Necrophilia is a disorder characterized by a sexual attraction to corpses. It is an expression of a subconscious need for complete control over another person.

The concept of a vulnerable sleeping girl, with its deeply erotic undertones, is so intriguing to our collective imagination that it shows up repeatedly in many fairy tales around the world. In fact there are strong elements of violence and sexuality, such as rape, murder and incest present in many classic fairy tales that we tend to overlook.

The tale of Snow White is one of the best-known and most beloved offenders, containing references to mental illness (the talking mirror), premeditated murder (the poisoned apple), sexual assault (kissing an unconscious person), and perversion (necrophilia). Really, what kind of a man in his right mind would kiss a dead body he finds in the forest? This fairy tale is downright disturbing, yet we still love it. I still love it.



257 Austrian crystals, 317 Austrian crystals, 232 fresh-water Pearls, 246 metal beads, 33 Turquoise, over 28,000.00 24 karat gold-lined beads, Czech glass seed beads. Stained-glass coffin on brass legs with 2 Chalcedony cabochons, 12 Turquoise cabochons, 8 garnet cabochons set in fine silver bezels, 10 karat yellow gold circlet, porcelain, china paint, mohair, industrial springs. 15” (38.1cm) tall; 16” (40.5cm) tall.

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