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My art dedicated to Rapunzel, girl from well-known old fairy tale. She was living in the high tower with the witch and had very beatiful long hair. One time she fell in love with prince, who traveled near the tower and heard Rapunzel song. They married in secret, but when witch heard about it, she fell in rage and cut Rapunzel beatiful hair. After that she waited for the night to come and lure the prince into the tower with cut Rapunzel hairs, then pushed prince from high and he falls on the thorns, becoming blind.

So the main idea of my tatoo is flowers and leaves of bindweed as symbol of beauty, love and conspiracy.

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С наступающим днем рождения! Я от души желаю тебе Счастья!!!

Вот моя зарисовка, это трансформация девушки в Сирин. Ножки её связанны в хвост, поэтому вместо них  птичьи лапки, они оторваны от земли. Тело её обнимает большими крыльями белая птица. Крылья сирина крепятся от лопаток к рукавам и от рукавов к длинным тростям, выполняющим роль маховых перьев.

Надеюсь, тебе понравится =)




Here is my concept for mythological Arachne. 

few words from wiki: 

In Greco-Roman mythology, Arachne was a mortal woman and talented weaver who challenged Athena, goddess of wisdom and crafts, and was transformed into a spider. Spiders are called “arachnids” after Arachne. 

– interesting is that Im actually arachophobic… but I love how they look like :3 

I used your Chimera photo4 as a template for sketches ;)




I got inspired by the Scandinavian saga’s. They say that after battle, the Valkyrie ride out on their horses to take the bravest of the fallen up to Walhalla. Some say their ride creates the Aurora Borealis. They offer the warriors in Walhalla a cup, or horn, of mead. Some archeological findings show a women with knotted or braided hair holding out a drinking horn. The tattoo are runes, mostly found carved in stone or wood all over Europe.



Enchanted Dolls forever charmed my heart, are you doing this great magic. I want to thank you for this opportunity. It so happened that is more for me than just an ambitious part in the competition. In mid-February, after a long battle, my family had to make a hard decision – to lull our beloved cat. She lived with us for 12 years and in February she sharply fell ill. She was not just a cat, she was like a sister for me. I grew up with her.

My drawing – a reflection of my deep feelings.

Nevertheless, the spring comes into its own. Spring says: «after death will always be life». In the spring always comes a sense of relief. Perhaps due to the fact that it is time to hide fur coat in the closet. Perhaps due to the fact that the flowers bloom in the heart of Demeter, which saw her daughter after a long separation. Life ends his wonderful dance in the bodies of those who could not resist to the cunning of winter. Life is like a silver bells ringing and shines in the snowdrops that are born from the warm breath of the world order. He gives life to the earth, he rips off a white shroud with her. All this to give hope to the next generation to make a journey of length in one life. to be a chance for clean, newborns whose threads of fate only groped her fingers Moira, who do not know the age and fatigue. They weave the threads on the spindle predatory fate.

When i created a drawing, I was inspired by Amano Yoshitaka illustrations, illustrations by Sulamith Wulfing and pictures with floral ornaments William Morris/

Atmosphere of their work is very close to me.

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Here is my tattoo design – The Mistress of The Copper Mountain (Хозяйка Медной Горы). She is a character from the collection of fairy tales “The Malachite Casket”, written by P. Bazhov, based on Ural folklore. She is a protector of gems and stones in the Urals, lizard is one of her symbols.



Here is my entry for your contest ” Design a tattoo .”

I made a simple sketch of my idea , a series of tattoos , ” lace ” ( dentelle in French ).

Tattoos are colored blue for better visibility .

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Here I leave the sketches are in black and white I’m afraid not and had much time to paint them as I would like to have, anyway here’s the expected costs are to your liking. these are inspired by two works, one is “swing” French Jean Honoré Fragonard and the second work is “the secret garden” frances hodgson burnett. both works have remained in my nature as inspiration and it seemed a good time to use for an illustration or at least the sketch of this …

well, this tattoo I could see in gloriana because I seemed more consistent with their characteristics, the first entitled “le bouquet rouge” is beset on in adomen low gloriana leaving her navel in the center of the tattoo. and the second thought quedaria better on his back.

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