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Progect description

“Introducing Vita. Her tattoo shows the unfolding of life through the intermixed symbologies of the Moirae myth and of the changing seasons. Clotho is the spinster that generates the thread of life, Lachesis defines the lengths of the thread, while Atropos cuts it. As winter’s snow falls to cover with silence the dead, there is hope for the future, in the form of seeds that fall on the ground, a promise of rebirth and renewal in the generations to come.

The project could be expanded with the depiction of three embracing female figures of different ages on the back of the doll. These would represent both the different phases of a woman’s life and the joys of motherhood (and grand-motherhood).”

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Sasha S

The tattoo on the body of this drawn Enchanted Doll symbolizes a phenomenon that every woman goes through every month during her entire life from teen-age till middle one, – period.

In our society it is one of the taboo themes. There is a lot of euphemisms in different languages (in Russian, for example: критические дни, дела, праздники), by the use of which some people prefer to avoid calling it by its name. I cannot but remember either of old prohibition in the orthodox culture for a woman during her menstruation to tend out to church because she is considered as ,unclean’.

I decided to confront this subject putting it into the concept of my sketch in order to define my own relation to it, too, because I was grown up with a kind of shame of this aspect of a women life. So, starting to draw I imagined the following meaning: veins are running through the whole female body; every month woman loses an insignificant amount of blood if there was no impregnation. The tree on the belly of the drawn doll, which ground here is a womb, symbolizes other succeeding generations (blood vessels as tree branches), all the descendants, to whom a woman gives birth to carry on the life through the time. The drop of blood on her chest reminds of the fact that every female is the world is invisibly marked with such a phenomenon as menstruation.

I think, especially men should be aware of this: a woman suffers under menstrual pain every month just for the future life, if she once wishes to have children at all. So, I created my sketch with the thought it would be much better if there would have been no euphemisms and no social blame, so girls could be growing up without a shame for being women.



Hortiu Ana Maria

For the contest I designed a set of four tattoos their theme being ,,The four elements of nature” but I wanted to create them a little different and instead of using  the classic symbols I went for abstract ones. From left to right I drew : Wind most mysterious element, the positioning of the elements is not random, wind powers and gives support to fire; Fire energetic and playful; Water caring and nurturing towards the earth, both water and fire are equal in power so they are both standing. Last but not least the Earth, cradle of life always depending on the water to give birth to nature. All four elements have the same sign on the forehead because they are related. I hope my idea is a spark of inspiration for you. 

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Fernando and Paulina

This is my statement for the tattoo:

“Make dolls is in some way like create a kind of life, a magical one, and is this sensation the one I tried to capture in this idea, the idea of you, giving to your dolls the gift of life, making their hearts beat and at the same time is you inspiring others hearts to create.

I know how much you admire Sulamith Wulfing’s art and I see it in many details of it in EDs, thats why i used tangled decorative motifs in it, the flowers, the hair ( I think this  is more Mucha) and the crown. The heart of the doll is becoming to life inside an open rose.

I imagine a doll with all the elements that we use to see in your work : the engraving and  the gold touchs but with  more colours, even with  incrusted stones into the engraved surface”

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My designs are inspired by Chinese traditional patterns and i also add some of my old artwork in it. i really hope you like my designs so i can finally get the doll i’ve been dreaming for a long time!


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The Traveller

Traditional Nautical tattoo’s could be read off the body of a sailor like a symbolic book. Each inked image illustrated a hard earned badge of honour; a swallow for every 5000 miles travelled or a turtle if you’d crossed the equator. For the suspicious, certain symbols represented  goodluck talismans; The North Star to keep one on course or guide you home, a spyglass to keep goals in sight, and Marina’s lantern serves as a guiding light in dark or uncertain times. Banners and anchors were emblazoned with the names of those who kept you steady, or in this case – words of courage and strength for the lonely traveller. Pinups kept a sailor company, and were sometimes the only companion for months for a sole traveller.

Inspired by Marina’s love of vintage illustrated maps and my own shared passion for world travel. “The Traveller” is a fragile being, literally too delicate to live out her namesake, echoing many of our own fears of setting out into the dangerous unknown. She herself becomes an illustrated map: perfect skin engraved with her strengths and fears, her achievements and deepest desires laid out for anyone who meets her on her journey to see.

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My first idea for tattoo was something beautiful, like orchids… BUT, lately I have been involved in the debate wether it is ok or not to kill such beautiful creatures as wolves. And this whole conversation has made me sick of how awful beasts we humans are! For centuries we have told scary stories about beasts (including wolves) and have past on the fear of nature -but all the time, the biggest beast of all times are us. We consider wolves as mindless killing machines (just like sharks too) but if you look at statistics, one can surely see who is the true killing machine!

So, my tattoo idea reflects my sadness in humankind. On the beasts back there is orchid tattoo, the beautiful nature she has left behind. On her cheats is rotten, bloody heart, filled with greed, anger, hatred and fear. Her arms and legs are blackened by decay. On her fingers, chest and hairdress are red garnets hanging from tiny silver chains = dripping blood.







Nichola M

Bloudeuedd has a fulll body tattoo of wild roses.  Bloudeudd (pronounced Blod-wed) is the Celtic luna Goddes of early summer, flowers and blossoming earth.  She was made by magicians from flowers of oak, broom and meadowsweet (a member of the rose family).  I imagine her materialising from the dog roses that bloom profusely in hedgerows.  Wild roses represent love in all its aspects.

She was created to be the wife of Lleu.  Lleu could not marry a mortal woman.  But Bloudeudd fell in love with a huntsman while her husband was away.  Together the lovers plotted Lleu’s murder.  Bloudeudd was caught and as punishment she was turned into an owl.  Made as an object, innocent and manipulated, Bloudeudd takes control of her own destiny and becomes a Goddess.  The owl represents mature wisdom.

This full body tattoo could develop in different ways.

Figures in other pantheons.  Legends Daphne, Flora or Pomona.

Figures in British mythology or history, Epona the horse Goddess, the Green Man (or Woman?) or Bodica – warrior queen of the Iceni tribe.

A full body ‘tattooed lady’ could be applied as an idea in itself or be adapted to fit characters like Medusa.

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Yao Minjun

Entire tattoo work is sheep, opera, peony three elements, opera is the quintessence of China, on behalf of the Chinese origin culture, opera artistes have claw his head, meaning 2015 Chinese Year of the Ram. Body around peony flowers on behalf of rich, soft and picture levels increase.


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