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I have made the tatoo by hand on Barbie doll, as I don’t own any BJD or enchanted dolls. I hope you would like it. I also attempted to use Photoshop, however without much success. Please have a look.

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Hello, for the contest I create a tattoo for the ancient egyptian queen Hatshepsut. She was the longest reigning female pharaoh in Egypt, ruling for 20 years in the 14th century B.C. She is considered one of Egypt’s most successful pharaohs.

Born circa 1508 B.C., Queen Hatshepsut reigned over Egypt for more than 20 years. She served as queen alongside her husband, Thutmose II, but after his death claimed the role of pharaoh while acting as regent to her nephew, Thutmose III. She reigned peaceably, building temples and monuments, resulting in the flourish of Egypt. After her death, Thutmose III erased her inscriptions and tried to eradicate her memory.

She began having herself depicted in the traditional king’s kilt and crown, along with a fake beard and male body. This was not an attempt to trick people into thinking she was male; rather, since there were no words or images to portray a woman with this status, it was a way of asserting her authority.

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Анастасия Дымонт

Description of work.

With this drawing I wanted to express that the person is a part of the nature. In him all kingdoms are combined: mineral (as crystals), vegetative (trees, flowers, grass) and animal. The person had gone the longest evolutionary way through all these kingdoms before his consciousness reached human level.

Therefore we are uniform with the world surrounding us. Also we depend on our native cradle of Mother of Earth. It is necessary we to treat her carefully and gently as she is a continuation of ourselves rather we are her continuation. The eye in drawing means that the nature has a soul and consciousness. All is alive and all breathes in a uniform rhythm.



Gabriele P




Hi my nickname is Akriel, and I am from Mexico. My tattoo design for the Enchanted doll is based on graphic elements of my country and culture. The main image is an illustration inspired by Frida Kahlo, a very important artist in Mexico. I used elements of her paintings, applying them in my style. I used artistic elements of talavera ceramics. That is why my design is mainly blue since that is the main color in talavera artistic work. I used elements related to the Day of the Dead and Catrinas which are very representative of my Mexican culture.












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Kendra F

My design is inspired by the Greek myth of Demeter and Persephone.  As a mother of two beautiful and talented girls, I cannot imagine the pain of losing one of them to Hades, god of the underworld for 4 months of the year.  I understand how Demeter could go into such sadness and anger that she causes the seasons to change. The tattoo I have created shows stylized grains of wheat that are associated with the Goddess Demeter and the fateful pomegranate that doomed Persephone to be Hades’ bride.  On the back of the doll is an image showing Demeter and Persephone in happier times, walking together.  The back tattoo is done in a “black on red” style sgraffito that is common on Greek pottery.

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