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Since I saw there was gonna be a contest this year, I became completely excited and came up with at least 4 or 5 different ideas, but I chose the dearest one to me. I am not sure whether it is pretty enough for you, or fitting your style, but I really hope you’ll like it.

This tattoo reflects a very personal feeling I have been fighting against for many years now, loneliness. Not just normal loneliness, or celibacy blues, but a life devoid of any tenderness, eating you from the inside like an old rotten tree. The crack in the back reflects that feeling of being like… well, like an empty porcelain shell^^. The thorns are also reflecting that painful sting in my heart. But the flowers represent the hope that something might bloom from this dark space. The tattoo in the back can be completed by another one smaller on the chest, as if the doll was pierced through, and you could see her tiny bleeding heart in the crack, but it is not obligatory. As for the doll expression, I debated at lenght to know whether she should have her eyes shut, or tears, but came to the conclusion that she should rather look right at you in the eyes, showing you that she has not yet abandoned the fight. As for the hairstyle and such, I leave the rest to you. Again, this tattoo might be a little too simple for you, but I know that you could turn it into something so much more beautiful and dazzling.

I also wish you a very happy birthday. Happy Birthday Marina!! As a special gift this little quotation that I like: “Fairytales don’t tell children that dragons exist. Children already know that dragons exist. Fairytales tell children that dragons can be killed”. -G.K.Chesterton-




For this contest I choose the theme of the “White Doe”.

It seems that all civilizations have a tales or two about women turning into animals and a bad ending.

In this case, I based myself upon an old french sond relating the story of a young girl which secretly turns into a doe at dawn, and her brother is always hunting her. One day, he gets to kill her and her doe shaped corpse is served at the supper. When the brother ask where is his beloved sister, her ghostly voice informs him that she is actually attending the feast, but as a meal.

Despite the creepy/gloomy ending, I think this tales relates interesting issues about feminine conditions, and I know it’s the huge theme of your work.

I hope you’ll like it and I wish you a happy birthday !

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Хочу попробовать свой силы в Вашем конкурсе. Надеюсь вам понравится и Вы вдохновитесь на что-то новое и прекрасное!

Честно скажу, мне было трудно разделить татуировку и образ, поэтому получился вот такой змеиный персонаж.

А татуировку можно модифицировать по длине,ширине и количеству змеек. Главное не запутаться в хвостиках и головах! ;-)

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The first doll is Versailles she is inspired by the style of ornaments of Apollon and the sun, the dolfins of the fountains, and the mirrors of the “Gallerie des glaces” in Louis XIV Palace. It’s a drawing of watercolor pencil, gold silver paint ing 3D (a little), and varnish to make the mirror really reflect. But on scan and photo it does not shine. The second doll is (Moldaya) Yaga, she is inspired by the Russian fairytale of Vassilissa the beautiful, which is my favorite tale since childhood. I received a” fac similé” of the original books for my 8th birthday with the drawings of Bilibin (they are on the first picture i took of my drawings). This tale encourage fine art work and, there is a magic doll, it’s naturally connected to you. So she is a young Baba Yaga with her servants on the back: the three horses (dawn in white, noon in red, and sunset in black) chicken foot, mushroom of the forest, and snake for witchcraft. I hope you’ll enjoy my drawings, I’m so happy you will look at them, thank you for your generosity and this opportunity

Happy Birthday!!!




I hope you will like my tatoo design :) It is inspired by scandinavian myths about the world tree.



Lilu G.

Norse Goddess Freya

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Cristelle D

For me the enchanted Dolls are the representation of femininity and elegance, I feel that they are made with the heart, which is why I made a pattern with arabesque, in a style “art nouveau” because I am French, and for me this style is very refined and feminine with all these curves.




Ghost lady

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