The Shape Shifter


Mammalius  Kinesius

|ˈmaməlēəs kinēsīəs|


a being that can change form or identity at will, also known as a Shape Shifter.

These rare and ancient species of highly evolved mammals possess a unique and specialized ability to reconfigure their molecular structure to mimic the appearance of any animate or inanimate object in their environment.

A Shape Shifter’s exoskeleton is in a constant state of flux as it mimics its surroundings. Its appearance changes with the graceful fluidity of water at the speed of thought. A reclusive species, Shape Shifters inhabit mostly remote mountainous regions and temperate rain forests, preferring Northern climates to Tropical. However due to their extraordinary ability to assimilate, they can survive in all conditions.

While some attribute this ability to supernatural powers, shape shifting is a highly evolved form of a survival mechanism. It has been speculated that the species originated in the late Triassic or early Jurassic period. Sightings of these extraordinary creatures are so rare that their existence is shrouded in mystery and folklore. Nobody knows what their true from may be or even if they have one at all.



Cast sterling silver bird skull, cast Bronze antlers. Porcelain, china paint, natural mohair, steel springs, leather, glass. 13.5” (34.5cm) tall.

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