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Impermanence- By Gabriel

Just as we walk on the Earth, so do we return to it-

But death doesn’t have to mean the cessation of life, but rather, change.  When one door closes, another opens and the cycle starts over. Like the two faced God Janus, the lady death means many things to many people- Both beginning and End.

I think dolls, in all their tiny perfection can teach us a little something about life, and death. Just as loving hands build them up, and strive to make them their very best, we as humans live our brief lives much the same way. And, like a doll, we are all fragile and impermanent. We can laugh, love and be beautiful. We can live our lives in many varied ways. But,in the end, regardless of ideals or our understanding of our world, we all return to the same place-

To the earthen clay from which we were sculpted, to give life anew.

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my name Kha, i’m from Viet Nam.I loved the works of ban.chuc you have a very happy birthday and composed many works great.

You embrace a doll and promise to give it all and share with it all your feelings and the deepest secrets from your youth untill adulthood. But how long will the doll stay with you, share with you and embrace you?

But dont be sad. There will be another one to share with. You will love again.    Does anyone ever wonder how old the doll is? Some say 50, some 100 , 200 even, but for sure longer than a human will live.

The one who owned it, has already long passed cold, someone else will come along to make the doll as their own. Only the doll stays the same, waiting for the next person who holds the key to restore its life and bring back the doll its heart, love and feelings.

But one more time the key will be gone, leaving the heart of the doll in silence. Its most hurt full and tragic time. Waiting in silence the doll sheds no tears,  cries of the heart unheard. The motionless body lies down with a broken heart, filled with memories,  an unconcious soul buried within.

What is art,  without human to appreciate it?  The man who created the doll is long gone, everyone just stands and wondering trying to find the worth and value of the art but no one knows what the doll is thinking. Their eyes,  nose and mouth were created with perfection,  yet they cannot let out their feelings. All that the doll has, is a silent heart and a silent face.

My Rose Road

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“The hummingbird, the thistle and the snake”

I don’t know…I was thinking around Ophelia while was creating this.

Fist I was thinking about broken gemstone heart with all  its parts around the body, bird and flowers, but as result got another way…

Better way was to weave the snake and root of the thistle on the girl’s back, but I chose front side for full view.

References are in the attachments: photo of the hummingbird and Jeune Princesse Scandinave by Elisabeth Sonrel.





Моя идея довольно проста, это то, как я вижу персонаж сказки, которая хорошо известна многим. “Медной горы хозяйка”. На теле тату в виде ящерицы. Медные бусы, браслеты на руках и ногах, кольца на пальцах рук и ног. На головке медный монгольский традиционный шлем с хвостом. Халат из тончайшего зеленого шифона, с россыпью биссера и золотным шитьем. На ножках восточные туфельки.

“Рисовака” я еще та, за это прошу прощения, но в целом идею я передала, как мне кажется.

Еще раз спасибо!

Хорошего дня!

Дарья Выставная.



Jeannine F

My Tattoidea is something traditional with a twist !

The tatto goes from the front to the back  on one side it looks just like a  skull of a deer

but on the other side the antlers overlap and have the look of twigs with plumblossoms.

For me it is a symbol of life.

I am still not quite sure if the flowers shoul be on the dolls back or complement her breast but i tend to her back 

so that the skull would be over her navel and abdomen.

Hope you like it and Happy birthday  Enchanted dolls!

Much love from Germany

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Katie O

I’m submitting my entry for the Birthday Contest, she’s a hamadryad. She’s a tree nymph that is apart of an evil tree, if the tree dies, so does she. The concept is to show that appearances can be deceiving. Even tough she looks innocent, she has a powerful dark spirit on her side. She has a tattoo that covers a large part of her body. The most important tattoo is on her back, which is the demonic face of her tree spirit. The bark pattern that surrounds her body is in browns and grays. The black color used for the shadows is suppose to trick the mind in seeing depth. There’s also pink blushing that surrounds the different parts of the tattoo, and there is pink blushing in the fingers.

The nymph is a timid creature but when crossed the demonic tree spirit emerges…

I attached the image to the document, let me know if you have problems opening it.
I love your dolls, you have a wonderful talent!

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