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Tatie (ziggytaku)

The idea is to bring the veil of mystery and even more enchantment to Enchanted Doll.

The concept of idea it self was inspired by all the wonderful stories like Treasure island, Secret Garden, Sherlock Holmes,The Phantom of The opera, The Leavenworth Castle, and many more. Every single person on this universe at list ones in there life time dreamed to go on the treasure hunt, or some sort of mystery quest to unlock a secret hidden beneath sands of time, behind rustic locks of unknown truth.

But to unlock the truth u need a key that hold the clue to your journey.

Imagine a grate excitement and anticipation  of some one not just to get hold of  such ED beauty but also to be the ONLY ONE, whom poses the secrets she holds with in. The secrete could be hidden with in the some parts of the tattoo, or it could be an hall tattoo it self, or the concept of it, or some of the idea to trigger it, or the stile of it,anything really. The silver key accessory on the neck of ED will have a clue with the word to help to fined it.

I drew the art design inspiration from the antique silver platter pieces, art Nouveau, Franch  and some middle east as well.

Now that you have read about it, how about to play and fined a secret that it hold. Have fun this is my little gift for you ^^

Happy B-Day dear

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Heather F

My tattoo design is based off of the play, Hamlet, by William Shakespeare. Ophelia enters carrying a mass of flowers, specifically rosemary, pansies, fennel, columbine, and rue.

The tattoo incorporates these flowers by adorning Ophelia’s body in beautiful color. The vines contrast this beauty with their suffocating constriction tightening around Ophelia’s body, which, of course, is alluding to the lake in which she drowns herself.



The Divine

Becky P



Patricia W

The inspiration for my tattoo is from the Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale, “The Red Shoes.”

In the fairy tale, the red shoes of a vain and spoiled girl come to life while she is wearing them.  The girl is condemned to dance day and night, through woods, fields and brambles until she dies.

I envision the tattoo as the red dance slippers on the doll’s feet with the ribbons climbing up the legs. The jagged cuts on the doll’s body from the forced dance through the wilderness would be part of the tattoo.

I have attached my own artwork.

Thank you.




Carolyn W

I am no artist so my sister, Patricia, was kind enough to render the tattoo for me.

I had one of your male dolls in mind when I came up with this idea — an albatross slung around the neck by a heavy rope.  It is inspired by Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s poem, “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner,” and the Ancient Mariner statue, sculpted by Alan B. Herriot.  You can find both the poem and several photographs of the statue here: http://www.maritimequest.com/misc_pages/monuments_memorials/ancient_mariner_statue.htm.

In the poem, the mariner relates the tale of a dark voyage wherein his ship encountered a terrible storm.  His fellow sailors believed an albatross, which followed the ship, was responsible for saving them, and they are incensed when the mariner kills the bird with his crossbow.  When their bad luck continues and they find themselves stranded at sea, they hang the dead bird around the mariner’s neck like a cross.

For the tattoo, I imagine the albatross hanging upside down by a rope, its body wrapped around the doll’s torso.  Water ripples and eddies around it.  One of the bird’s wings winds down the doll’s leg toward the foot.




This is my description of the tattoo I sketched:

‘My inspiration with this tattoo is to the Kalinga Tribe Women (Kalinga, Philippines). It is said that beautiful women are adore with tattoos on there bodies as protection and status. Since they can’t bring their jewelries in the after life, they had it tattooed instead.
I’ve infused it with modern jewelry, and came up with this piece.’

Anyways, Advance Happy Birthday Marina!






 “The Labyrinth-Tattoo”

From my interest in labyrinths came this idea. Wrapped around the doll is the eleven folded classic labyrinth with new ways for the limbs and the head. The navel is the beginning or the end, only one way to go. A golden symbol for life`s journey that we all travel.




My tattoo design work is called “喜喜“(xi)which means joy or happiness. I was inspired by the traditional Chinese bride costume. On the top of the tattoo, you can see the Chinese character 喜喜(Chinese couples usually stick this character on doors, walls or windows on their wedding day). The whole tattoo looks like a beautiful dress. I also drew a traditional bride hat which (I think) will be a wonderful accessory for the tattoo.




  Against Abortion / In support of unborn children

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