. Моя идея для татуировки – это татуировка в виде карты с названием городов, в которых живут/побывали ваши куклы. У меня, конечно же, нет такой информации, поэтому использовались только несколько имён крупных городов.

Вдохновением для меня помимо ваших кукол послужили различные карты, виды со спутников и т.д.(mood board прилагаю) Бесконечная вереница дорог и развязок, которые пересекаются, то широкие – то узкие, то извилистые – то прямые, они как кружева облегают тело куклы.

В ночных городах много света, их даже видно со спутника, поэтому есть предложение поверх татуировки использовать люминофорную (luminofor) краску, она прозрачна и светится в темноте, как фосфорная только безопасная.

Идея для наряда. Перед тем как куда-то отправиться, мы всегда смотрим погоду в том городе, куда мы направляемся. Платье сделано из прозрачной ткани с расшитыми камнями или вышитыми нитками образами, характеризующими погоду. Ткань платья такая же подвижная, как и меняющаяся погода, которая обычно показывается на картах.



Piyaporn K

In Buddhist mythology and Hindu mythology, a Kinnari is a paradigmatic lover, a celestial musician, half-human and half-bird.
This is my first time that I design tattoo useing Thai-painting so I think it may look weird…,but I not give up! because I want to improve myself more and more by your contest !



Holly W

For the theme of my tattoo work, I chose the ancient Egyptian Goddess Hathor. .
This tattoo is meant to be on the back of a doll perhaps over lapping a bit on the sides of the doll. Pearls or glass beads are represented by the shiny circles.

Hathor’s name means House of Horus”, and in hieroglyphics, her name is written as a falcon inside a box that represents the floor plan of a house.
Hathor is commonly depicted as a cow goddess with horns set in a sun disk with Uraeus.
She has many titles  As the daughter of Re, she was the “Eye of Re”.  In the form of a large seeing eye, she watched over mankind. She was at times seen as destructive and savage. It is thought by some, that she was the origin of the “Evil Eye”.
The Ankh, thought to have been derived form Hathor’s eye, is a symbol of good luck.
As “The Mistress of Heaven”, she was seen as a celestial cow whose four legs supported the vault of Heaven.
Hathor , worshiped by royalty and common people, is depicted as “Mistress of the West” in tombs welcoming the dead into the next life.
In other roles she was a goddess of music, dance, love, motherhood, fertility and a goddess who helped women in childbirth.
The Lotus is a symbol of the sun representing creation, rebirth, and regeneration.
The Sistrum, a musical rattle meaning “to shake”, and was often seen with a carving of Hathors face.
The Scarab is equated with the ball of the sun being rolled across the sky. Uraeus (the cobra) is associated with the sun and also represented the “fiery eye of Re”.

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