Twenty to Midnight


She asks: Is twenty minutes a long time?

The sense of time eludes her.

Her placid, sleepy smile registers no urgency

at the escape of hours or even years,

And her refined demeanor, projects a sense of leisure, immortality and boredom.

Infinity of universe against a fleeting minute of a life.

Invaluable commodity of time is nothing but a fashionable ornament for her to flaunt, but not to treasure, for there is always more of it to have,

And be delighted by.

She doesn’t know that it tells true time.

She sees the hands, yet doesn’t see the meaning;

Awake, asleep, awake again in rhythms.

But on the stroke of midnight magic fades.

And at the end days when all is spent,

But everything was real,

Is twenty minutes time enough

To change anything?



Born from moments of acute anxiety about wasted time, aging and mortality, Twenty To Midnight explores the notion of time, transience and inevitability. It was partially inspired by a childhood story called the Tale of Lost Time that deals with a human tendency to take time for granted.



Magnetic wig is carved, cast in bronze, sterling-plated, weighs 119.1 grams; Shoes are cast in bronze, sterling-plated; 6 Tourmalines, 4 Rubies, glass beads; Porcelain, ball-jointed, china paint, industrial springs, leather. 15.5” (39.3cm) tall.

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